Journey to Brave

Journey to Brave

Welcome to Journey to Brave, a podcast dedicated to empowering women to heal from trauma, cultivate self-acceptance, and fearlessly step into the most brave & confident version of themselves. Hosted by me, Kaia Hunter, Certified Life & Shadow Work Coach, Breathwork Faciliator, and NLP & Hypnosis Master Practitioner. Join me as we dive deep into how trauma and the wounds from our past affect us. How we can heal, find strength, create emotional wellbeing and ultimately create the life you've always bloody dreamed of. I believe that healing, as well as self acceptance, are the foundations for personal growth and we’ll explore the tools, the strategies and practices so that you can create your own journey to brave. Ready? Let’s go


August 30, 2023 22 mins

Exploring Archetypes for personal growth

In this episode of the Journey to Brave podcast we dive into Archetypes and archetypal behaviour.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What Archetypes are and how they can help in your personal growth journey
  • An insight into 4 key Archetypes - see if you can see yourself in them 🙂
  • The benefit of using Archetypes for self discovery, healing and growth across all areas of our lives

Join Thrive a...

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This episode is part 2 of my body image conversation. I share an Instagram live from early this week, and what happened after my initial post about how I felt about my body.

I was blown away by the response from my initial post, realising how many women in their mid forties and beyond feel exactly the same as I do about their bodies.

In this episode I share what happened after that post, and an exciting new opportunity for my communi...

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I’ve been hating my body and shaming myself for putting on weight over the past 5 years. I feel far from confident about it.

Every night I look at myself in the mirror, and tell myself my stomach is fat. I tell myself that I should be at a certain weight. That I look awful. That no man would find me attractive. That I won’t achieve the level of success I want unless I’m thin.

I oscillate between accepting where I am and learning to l...

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Uncovering attachment styles has helped me re-build my confidence in deciding to find love again after a string of toxic relationships.

In this episode of the Journey to Brave Podcast we dive into attachment styles and how they can help you create better relationships and deeper connections, regardless of whether you’re single or been married for decades.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The 3 attachment styles and how they can help you ...
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What you’ve been taught about confidence is wrong.

In this episode I debunk 5 myths you’ve been taught about confidence, and what the truth actually is.

Confidence impacts every area of our lives. From decision-making to communication, speaking hard truths, and embracing new challenges, confidence is the secret sauce.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode of the Podcast:

  • Exactly how confidence touches every part of our lives, no...
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Ever find yourself standing at the cheese section of the supermarket, pondering which brand to buy, like it’s the biggest choice of your life?

Notice that this same scenario seems to play out in other areas of your life as well?

In this episode of the Podcast I explore second guessing our decisions. From cheese dilemmas to life-altering choices, self-doubt can sneak into every corner of our lives.

So i’m peeling back the layers and ex...

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Do you have unmet expectations in life or business?

If so this episode is for you.

In it (which is the 50th episode of the Podcast BTW!) I share my own unmet expectations in business and the 3 ways I’m dealing with them.

In the episode you’ll learn:

  • What i’m making those unmet expectations mean, and not mean about me as a person and business owner
  • How I’m managing the emotional rollercoaster
  • Why I think about my worst case scenario
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July 12, 2023 17 mins

Why would anybody knowingly sabotage themselves?

In this episode of the Journey to Brave Podcast, we explore it.

I share the various forms of self-sabotage, such as procrastination, perfectionism, people pleasing, and numbing out, and shed light on the unconscious patterns that keep us stuck.

By creating awareness of these behaviors and diving deeper into the root causes, we can break free from self-sabotage and unlock our true potent...

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She triggered me

It’s become such a buzzword but what does it mean to truly be triggered?

In this episode of the Journey to Brave Podcast we take a look at triggers.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • why certain people, situations, or events can create strong emotional reactions within us
  • the origins of our triggers
  • strategies to deal with them and how we can use them for our personal growth, to create...
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In this week's episode I'm interviewing Cherie Tripp.  When I heard her story, about changing careers in her 40's and when I say changing I mean a pretty BIG change of direction, I knew I had to have her on the Podcast.

Cherie had a long career in the financial services industry as a CPA before starting her own Health Coaching business.  She is no stranger to the non-stop lifestyle that most of us live and h...

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If you’re tired of society's unrealistic standards

If you’re tired of your inner critic making you feel like s**t

If you’re tired of worrying what other people think of you ….

This episode of Journey to Brave is for you

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How we become who we think we SHOULD be, instead of who we truly are
  • Why creating self acceptance is so important for personal growth, for creating resilience and for becoming more confi...
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June 14, 2023 15 mins

A big big welcome to the first episode of the Journey to Brave Podcast, I’m so excited to be taking the podcast in this new direction, and I truly hope it helps you in a new, even deeper way than before.

We’re going to dive into topics like trauma, healing, shadow work and more, as we take a more embodied approach to your emotional wellbeing.

In this episode I look at the Window of Tolerance.

What is it and how to navigate your Window...

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In this week’s episode I say goodbye to The Empty Nest Countdown, to make way for something fresh …… a new podcast with a different name and slightly different direction.

When I started my Podcast a year ago my focus was on helping women as they navigate the transition stage to becoming empty nesters, and working with them as they decide their next step once the kids leave home.

And while I still work with women in this phase of life...

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In this episode of the Podcast I riff a bit, which isn’t something I usually do.

After a massive 3 day weekend as part of my Shadow Work Certification, I’m feeling raw, tired and have about zero energy.

So whilst I always like to honour my commitment to weekly episodes, this one’s a bit different. I give you an insight into my 3 day immersion weekend and share the transformations and shifts I experienced and the ones I witnessed in t...

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May 17, 2023 18 mins

Are you ready to delve into the {*cough} mysterious realm of shadow work with me?

JK I’m not talking about sneaking around in the dark or battling supernatural, Lord of the Rings type creatures (although that’d be pretty interesting!).

Shadow work is actually an incredibly powerful and transformative practice that helps us uncover the hidden aspects of ourselves.

So, grab a cuppa, cozy up, and let's do it, shall we?

Send me ...

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Making change is hard and here’s why 👇

95% of our behaviour, thoughts and feelings are subconscious

In this episode of the podcast I unpack our subconscious and conscious minds and the difference between them

Because if you want to make change in your life you have to make the subconscious conscious.

Whether you’re looking at changing how you feel, to be more confident and brave, you want to start a business or quit your job - whateve...

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Worrying about being judged by other people?

This episode is for you.

In this episode of the Podcast I share what judgement is (hint: it’s not what you think).

And I give you 5 steps to take if you’re feeling judged so you can feel better and not let it stop you from moving forward.

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April 26, 2023 20 mins

This is the second episode in my series where I’m sharing my greatest teachers and the lessons i’ve learned from them.

And in this episode it’s Brooke Castillo’s turn.

I’m sharing 3 of the biggest lessons I learned from Brooke, the founder of The Life Coach School.

1️⃣  The Model

2️⃣  Manuals

3️⃣  Buffering

Learning these 3 tools could very well change your life

It changed mine

It changes my clients’

Send me a DM on INSTAGRAM here htt...

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April 19, 2023 20 mins

In this week’s episode of the Podcast, I want to introduce you to - if you’ve not heard of him already - Eckhart Tolle.

He is one of my very early teachers and way before I decided to become a Coach and complete the trainings I have now.

He wrote a book called A New Earth which changed my life back in the mid 2000’s.

It’s one of the best books i’ve ever read. And I learned so so much from it.

I share an overview of what a New Earth, an...

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Tony Robbins says we have 6 human needs that drive our behaviour and shape our lives.

We must have each of these 6 needs fulfilled to some degree so that we feel fulfilled and happy.

Each of us will have more important needs and a different priority of the needs - and these are mostly formed in childhood

Understanding and fulfilling these needs can help us achieve greater personal and professional success, and create a more meaningful...

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