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April 11, 2024 57 mins

Kristin Kirkpatrick - renowned speaker, best-selling author, and one of the most respected dietitians in the United States is giving us the gold about liver health. Kristin shares how her struggle with childhood obesity fueled her desire to help people improve their relationship with food. Then traces her journey from White House intern, to lobbyist, to cardiovascular genetics at the Cleveland Clinic, to lead dietitian of their Department of Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine. She speaks to the value of humility and generous mentorship in finding your own path and helping others find theirs. And how stepping out of your comfort zone fast-tracks personal and professional growth. Kristin’s talent for simplifying complex medical information has made her a powerful force in nutrition education. She explains why we need to care about the liver, and why Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease has become an epidemic. With an estimated 1 in 4 people affected, and many unaware they have it, the disease is a silent killer. Kristin defines the four metabolic types, why knowing your type is critical, and gives practical strategies for preventing and reversing liver disease. In closing, she shares her next mission: Helping women embrace menopause with humor and love their older bodies!  


How childhood affects our food choices: By sharing her story of childhood obesity, Kristin emphasizes how early life experiences shape our body image and relationship with food.  

Does your practitioner understand your needs? Kristin stresses the importance of finding medical practitioners who take the time to listen and understand you.

What is your metabolic type? Kristin explains why it’s crucial to know your metabolic type, why controlling your blood sugar is the key factor, and why it’s not your weight, it’s where you carry your weight.  

The Dangers of Fatty Liver: Most people who have Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease don’t know they have it. Kristin shares why regular check-ups and early diagnosis can save your life.

What’s your button-popping incident? Kristin is asking this question to inspire women over 50 to celebrate their older bodies and embrace menopause with humor. 


“You can go through so many different versions of yourself. Eventually you're gonna land on who you're meant to be. And sometimes you gotta go through all those versions to figure it out.”

“A lot of times we'll take on different things in our life because we didn't have it. So we take that on as a goal to give back what was not given to us.”

“When the view doesn't change, you can't necessarily grow. It's the stuff that makes you uncomfortable where you're forced to learn about something you didn't know before.”

“There's a whole world of health practitioners. Connect with someone who speaks your language and can sit down and have a conversation. How does the advice relate to your “why” and path of longevity? It starts with looking at your own worth before having to accept the worth that others give you.”

“We think liver disease is about booze. But, the liver plays a huge role in blood sugar management. When the liver becomes overwhelmed, it doesn't understand what to do with the blood sugar and turns it into fat. This creates a cascade of inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome. We have to take away the stigma that if you're fat, then you're unhealthy. And that's just not the case.” 

“1 out of every 4 people has liver disease and probably don’t know it because there's no symptoms. We think it's closer to 30% of individuals who have it. It's very much in line with type-two diabetes and insulin resistance. It is an epidemic and a silent killer.”


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