Inspire Healthy Harmony..... Health Transformation, Functional Medicine, Mindset Coaching for Women

Inspire Healthy Harmony..... Health Transformation, Functional Medicine, Mindset Coaching for Women

Hey warrior, if you are ready to be empowered to tap into the healthiest version of you so you can live with confidence and intentional harmony; you are in the RIGHT place! As a Dietitian turned Functional Medicine Health Coach, I am here to walk beside you and show you how to take control of your complete health so you can live a life that you LOVE where you are truly THRIVING! Be equipped as we dive into physical health, mental/emotional health and spiritual health. Addressing these areas equals intentional harmony aka happiness, fulfillment and confidence! Let's do this! Show More
September 30, 2020 14 min

Anyone else done with 2020? Anyone else struggling with those pandemic pounds? Emotional eating and drinking, unmanaged stress, uncertainty. If you understand the science behind weight gain, it’s absolutely no wonder WHY we have gained the weight. But today, let’s chat about taking it off. But here is the problem.  Haven't we been down this road before?  We gain weight, we hop on a diet, we lose weight and then we re-gain it all back again.  This is so frustrating! That's WHY it is so important to look at effective strategies to not only take the weight off but keep the weight off. If you are ready to be empowered with specific strategies to lose weight and NOT have to follow an unrealistic diet, then this short podcast is just for you!

As a Dietitian and Functional Medicine Health Coach, I lay out the Secrets to Anti-Diet Weight loss right here!  And I'm giving you a FREE gift.  This podcast outlines 3 of the 5 Secrets to Anti-Diet Weight Loss.  My gift to you is an empowerment, weight loss tool that contains the 5 secrets to Anti-Diet weight loss, and the workbook that helps you with mindfulness and implementation of healthy habits. I’ll get this delivered right to your inbox when you provide your email. Simply go to

This free tool could be exactly the jumpstart you need to shed those pandemic pounds. But listen, if hearing this has you feeling a bit overwhelmed at tackling this on your own and you need extra support, why don’t you head to my website and book an individual coaching session with me as your personal health coach. I see all my clients virtually and this Wellness Warrior Power Hour gives you that one-on-one personalized approach that you have been looking for!


I'm Jennifer Pickett, your host, your health coach and your friend. If you are done with feeling tired and uninspired. Frustrated because your health and your life feels out of control. Defeated from the diet culture. Resentful from the unrealistic expectations. If you are limited on time, resources and overwhelmed with an already too full schedule; then you have come to the right place!

As a Dietitian turned Functional Medicine Health Coach, I provide women with a strategic framework to transform their health….body, mind and soul! Are you ready for something different? Armor up, warrior!! Your health and happiness is on the line. It’s time to live confidently in intentional harmony! Check out

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