Innovational Correctness

Innovational Correctness

This innovation & transformation podcast looks at innovators and companies that are changing the game and how they took their initial idea and created a game-changing product or service while giving you unique perspectives and insights you haven’t heard elsewhere. David and his guests discuss real-world practical advice on how to best harness the creativity of your employees and go from idea to product that has the potential to radically transform your business, all while separating hype from reality and replacing bullshit bingo with common sense. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.


September 26, 2021 78 min

This episode talks to Dr. Titus Gebel about how Free Private Cities could fundamentally change the way we view government as a whole and force governments to compete for their citizens. We also explore why the structure of government hasn’t changed much throughout history and why democratic welfare states eventually all decline and create social unrest among their societies.

We cover some of the following topics:

  • What “Free Private C...
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    In this episode, I talk to Tony Ingesson about why the Swedish army was viewed as trigger-happy and insubordinate during the Bosnia war and was celebrated as war heroes, whereas the very disciplined and professional Dutch army forced the entire Dutch government to ultimately resign.

    We cover some of the following topics:

  • Why other countries and politicians viewed the Swedish army as a bunch of trigger-happy and insubordinate maverick...
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    In this episode, I talk to industry legend Jon von Tetzchner about what it takes to compete in crowded markets. And we also explore how Microsoft felt threatened in its market dominance by his browser company and ultimately resorted to unethical business practices.

    We cover some of the following topics:

  • Why Microsoft became afraid of a small Norwegian browser startup that challenged its market dominance and resorted to unethical busi...
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    CRISPR is considered one of the biggest and most important scientific breakthroughs of the past decade and will probably remain the biggest science story for the foreseeable future. CRISPR could revolutionize everything from medicine to agriculture - and it has worked on every organism it’s been tried on. And with COVID-19 at our doorsteps, this is a perfect time to get acquainted with the powerful new gene-editing technology calle...

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    In this episode, I caught up with Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez to talk about the criminal entrepreneurial and innovation skills of Mexican drug cartels, how they operate and what we can learn from them. Toward the end of this episode, I also explain how cocaine is produced and what makes it so profitable. Then I show you how to set up your own drug empire, what skills and mentality you need to succeed in this industry, how to scale your bus...

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    In today‘s episode, I talk to Dr. Joachim Kuhn who is the CEO and founder of va-Q-tec - a very innovative company that produces highly efficient and space-saving vacuum panels that insulate 10 times better than traditional insulators and will remain the best insulation material for the century.

    va-Q-tec has won the TOP 100 innovator award, has been the National Champion at the "European Business Awards" multiple times, and m...

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    This episode takes a deeper look at the much-hated scamming industry, by exploring what types of scams there are, how the business model behind these scamming organizations works and how scamming has evolved over the years.

    My guest is Jim Browning, an IT professional who, in his spare time, investigates and fights scammers. He has been featured in the famous BBC documentary series “Panorama”, where he managed to infiltrate a large-...

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    In 2013 Herrmann Arnold (at that time CEO and shareholder of Haufe-umantis AG) voluntarily stepped down as a CEO and appointed a former intern for the CEO position, because he was convinced that he wasn‘t the right person to continue the next growth stage of his company. Many would view this as a colossal failure. Why the exact opposite is true, is something we discuss at length in this episode.


    In this episode we will answer some ...

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    This episode explores a special material called gallium nitride (GaN) that is not only a super-efficient semiconductor but is also changing the tech industry and is destined to disrupt the established silicon industry. GaN tech could save 10% of the electricity consumption in the US alone. And consumers can already purchase products using this high-tech material. To further explore this fascinating material, I interview the multi-a...

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    In this episode, we talk about the best innovator on the planet - nature and how we can learn and apply its ingenious solutions to solve some of the most challenging problems we humans face. We also explore some fascinating examples from the animal and insect kingdom and see how successful companies have applied these nature-inspired designs into their products.


    We talk about:

  • What biomimicry and biomimetics is
  • The best innovator on ...
  • Mark as Played

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    Would you please consider rating and reviewing this podcast on iTunes, Overcast or the podcast app of your choice? It really helps us out, by encouraging more people to find our podcast and reach hard-to-get guests.

    Last but not least, if you have any suggestions for further episodes or guests should be invited on this...

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    This episode talks to two of the founding members (Rebecca Beam & Chad Hahn) of Auticon. Auticon is an international technology consulting company, that exclusively employs adults on the autism spectrum as IT consultants. Of the 200 people employed there, around 150 are on the autism spectrum. auticon’s concept has been acknowledged internationally and has received numerous awards with Sir Richard Branson being one of auticon’s...

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    Lasse Rheingans, Geschäftsführer der Bielefelder Digitalagentur Rheingans Digital Enabler, hat im November 2017 testweise die 25-Stunden-Arbeitswoche bei sich im Unternehmen eingeführt - und das bei gleichem Gehalts- und Urlaubsanspruch. Warum er das gemacht hat und was danach passiert ist, erfahrt ihr in dieser spannenden Episode!

    In dieser Episode werden wir deshalb folgende Fragen mit Lasse klären:

  • Wie es dazu kam, dass Lasse bei ...
  • Mark as Played

    This episode explores why organizations rise and fall, by interviewing the authors of "The Illusion of Invincibility: The Rise and Fall of Organizations Inspired by the Incas of Peru", trying to answer the fundamental challenge that every organization has: How do established companies continue to stay competitive and innovate within an ever-changing environment?


    In this episode we’ll try to answer some of the following ques...

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    In this episode, we explore what makes Norway’s prisons the most humane, and innovative in the world, how Norway went from a nation of pillaging Vikings full of violence, murder and revenge to a country where peace and forgiveness came to triumph, how we, as a society, reconcile the need for retribution and punishment for heinous crimes and the need for the reintegration of criminals back into society and much, much more.

    We cover s...

    Mark as Played

    In dieser Episode werde ich erklären warum die digitale Transformation nichts mit Technologie zu tun hat und die meisten Mittelständler mehr Mut benötigen, das zu nutzen, was sie bereits haben. Ein Appell an den deutschen Mittelstand.

    Ich erkläre warum:

  • der Mittelstand bei der Digitalisierung bzw. Innovation oft hinter seinen Möglichkeiten zurückbleibt und wie er sich von den vermeintlichen Profis und damit meine ich primär Beratunge...
  • Mark as Played
    November 24, 2019 26 min

    How is almost everyone around misusing the term “disruption” and how have they been misapplying it for years? Why Uber is not disruptive and how to you really determine if an idea or startup has any disruptive potential at all? This, and more in the episode.

    In this episode #002 I explain:


  • Why almost everyone around you is misusing the term “disruption” and has been misapplying it for years.
  • Go through the different innovation types,...
  • Mark as Played

    In this episode, I will explain why companies are focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to “digital transformation", why the over-reliance on technology can massively hurt your company, why companies are not and will not become innovative by simply using technology, and finally, why there's very little opportunity to gain a lasting competitive advantage against competitors. 

    In this episode #001 we will cover:


  • Why do com...
  • Mark as Played

    This episode #000 includes: what this podcast is all about, and what you, as a listener can expect from this podcast, what my background is and what qualifies me, as the host, to speak about these topics, and finally what you should NOT expect from our podcast?

    In this episode #000 we cover:


  • what this podcast is all about, and what you, as a listener can expect from this podcast,
  • what my background is and what qualifies me, as the ho...
  • Mark as Played

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