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January 25, 2021 36 mins

From being angry at God to experiencing peace and fulfillment in God, this is part 2 of Jackie Sanchez' story.  Jackie is a Certified Health Coach and is no stranger to the search for health and happiness. Last week, you heard the soul transformation of Jackie and how the emptiness of spirituality and new age lead her to a relationship with her Heavenly Father. This week, we pick up right where we left off as we talk about the darkness and emptiness that is found in the New Age movement and how Faith in Christ can transform your complete health…body, mind and soul. Listen as we explore Jackie’s weight loss transformation and talk about the biggest obstacles to losing weight. You will gain some fantastic insight if you are trying to transform your health and are simply stuck.  These simple, practical and realistic tips will leave you empowered and encouraged.

After listening to this, I hope you find yourself empowered with simple action items to transform your health…body, mind and soul. If you find yourself thinking, I cannot do this anymore on my own. I have to take control of my health and I need help!  The help that you are searching for is right here. Why don’t you consider scheduling a one-hour virtual session with me? This is a personalized approach for your health and your life. Go to and click on the coaching tab.

If you want to connect with Jackie Sanchez, you can find her on Instagram @itsjackie or on her website

Part 1: Soul Transformation - How Health Coach Jackie found the Answer and then Discovered the Emptiness

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