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March 21, 2024 62 mins

Mia Moran shares her journey from graphic design firm owner to wellness advocate, author, and productivity coach. She takes us inside her FLOW planning system, and how slowing down, being present, and listening to your intuition help you make decisions from a place of calm, and prioritize your time. Mia shares strategies for connecting with yourself in order to gain clarity about what you want, and making a plan to take action on it! She emphasizes the value of listening to your body’s signals, and how self care expands your capacity to give to others. Mia and Tess discuss the trade-offs of saying “yes” and “no,” and the importance of letting go of what doesn’t serve you in order to lean into growth. She gives a personal example of why changing her diet improved her quality of life; and how her personal transformation led to writing a book, teaching others, and developing her FLOW 365 program. 


Listen To Yourself: Mia shares the importance of getting slow and quiet, and listening to signals from yourself to make decisions from the inside out, instead of the outside in. 

Find Out What The Need Is: Doing her book tour, Mia asked lots of questions to get clear about how she could use her skills, knowledge, and experience to provide planning solutions for busy women. 

Connect with Your Future Self: Mia devotes time every week to getting to know her future self, by writing as her and meeting her in meditation to get clear about what she wants to make happen now.  

“What do I really want?”: Mia shares her practice of giving yourself permission to dream big without any limits. 

The FLOW Planning System: Mia talks us through her four steps to making decisions that align with your dreams, and strategies for putting those choices into action. 


“Planning is deciding in advance that you’re going to get what you want.”

“Achieving your goals is a process of deciding and re-deciding.”

“The second I got quiet, I got all the guidance I needed.”

“Once we get clear on what we really want, there's nothing for the lions (the fear) to grasp onto, because we're stronger.”

“Part of my belief system is that I got here because of everything that happened…which has to fold in all the disasters.”

“The reason that we make a plan is not so that we can stick to it…a year plan should not be fulfilled because by the time we've done two months, we've changed, we've morphed, we've become somebody different, and we want something different. Our vision can grow. If we change our minds, we’re not failing. We just tried something, and we got a lot smarter. And now we're pivoting, or recommitting, or deciding something different.”


Mia Moran is a mom of three, productivity coach, and planning expert. She is the host of the Plan Simple podcast, bestselling author of Plan Simple Meals, and creator of the FLOW Planning Method, and FLOW365 program. Mia has struck her perfect balance between wellness, work, and family; and she helps busy women and female entrepreneurs reduce overwhelm, find balance, and make a strategic plan that enables them to achieve their goals. 






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