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June 17, 2024 30 mins
🎙️ ¡Aquí tienen otro emocionante episodio de nuestro iHeartLATINO Atlanta Podcast para Z105.7 y El Patrón 96.7! En este episodio de "Karla y Orlando Mix," nos trasladamos al #DunkinMusicLoungeATL para una charla exclusiva con la internacional y majestuosa orquesta de salsa del Maestro Jairo Varela: Grupo Niche. 🌟

🎶 Celebrando su 40 aniversario, exploramos la fascinante historia de cómo cada integrante se unió a este icónico grupo. También discutimos el futuro de la salsa en el mundo y nos preparamos para su espectacular presentación en Atlanta esta noche en el Atlanta Coliseum. 🕺💃 ¡No se pierdan esta conversación llena de música, historia y pasión! 📻✨
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Lao sal go, then take uscommand. You know cal color Citos,
the charvato. Okay, this isthe notro I heard Donkey music, Lounge
Gone, Primer b Manio, Atlanta, Georgia, set Qui Pi Santira Quing

Atlanta Memorial record Pedro. Look lookyou see, look you see lookas anymore
American animals, which is in thepublic called chose the lane, the color
Colormanos, Latinos por lamented Colombians.You know when Solano secutor, Peruano Latin

America and Atlanta. What you okay, Calante group, Alex dores So Alejandro
in music, Barenza, Yusu Arakiosoif Area, who guarenta annual Celevanda,

Quarentina, pro quic Quadron, theGuinessia te grand Projecto a group one,
my tro hiro Arela la la trotanta music and for like como Sendo Fanatico
Primero cuandos music a ten privint thegroup dichos when you complete samos four hando

dolosas is I went the mp asresponsibilely grandem lega, my astro, heiro
sombros, the moost somes like caraileand in latimas los qomos. They were
that carino le hnting cap and casand concerto cal scenario s in ormanos reco

fortam poco e sacrificio as familias andin inkasa or motal bases sperrios largos I
momento rec trutos loos and my heroand tep and no sotrosos cuando su musicama

bases, cantamos stad and moto sexscenarios in numero eventos, i lugares,
restar, cantando mastopic representandos legao andcanta cala mahina t s when you say
it's a really that is on definitivemente the case. You know se prepara

l s to the music to marla prender musica. So you know supiera
un siplina extends your part and preparadono lee in partes histor no and la
partessperos as familia ca supilar co reconnectorsis still la musicaand a musica k t

la primeras do not you are yourare pars to the r plus mark las
no car lice civillly that tram andparaso to the cantar professor de canto colo

concerto is well joy algo prolem pocofor pcast and her cio much her cio
is musco is on my per mediacantars tennis commerce alementos tennis forma stint,

still stints the mass perpans and masand cam and glam no no no,
no no and flashing and blam bleh la majoria la majoria. They can
blame bleam la majora l mag Ican't dance la majoria. I can't tant

you know, yes mucho and saidno Mia full to maay canta nomea fulano
for mahay is cant see pantro thecuarent And so because this county cant on
historia mun i pression cantlots Mario cantandous in conta lokyle was more to mama

set the more too familiar tennes prolemawill be the Raso para verdia t V.
And he had call as the coteltorito pleno scenario. Is that not

concert para wow impression complete? Yeah, that preparation the group on cosa come
I don't know, but come on, don't ever see that the group on
the try out and comes a processorcomplete CoA alex present, so is okay

okay, institution premier hanty don't don'tthe hint and temps lejo casa familiar,
the almost called me pro familia familiarsangry familiar so panero the head, the

rail ralment test and jure clara torndomater musical are you director musical matro ken
tola when leonor di the Alamo Maroand l Is Moss and la forma center

the the mastro hiro gusta up onher kelemento re al group para the you
know a lot content a lot tome tis the yes reposably persona conel perphild

yeah ken fine group quanto and yourgroup com group on em beat persona so
ta sola con come on, comeon, come on group on each the
contos like press your next to you, that past to that, then your

poo cont musicam paca, the institutionpro par sto j ok no they know
they the fruta concerto, ok seewhat prendiendo s the frut to the momento,

the defender, the ata musica,the psni and cos cosa perl berg
I sendru mora musica, No,you're okay, I set the concerto ACOMPLAXI

and the pet who planning. Iplan thanks to musica cosa perro jo moment
not armaniano and you know momentou jsando como porque said the fruit Ye neest

the momento I know in Panda stepelsgonna let you the plamed poem bollard del
nido Yes ye jo ban ropandoulos inpulsando personal go momento the cid and party

since mar puente s and amigo porqueuyoung kells kells bar la tablam para sidens
are so listens some clars home processionand est momento and beno este process the

in tregardle to to talento no sadopo all this position group group pest this
position estra and says estin stants looksmosesretriendo n mikaso and cas fo you particularist

the cora contratation processo like contradation,tempo spera tolok passo ald thestment and you
can pretext exact exact pri plant preplanet noos, pre meta cancar divos masaltos

in mas grandees and to say etstante thamos postos to carino to affect to
group, excellente you can the groupon gondo and when I can particular like
the group and the then group,what like it? Does you say?

It's a compleic perro jo nostros Colombiaand kuam mama miss pars ultra salsa salsa
non sa pro no lin canta cantais the raa canta cons and mis sui

I premer prea cantars I say,I said last sung tony any lam now

met as you said, yes youand many okay, So I just said,
Joe you can go. It's Imean me and young kyo me nod

them in in per kay to interpretterlacky and it's the group, he said,
okay, Atra, he said ashe is, Ja and Jam and
Joe canta second medical okay, interyou know you sente and yam ra rack

celor then I sl gorndo, Heywe are brother. Yeah, you're a
regular justro can like del upo,the cuerposo pasado va lat estado de coma
kimuega bro perfumo man but everything comenati comic tennis upico, not just in

Luna canstraight Riosa come oa el marcilla, so let's go on. Quentosa.
That's par Casino said to see mecarrying man I semestertro no cemetery a.

Joe in a sentence Bideo cantanta sentenceJa who is you know? Said yeah,
and here that you have when comecoming con we went up. You
know you know Hubernelo the quento albumMinoto's ut Sally calip and Joe, Wow

your apercusionist, the pe Ca tempogroup, Cali sempre percussion pot group here
group on the trust co said youknow you cant cant hero bueno to cant

to bronto capo Calipa Americans young interpretthe kuano and la musica. The hell
don't says if ke yere ranke Calipaangerohip hip hipara complator calipaangerot to mi hermano

cano the you there ran interpret thest the the Mosa hill Is interpret the
r Calipao Quarentanus, the p Quarentanconsumed well, the Romantic and lu Lello,

the Miran tu van Gero, Okay, cale ca come on, go
golly loose down, no clo,golly golly loose down so that then I

come and man today, So whatis the k record then I mean yes
you crook come and know some mosttoday was almost each of today they said

today this time you okyo primid chimeswee on on on. The scenario implemented
the musico not mosnimmsica. The musicacinot rumento los am cala calah trumpet,

trombone, bara baraa b see cornelain talas bar sango and see last by

same way way and pasties in orderrecord that when a presenter in care momental
and practistar being presented e listos marto marisotuni j the congas protagonism protagonist can

com went and status completely that fraternityokay, caro and our when royal socials

and wells this fruit and come andbest. No, you know momos,
I know how you am. Youknow mast spared and and it just knows,
it just knows. Lats as schuch. The music okay music, musical

school focus. They are hard ultimate. When I can be, I can
be produce and I but by tropicalrock blele. When in a playdochando know

like you know music you part winwhen it's well in Colombia hen like okay
to meaning no, that was nolook back. Colla's let's go, Let's

go, Togay join the escuo.Chando is looking looking like you said your
I still knowing this a little showa co conna play list. Everyone I

think thing, don't thing, don'tthink you does Rember look yeah, Joyando,
I want senor Jama Hong Kong Gurusoon this this spa ma wow,

said Yama. Hostel Louis and saidJoe listen uh alejander Man They Hoste Louis.
The Camelo says okay mos Ricardo montcant Movian well cala does sell I
spoke a tartan bien a let mego to me. I'll go to me,

savea moriendo quiere ruby be quiere rubybe suberb rookab some more tell us
some more vas Oh yeah, Tamasis looking inn well support converted and the

Convertian look look at yeah, I'llgo it took Marie Andro join and ANDREI
join Scuo Chando local mess amostrando perroperro, no you so you Miguel and

bio I says story mode with MiguelYes, scuochando, escu chandos, concertos
and bio s come to me.It's a very ful man to so com

como so yeah yeah re again dataand Luis Louis Fonsi this so this Miami,
we are our lord, Hui mielit said this and primera fila this
sure you're pa what meaning yes likeconditional this your con art you say if

we had yes to mine who theman who man keep on looking do literal

so much is not any calmsic Africanrecommend it but fila couti area max and

I'm not gonna call it recommended lesto considered owners and cibly that that's not
that music pilmed your crocket boy,then say I said your negro they that's
not more but ca and then knowns connector the the t not your ar

that is Miguels and not for himDeMott but the n madru in a group

it's not con young represent interprete originalmentedmy im and ale yes yes can it
and chose a con in a momentspecial and the lok the lo blank and

ami let not n not ns lacoula kun in you stay your angdo is
your father no pla and le tonsla coulba king stay your angdo is bad
no for ss yahoo and yell conseokay to mother humd no port com pedro

a k lombra kong la risa tais robo to goazon helocate to your plan
if we come osum fun turo realizarends when your schedule jar coming on the
pie fillola revan as you know,lose the spa cancer. Who's this your

sam diva? You get to vidano paris la mano take you in,
giv here my sag tom is acandle. Cando no jo no jo meaning
you know your no your mass repeatevery no joe no joe no jo.

Man tmppetta car pocket I said,gory come he said, doesn't doesn't don't
come mas b don does when comesecond doesn't? Right? Mana, doesn't

you know I love your costella plowno. You know what man any would see

if I thirteen bal It's not thatAtlanta colom henty Atlanta called to the bank
from so I grew up on fromman and agreed, Mana, you know
the general Alma, but my grasblouse on san ghetto tour in Atlanta Coliseum.

I think I want to FeelA.I heard Dunky Music Lounge, yea
key? Okay? No, Imean tennes Is the no thro I heard
Dunky Music Lounge, gone blow grassfor a Companerosardo Protesto Chicos trying here.

That was the key, okay,
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