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January 23, 2024 93 mins

Rich Harris and Caleb Slaton discuss Zvonimir Ivisi’s debut with Kentucky and the upset epidemic in college basketball, and revise their Final Four picks.  They also present another NBA Draft Stock Report, including analysis of the latest composite draft board rankings, and they make their picks of the week for top games in college basketball.   


1.  College Hoops Notebook (2:45)

  • Rash of upsets
  • Zvonimir Ivisic’s ultra-impressive debut
  • Revised Final Four picks at the midway point  
  • Recruiting News

2.  Stock Report (19:46)

  • Analysis of the latest composite rankings
  • Who is Hot
    • Dalton Knecht
    • RJ Davis
    • Jadyn (JT) Toppin
    • Jonathan Mogbo
  • Who is Cold
    • Kylan Boswell
    • Carlton Carrington
    • LJ Cryer
    • Trevon Brazile

3.  Mailbag (1:08:59)

  • Thoughts on David Jones
  • Thoughts on DaRon Holmes

4.  Picks of the Week (1:14:56)

Monday, January 22, 2024

  • Wake Forest vs. 3 North Carolina
  • Cincinnati vs. 7 Kansas

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

  • 6 Kentucky vs. South Carolina
  • Texas vs. 11 Oklahoma
  • Florida State vs. Syracuse
  • 4 Houston vs. 21 BYU

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

  • 8 Auburn vs. Alabama
  • Villanova vs. St. John's
  • 10 Illinois vs. Northwestern
  • 24 Colorado State vs. Nevada

Thursday, January 25, 2024

  • Arizona State vs. Oregon

Friday, January 26, 2024

  • Stanford vs. California

Saturday, January 27, 2024

  • Seton Hall vs. 14 Marquette
  • 7 Kansas vs. 23 Iowa State
  • 20 Texas Tech vs. 11 Oklahoma
  • Texas vs. 21 BYU
  • Princeton vs. Cornell
  • Clemson vs. 12 Duke
  • 18 Utah State vs. Boise State
  • James Madison vs. Appalachian State
  • 9 Arizona vs. Oregon
  • 16 Dayton vs. Richmond
  • Bradley vs. Indiana State
  • UCLA vs. USC

Sunday, January 28, 2024

  • 2 Purdue vs. Rutgers

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