Killer Vacations

Killer Vacations

A true crime podcast focused on disappearances, murders, and scary stories while on vacation. Join us every week for a new case or crazy story! If you have any crazy vacation stories of your own, send them in! Contact us at Follow us on insta @killervacationspodcast


July 8, 2024 70 mins

We are coming to you a few days behind due to some difficulties, we do apologize! We hope you had a great holiday weekend! Listen in todays episode we talk about our 4th of July and how we celebrated. Today Brittney talks about some of the deaths that happen in the most magical place. Sometimes it's hard to believe so much tragedy can happen in such a beloved place. Today we are also joined by a small audience and have a few l...

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Happy Hump Day! We are coming to you with a surprise bonus and a guest! On todays episode we are giving you all the scares with stories and creepy pastas! We have a friend joining us and he has some questions so listen so you can give us some answers. We know this is a long awaited bonus as we have been asked to do these more and we know how much you all love them. This episode was so much fun and we know you can hear that by all t...

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June 28, 2024 73 mins

Happy Friday our Killer Queens AND Kings! There is so much to unpack in this weeks episode! Lauren starts us off with a smaller case that is unfolding in real time and gives you all the updates on that tragic story. Then we switch gears into a case that off the rip is giving you a lot of crazy information but just hold on tight because it gets even crazier. We are talking about Heather Mack and her mom and how a parents love for th...

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June 21, 2024 60 mins

It's Friday and we are back with a new case that Brittney brings to us from a listener! This is a local case to us, it is so crazy to hear about a serial killer so close. Brittney tells us about all the known victims though there are suspected to be more. We start this episode as we do every episode with a little recap of our crazy adventures. We have a little side line guest today and she brings us some statistics and laughs ...

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June 14, 2024 86 mins

Happy Friday folks! As we get into summer we start this weeks episode with Lauren and Brittney's camping experience that may or may not have gone so well. Then we jump into a case that touches on mental health and trigger warning- suicide. The case of Barbara Daly a socialite that had a lot of skeletons in her closet and gained even more after she married. Join us to listen on how Barbara lived an extravagant life and raising ...

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June 7, 2024 116 mins

Welcome back to another crazy Friday! For this weeks episode we want to start with just putting a big TRIGGER WARNING for the whole episode. This weeks episode is deep and dark all the way till the end. But it's also a can't miss! This week Brittney tells us about one of the survivors of the Toy Box Killer and let me just say WOW! She is coming in with all the details and telling the story from the survivors side. We also...

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June 1, 2024 117 mins

Welcome back our killer Queens AND Kings! We missed you, did you miss us? This week we are finishing up our killer series and we have a lot of information to unpack. In this series we have talked about a lot of cases and how they are all so similar, the real question is are they connected? Lauren finishes up telling you about the cases that had a second look taken at them by a group of retired detectives, these cases just have too ...

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May 24, 2024 90 mins
Happy Friday our Killer Queens AND Kings! We are back this week with a shift, we are diving into the smiley face killer theory (SFK) and the case that started it all. We talk a little bit about the 2 retired detectives that developed this theory, Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, along with Dr. Lee Gilberto "Doc". These three do a lot of investigating and provide a lot of evidence and information to support this theor...
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May 17, 2024 117 mins

It's Friday and we have part 3 of this crazy series and extra long episode. Just a warning the ADD is hitting today! First we hit you with some chatter, then a few updates and victim names before we jump into Brittney telling us about the bar scene in Austin Texas and some information of the drugs that are being used. Of course we talk about our theories but we also want to hear yours- send us a message!
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May 10, 2024 80 mins

Happy Friday and we are back with part 2 on this crazy journey we are taking you on of rabbit holes. Lauren and Brittney discuss some things going on in this world because let's face it, things are getting wild. But we jump straight into more cases as Lauren has 10 other victims to tell you about this week! Brit teases a little about what she will be talking about next week and don't forget to start from part 1 if you hav...

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May 3, 2024 65 mins

Happy Friday and welcome to our first series where we are diving into so many cases all at once. This week we start with the history of Lady Bird Lake in Austin TX and the first 7 victims found in the lake. These cases are brief as there is not a lot of information and the cases are.. closed? So many questions surround this lake and the victims found in it. How many people have been found in lady bird? Are these all accidents or is...

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April 26, 2024 99 mins

Happy Friday! 30th episode! This week we come to you from the car on the way back from a spontaneous vacation! We do apologize in advance for some uncontrollable background noise. For this special episode Lauren and Brittney are bringing you 2 cases, both suggested by a listener! We start with telling you about our wild 3 days of concerts and road trips, then jump into a case of a fathers revenge. Brittney then takes over with her ...

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April 19, 2024 63 mins

Happy Friday our Killer Kings and Queens! This week Lauren comes in with the case of Brett Walquist, he and his family go on a 2 week long holiday vacation and on the very last day things take a turn for the worst. Brittney and Lauren don't talk your heads off too much this week, we wrap everything up with a short case and some mild blowing statistics that might get you thinking. Stay updated with our social media we have some...

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April 12, 2024 89 mins

Happy Friday and welcome back to another episode of Lauren and Brittney telling you some crazy stories and this week we actually take it local and Brittney tells us about a case that happened in Grovetown, GA. Was it a robbery gone wrong? Was the assailant after Kay and her best friend Becky? Join us for some answers and as always some questions. Did Kay get the justice she deserved? 

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April 5, 2024 83 mins

Happy Friday and welcome back to another episode of killer vacations, we are back to normal timing for this episode and we have a lot to catch up on! Lauren tells us about her cruise and how it definitely didn't go as planned, after catching up Lauren and Brittney jump into the case of this nice couple that want to take their nice boat on a little trip to an island, during this episode you might also learn a few new words and ...

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March 29, 2024 69 mins

Before we get started on todays episode Lauren does a brief update on Riley Strain the case that has taken over TikTok and the country. Updating with all the information we have at this time. Though this is not the outcome anyone wanted to hear, please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time.

Happy Friday and welcome back to another episode where we talk about the disappearance ...

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March 27, 2024 33 mins

Happy Wednesday friends! As promised we are coming to you in the middle of the week for a special little bonus episode, today we talk a little bit more about last weeks case and why the suspects are who they are. We didn't want to leave you hanging for too long! Hope you enjoy our first killer bonus.

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March 22, 2024 84 mins

You know what time it is! On today's episode Brittney tells us about a very popular case that you may have heard a lot of misinformation on. But don't worry we are here to tell you all about it and discuss how much the local police department let this young girl down and the media convicted the family in the court of public opinion. Stay till the end for a surprise! As always, thank you for the support and we love you all...

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March 15, 2024 81 mins

It's Friday and welcome back to another episode of killer vacations, today we are going a little bit of everywhere. Today's case we cover the disappearance of Colleen Wood when she was suppose to be going on a trip around the world. Brittney and Lauren also talk about some crazy things they find online and give some tips on going out and staying safe. While also hinting at next weeks episode that Brittney will be telling ...

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March 8, 2024 67 mins

Happy Friday! On this weeks episode we have Brittany with us and she tells us about as girls trip gone wrong. The Rogers girls head to Tampa Florida, and make a few stops along the way. A trip that was meant to make memories for the rest of their lives turns into a nightmare. It was a billboard that solved the case is such a shocking way, listen to hear all the details of this case. Brittany and Lauren also discuss how they view th...

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