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Episode 1: Jim Rushton - Lessons From Sports

Lessons From Sports

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Lessons from Sports Podcast, hosted by Wayne Partello, CEO, and Co-founder of CUENTO Marketing. In this debut, Wayne shares his mission to extract universal lessons from the world of sports and apply them across industries. Reflecting on his own career shift, Wayne commits to giving back by exploring how sports-derived wisdom can lead to happiness and success in everyday life.

To kick things off, Wayne connects with his long-time mentor Jim Rushton, currently with the Los Angeles Chargers. Jim's diverse career, from the radio business to IBM, showcases his global impact in helping sports teams leverage information and technology for enhanced marketing and revenue generation. Beyond Jim's revenue expertise, Wayne underscores his true legacy in mentorship and coaching, with a coaching tree that has guided countless individuals toward their versions of success and happiness, including Wayne himself. Join Wayne and Jim as they delve into the transformative lessons from sports, revealing keys to personal and professional fulfillment.

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Episode 1: Jim Rushton - Lessons From Sports