Kink Kloset

Kink Kloset

Welcome to the Kink Kloset! This is a place where those who enter the Kink Kloset get a chance to tell us about there second coming out as a fetish person.These are short episodes where everyone gets asked the same question:"Tell me who you were before you were a fetish person?" I hope you find these stories interesting.Enjoy!


July 17, 2022 48 mins

It's play time! Welcome to the Twenty Ninth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Continuing on our North American adventures, we find ourselves over in the Bay Area on the West Coast visiting our favourite bundle of joy, Jesbian. Gosh, where do we even start with this episode? From an early age, Jesbian recalls the duality of exploring who she was, and the pressures of growing up in an immigrant household. Coming from a Croati...

Mark as Played

Welcome to the Third Season of the Kink Kloset, where we start off with the scent of cigars and leather!

On this episode of the Kink Kloset, we go international and find ourselves landing in the amazing USA. Through a plume of cigar smoke, we are welcomed by the Wilton Manors based leatherman, Leather Edge! Leather Edge grew up in New Orleans and had been thrusting himself into kinky scenarios from as early as he could rem...

Mark as Played
October 25, 2021 39 mins

The Twenty Seventh episode of Kink Kloset calls for leather and protocol, and will settle for nothing less!

Please welcome to the Kink Kloset someone whom I admire greatly in the kink community, Kevan Walsh. Kevan is a Melbourne based kinkster who has joined the community later in his life. After Kevan first came out, it took him a while to find his tribe. Through some exposure in pubs, and doing some online research, he w...

Mark as Played
July 26, 2021 30 mins

Get your deviance on for the Twenty Sixth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Coming in hot to the Kink Kloset is Dublin's very own Genial Miscreant, Fionn Scott. Fionn came to Dublin in his teenage years after spending his early years in Malaysia and the USA. To him, it felt like he was entering into a predominantly conservative culture compared to what he was used to. Fionn states that this feeling was fuelling his inner de...

Mark as Played
July 8, 2021 28 mins

Get ready for the Twenty Fifth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Putting on an amazing show for the Kink Kloset is none other than Melbourne's own, Dean Arcuri! For Dean, he has seen himself as a kinkster throughout most of his life. In fact, Dean finds it more challenging to relate to his vanilla self compared to his kink self. From a young age he has been very exploratory and sought out experiences to live out his kinky u...

Mark as Played
February 15, 2021 32 mins

We have now had two dozen of these, it is the Twenty Fourth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Smoking us out is the oink worthy, Dreck Sau! On this episode we are travelling back to London town to visit Dreck. Dreck was born in the UK, yet split his time growing up between here and Mexico City. He has always seen himself as a fetishist from a young age. Dreck still remembers fondly the moment when he stole a pack of cigarettes f...

Mark as Played
January 18, 2021 58 mins

It's getting real now! Strap yourselves in for the Twenty Third episode of the Kink Kloset!

Gracing the Kink Kloset with her presence is the wonderful and wicked Mistress Electra Amore! Electra is a Melbourne based professional dominatrix who has become a world traveller while developing her kinky skills. Originally from Hobart in Tasmania, this shy and introverted girl lead an active life spending her time adventurin...

Mark as Played
December 7, 2020 22 mins

I spy two little ducks, it must be the twenty second episode of the Kink Kloset!

Bounding their way into the Kink Kloset, is one of my dear friends, Patrick Reid. Patrick is an Adelaide based kinkster who has come in and out of kink during his life. Growing up in the north suburbs of Adelaide, Patrick found it hard to connect with his queer-self because there was little support in his area. When he was in his late teens, h...

Mark as Played
November 23, 2020 36 mins

Welcome to the Twenty-First episode, and start of the Second Season of the Kink Kloset!

We are starting off the second season of the Kink Kloset with a very special guest. Please welcome into the Kink Kloset, the ever so lovely Jack Thompson! Jack is a Baltimore based kinkster who was raised in Berkeley, Californa. Growing up, he felt natural to express his kink self through roleplaying a wolf called Fang and wolfing aroun...

Mark as Played
September 21, 2020 39 mins

You can't hide from it, it is the twentieth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Making his Kink Kloset debut is none other than my good friend, Northy! Northy is a Sydney based kinkset who was born and raised over in the UK. His fetish journey started when he was in his early 20's when he mustered up the courage to walk into his first leather bar. That night at The Colherne is where Northy was exposed to skinheads, biker...

Mark as Played
August 30, 2020 29 mins

Hot off the press, it is the the Nineteenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Stepping off the catwalk and into the Kink Kloset is none other than Melbourne's very own, Babydoll. Babydoll was born and raised in Melbourne and emerged on the kink community early on in her adult life. At a time when she was feeling lost, Babydoll turned to the kink community to begin a journey on a new path. Her first social kink experience wa...

Mark as Played
August 16, 2020 28 mins

Get your passport stamped because the Kink Kloset is going abroad for it's Eighteenth episode!

Taking a big booted step into the Kink Kloset is the ever so lovely, Gael Leung Chong Wo! Gael is a Belgium based kinkster who identifies as a late bloomer to the kink community. When growing up he knew there was a hidden part of him which turned out to be kink. He always thought of himself as "strange" due to bein...

Mark as Played
August 3, 2020 19 mins

Strap yourselves in for the Seventeenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Landing into the Kink Kloset is the Sydney's very own, Mike James! Mike tells us that he grew as a very independently, having to find his own path because of the big age difference between him and his siblings. It was this independence which gave him the confidence to explore both himself and the world. This lead Mike to travel and take a very extende...

Mark as Played
July 20, 2020 26 mins

Shine yourselves because it is the Sixteenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Lubing themselves up next for the Kink Kloset is none other than the lovable rubberman, Jason! Jason was raised in country Western Australia and grew up with a passion for motorcar racing. It was with racing where Jason became a high profile person in his local community. For the longest time, he felt like he was in two worlds, juggling his core being...

Mark as Played
July 6, 2020 20 mins

Put your best foot forward, because it is the fifteenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

I would like to welcome the magnificent, Iz Connell, into the Kink Kloset. Iz is a Sydney based kinkster who grew up in country New South Wales. She has been involved in the fetish and kink community here in Sydney ever since she was 18. Iz is a staple of the Sydney community. You can find her at leather socials, see her riding with the Dyk...

Mark as Played
June 21, 2020 18 mins

Sharpen your bear claws because it is the Fourteenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

The Kink Kloset is getting a furry with our first bear kinkster crossover as we are joined by Adam Cooney! Adam is a Sydney based kinkster who is always a friendly face at bear and kink events here in town. Throughout most of his adult life, Adam has always known he was a kinky person. Through his volunteer work at ACON, he would get glimpses ...

Mark as Played
June 8, 2020 31 mins

We now have a baker's dozen of episodes - it is the thirteenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Please give a big cheerio to Ralf Rasmussen who joins us in the Kink Kloset. Ralf is a Danish kinkster who is has been living in London for the past 11 years. Growing up in the Danish countryside, Ralf was not exposed to kink until he saw the sight of two bikers at a local market and was mesmerised. It was this situation which i...

Mark as Played
May 22, 2020 21 mins

Slide right in for the twelfth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Stepping into the Kink Kloset is none other than Melbourne's own Pepper Pop! As a young adult, Pepper left her home town of Launceston in search for her tribe. Arriving in Melbourne, she gave herself the freedom to explore and enjoyed experiencing what the city had to offer. It took a little bit of courage, yet Pepper did eventually stumble into the fetish com...

Mark as Played
May 10, 2020 24 mins

Stand to attention for the eleventh episode of the Kink Kloset!

Please give a warm leathery welcome to the amazing Jody Anderson. Jody joins us in the Kink Kloset all the way from their abode in Adelaide in South Australia! They are a very active member of the Adelaide leather and kink community and the greater Australian leather community. In 2018, Jody was sashed as Ms Adelaide Leather. From being the inaugural titlehold...

Mark as Played
April 25, 2020 25 mins

It is the big One Zero - it is the tenth episode of the Kink Kloset!

Soaring into the Kink Kloset we have Matt BLUF! Matt is a Sydney based leatherman who has been exploring the fetish scene for a very long time. Most people who know Matt know him for his work in the local community here in Sydney. He has been involved with successful projects such as the Sydney Kink Krawl, Sydney Fetish Week, and most recently, The Eagle ...

Mark as Played

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