La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Latina Lens

La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Latina Lens

Paulette Erato hosts La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Latina Lens, a biweekly Spanglish-language podcast about living your best life, from the childfree Latina perspective. That life starts with dismantling the toxic cultural BS we've all grown up with in Latinidad. One of the most harmful norms in our society is the value placed on only a certain type of "family,” the kind that childfree Latines are never going to produce. In this society it's easy to feel invisible, lonely, and even ashamed if you don't have children. And that's BS. As a former photographer, Paulette is used to viewing the world from an unconventional vantage point and invites us all to re-examine the cultural norms we've simply come to accept by shifting our focus to determine what is actually true and what is BS. Support the show:


November 28, 2023 35 mins

It's celebration time! Having achieved 50 episodes, it's a great time to use this milestone moment to look back on where we've been, how we got here, and where we're going to continue this journey of living our best lives—la vida más chévere!

With that are 6 recurrent themes that guide the essence of host Paulette Erato's life work, which is to help us all dismantle and rebel against the toxic cul...

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Another childfree wedding success story —this time, it's a childfree destination wedding! 

Bride Andrea Watt shares her experience in throwing the childfree wedding she always wanted: at sunset on the beach with only a small group of adults as guests. It doesn't sound very demanding for a bride.

But of course, wedding planning is never without drama. With a huge family (45 cousins on her mom's side ...

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Today's toxicity ripe for dismantling: the stigma around therapy. Brown people prefer not to air their dirty laundry with strangers, but bury their mental and emotional distress for fear of being labeled weak or crazy. All that does is create a cycle of pain that becomes harder and harder to break with, and is passed on to future generations.

Enough! You owe it to yourself to take advantage of therapy if it's ava...

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As you heard last week, we're moving to Puerto Rico! So while that's happening, *new* episodes will be on pause. Because as I always tell you: rest is required! So I'm taking a break from producing new content.   Don't worry, you can still get your regular dose of La Vida Más Chévere over on Substack. In fact, if you can help me get to 100 readers on Substack, imagine all of the cultural bullshit we could overco...

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Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? Did you know it's part of the United States? If you didn't, you're not the only one!

That's just one of the seven surprising facts packed into this week's episode, which you can consider your crash course on la isla del encanto (translation: island of enchantment). Come along on a journey that goes beyond the stereotypes and highlights the lesser-known aspects of ...

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Serial entrepreneur and childfree Latino Luis Octavio has something to tell you about taking risks. He gives us the play-by-play of what it took to go from being a closeted experiential marketer to launching multiple companies and brands while fully embracing who he is as DI Güey. 

Take a tiny risk and attend DI Güey University with us in this episode as Luis throws out numerous pearls of wisdom like:

  • letting go of the ...
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It's wedding season! So let's dive into the world of weddings, particularly childfree weddings, and the significance of setting boundaries during this emotionally charged event. 

Weddings  should be about the happy couple but can also lead to truly toxic drama that rips families apart. Everyone has an opinion, and they all think theirs is the most correct. They're also steeped in tradition, that T-word that ...

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Have you ever wondered what life can look like after you've successfully dismantled the patriarchal bullshit our society throws at you? Fede Vargas is the living embodiment of how we can all do that.

After 15+ years in the rat race and his own 18-month career break, Fede  now hosts the podcast My Most Authentic Life, exploring this very topic with each of his guests. Fede connects with people that are choosing to live...

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We've been socialized to believe that the traditional "life script" is the ultimate path to happiness. And anyone who doesn't follow it is doomed. Which puts childfree people, especially childfree Latinas y Latinas, at total odds with societal norms. 

But who made up those rules? What is behind these supposed ideals? The patriarchy! It dictates our sometimes ridiculous and suffocating social and cultura...

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Just because the stereotype that childfree people have more disposable income exists, doesn't make it true. And even if it is, childfree Latinas y Latines might have the added burden of a scarcity mindset instilled upon us by our culture. Instead of generational wealth, we inherit generational trauma.

Did you know that less than 0.5% of Latines in the US have money in the stock market? That's not even a full perc...

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Shame: everyone knows what it is because shame is a universal emotion. So how do you become shame-free?

Although not Latina herself, guest Rena Martine shares her expertise in addressing shame, which is deeply rooted in Latine culture. Rena is a former DA who now works as an evidence-based intimacy coach, helping women love their bodies, experience deep intimacy, and have great sex, shame-free.

Rena also emphasiz...

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In this re-released episode, guest Rosalba Fontanez is challenging parents to love their children without expectation of grandchildren. As the mother of a childfree person herself (the host of this program!), she knows a little bit about the pressure to have kids and the toxicity of the mindset that grandparents are entitled to grandchildren.

Rosalba offers sage advice and alternative options to parents who hassle their o...

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Here’s a scary stat: less than 2% of the technology sector workforce is made up of Latinas. And yet tech is all across our lives. What are you reading these show notes on right now? How are you listening to this podcast?

It’s all tech!

Theresa Gonzales is a childfree, third-generation Mexican-American, and the CEO and producer of the podcast Latinas from the Block to the Boardroom. Her podcast is a social justice ...

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Can we break the Latina cycle of perfectionism and disappointment? How being a childfree Latina means you're already doing that!

Have you ever been crushed by the weight of expectations on you as a Latina or Latine? Carried the burden of striving for perfectionism, but not once felt the relief of attaining it (even if you did somehow manage to do everything perfectly)? Then you know how perfectionist tendencies in La...

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Pam Covarrubias has bounced between the US and Mexico her entire life. As a business coach and host of the Cafe Con Pam podcast, she has learned to stand in her power and will explain on this episode exactly what that means and what it took to get there. She also explains how embodying 2 separate countries and cultures gives her the necessary experience to help her clients build successful and sustainable businesses.

In t...

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The idea of self-care has lost all its meaning. Even we childfree Latinas think it's something we only get to have as a treat, but in reality it's something each and everyone needs every single day. It should be ingrained in your routine, a habit that's done from muscle memory.

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But our culture doesn't want us to think that way. La cultura prefie...

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Introducing La Vida Más Chévere!

Still the same great content you've come to expect about overcoming cultural roadblocks and imposter syndrome, but with an even better name. That's what living  la vida más chévere means: loving your childfree Latine life without shame or regret.

Now a bi-weekly podcast, porque, you know.

Support the show

Like what you hear? Reach out to send your thoughts, and don't f...

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If someone asked you who your biggest fan is, what would you say? Do you even know that you've got fans? Your inner critic is probably screaming no at those questions, and that's great for fueling your imposter syndrome. Not so great for building confidence. But recognizing this support system is a first step towards conquering that negative voice and growing your confidence.

In this episode, you'll learn wh...

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If you've ever let your insecurities limit your ability to stretch yourself and grow, this episode is for you! And it features a story time about a guy so scared of being perceived as a sissy, he refused to use basic common sense when lifting.  You'll also hear about my friend ad muse for this episode Tahmina, and learn how she fights to overcome her own inner critic. 

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Everyone...
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Have you heard of this trend of creating a "word of the year?" Some people think it's woo-woo bullshit, but you know that words have power, and confidence can come from power, so why wouldn't  you want some of that for yourself?

Pick up the free workbook for creating your own power word, or theme for the year, and settle in for this process. I promise, it doesn't hurt, but you might be surprised b...

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