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April 4, 2024 60 mins

Dr. Michelle Robin, founder of Your Wellness Connection® and Small Changes Big Shifts® is on the podcast today. Michelle tells how she redefined success, gained clarity about her purpose, learned to practice self love, and achieved fulfillment. Keys for her were letting go of the expectations of others, and building more truthful connections with herself and in her relationships. Michelle emphasizes the power of listening to your inner voice, getting clear about your “why,” and practicing kindness to feed joy within yourself and people you serve. Dr. Robin shares her Quadrants of Well-Being, tips for healthy living, and how to simplify your approach with basic steps that are sustainable. She also talks about the importance of owning your unique medicine to nurture meaningful connections and contribute to your community. Knowing what’s yours to hold and what isn’t is a core part of Michelle’s decision-making process. To help you get what you want, Dr. Robin shares strategies for how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 


The Importance of a Wellness Plan: Dr. Robin shares her practices for maintaining healthy boundaries, being present in each moment, and finding a balance between self care and care for others. 

The Four Quadrants Of Well-Being: Michelle explains how to embrace the Mechanical, Chemical, Energetic, and Psycho-Spiritual approach to holistic healing.  

Small Changes Big Shifts: Simplify your approach to healthy living to make it doable and sustainable. Dr. Robin gives you the basic things to do today that add up to positive change.   

Self-Care Starts With Knowing What Brings You Joy: Michelle stresses the value of feeding joy through clarity about your “WHY,” your unique “medicine,” personal responsibility, building quality relationships, and celebrating others in your community.  

Acts of Kindness: Get involved with Dr. Robin’s 31 Days Of Kindness Campaign and create a ripple effect through your community. 


“For me, church is not Sunday to Sunday. It's not Sunday, Wednesday, Sunday. It's not day to day, it's moment by moment.”

“I want to own 100% of my 50% in the relationship. It’s not all mine.”

“Know your medicine. We are implanted with medicine that only we can uniquely give. Use your own medicine to help others, and figure out how you can give back to the world.”

“The gap between where you are and self-love is self-care. When people are struggling to get to self-love, just take the next step in the gap. Being well is so simple…It's shocking how hard we make it.”

“For saying the right yes’s and the right no's: Will this bring more joy into my life, or joy in the people that I'm serving?”

“If something just keeps tapping you on the shoulder day after day, month after month, year after year that's probably something that you're supposed to be doing. Listen to the taps. What action can you take?”  


Dr. Michelle Robin is the founder of Your Wellness Connection® and Small Changes Big Shifts®. Since opening her practice in Kansas City over 30 years ago, she's become a national thought leader in the wellness industry. Her “Quadrants of Well-Being” approach has helped thousands of people get healthy and live their best life. Michelle has spent her career guiding patients to make small changes that create big shifts. As a chiropractor, holistic healer, author, teacher, speaker, podcast host, unshakable optimist, and passionate advocate for generational change, Michelle is on a mission to inspire people to find their unique path to wellness, and enrich their purpose in life.


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