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April 7, 2020 31 mins

A pandemic unlike anything we have ever known. This crisis leaves us feeling defenseless and overwhelmed. Immune health is not typically on the top of your list for discussion, right?? But now it is! As the world debates about medications and how to treat illness; how about we focus on what we can control.  We can control our immune system! Now is the time to look at what boosts and what suppresses the immune system.  Having a strong immune system ensures that even if you do contract a virus or illness; your body does what it was designed to do and that is FIGHT! 

Today, let's wage war against this health battle by equipping our body to be in the best fighting shape possible as we go into battle against invading forces...they say not all heroes wear capes and no place is that more true than our immune system.  Did you know that over 70% of your immune function comes from your gut health? This podcast gives you a view of the immune system and gut health that you can easily understand. Ready for some simple tips on how to boost your immune system?  Get ready warrior, this info is good for all ages!

In case you may be wondering, yes, I'm an experienced Dietitian and a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach.  Most importantly, I'm a mama!!  I worry about my health, my husband's health and my kids health.  Especially in light of Corona virus!!  It is the worst feeling to feel out of control when it comes to your and your family's health! If you need a brainstorming session to discuss family health, consider a one hour virtual session.   You will walk away with a strategic plan personalized just for you.   Check out

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I'm Jennifer Pickett, your host, your health coach and your friend. If you are done with feeling tired and uninspired. Frustrated because your health and your life feels out of control. Defeated from the diet culture. Resentful from the unrealistic expectations. If you are limited on time, resources and overwhelmed with an already too full schedule; then you have come to the right place!

As a Dietitian turned Functional Medicine Health Coach, I provide women with a strategic framework to transform their health….body, mind and soul! Are you ready for something different? Armor up, warrior!! Your health and happiness is on the line. It’s time to live confidently in intentional harmony! Check out

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