Let's Just Face It

Let's Just Face It

If you’ve been struggling in your relationship, there could be more to it than meets the eye. I’m your host Rakel Colina and for years I was in a very toxic relationship, which I didn’t recognize as abusive until the day I left. I am here to help you take a look and recognize their abusive patterns and behaviors, but this is not just about them. Let’s just face it is not only about seeing through their masks, but about helping you see through the issues that could be holding you back from being the best version of you. Ladies, let’s tear down the walls that could be holding you back from moving forward and living your best life, even after abuse. “Facing small fears can lead to big changes” – Rakel Colina


November 4, 2022 16 min

If an abusive relationship was always abusive, we would all run away. These relationships run in what is called the abuse cycle, which means there are good times & bad. During these bad times, they will get caught doing things they are not supposed to and they will promise you they will never do it again. If they hurt you physically, they'll always promise they will never do it again. The problem with this is, it goes back ...

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In this episode, I talk about the phrase "I can't leave him". I have been in conversations with many women who are saying this and here are my thoughts on why it's so harmful to keep saying this.

You should stop saying: "I am stuck", "I can't leave" and "I'll never be able to leave". These are meant to keep you in the cycle that you are now and are ideas that someone else has put in y...

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October 13, 2022 14 min

When a narcissist tells you "it's a joke", it's not a joke. The fact these words were added after what they just said only means they saw your reaction to what they said. This is a very sensitive topic and I talk about what it means and why they do this in this episode.

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In this podcast episode, I want to share what I think my secret was to leaving my narcissist. I thought this was the norm long ago as it was something my mom always told me about, but I also know it is not discussed in many homes.

Not only is it a subject that is not widely discussed, but many women are gaslighted into thinking the opposite. It is important that women understand the importance of having and handling their own money...

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How do you leave a narcissist? There is no specific way to leave a narcissist or get out of an abusive relationship, but there are certain things you need to understand and some actions you can take to move in that direction. In this episode, I talk about 6 ways to move you closer to leaving that abusive relationship.

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Episode 66 - Hoovering a...

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Our childhood trauma makes us more susceptible to attracting toxic or abusive partners. When you grow up in a home that makes you feel like you're not enough or makes you feel like you can't do any better, you grow accustomed to living like this and this becomes your normal.

Therefore, when you get older, you might encounter relationships where you might get the feeling that you're not deserving any better, which makes ...

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In this episode, I talk about how hard it is to feel good about yourself if you are in an environment that is always holding you back and making you feel less than you deserve. I will go into why it is almost impossible to feel good about yourself in a relationship with a narcissist, but I also talk about the things that you could start doing while you are working on moving from the relationship.

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In today's episode, I talk about 7 different ways emotional abuse can break you down. Abuse is not just physical and there are different types of abuse, emotional abuse is just one type. Emotional abuse can be done when the victim doesn't even know is being abused. They use different techniques such as gaslighting to help change your perception about what is going on, which actually makes you a little bit confused and makes...

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Have you realized how you seem to forget abusive episodes in your relationship? In this episode, I talk about why this happens and the one thing you could do to keep this from happening.


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July 14, 2022 16 min

We tend to believe that the abuse ends the moment we step out of the relationship or the moment they decide to end it. The truth is the abuse does not end when the relationship ends and you need to be prepared for what is to come. It is still 100% better to be out of reach physically, even when they can still try to reach out. In this episode, I talk about 6 types of post-separation abuse. These can help you be ready and also know ...

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June 30, 2022 16 min

Have you ever heard of the narcissist pregnancy trap? Well, let me tell you all about it. A pregnancy is used to get you stuck in the relationship and ensure he's still in control. He believes that if he gets you pregnant you will not be able to leave, among other things.

In this episode, I will share part of my story. Just like you, I was not aware this was a thing and I believe I could have put myself in this situation. I wil...

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Have you ever felt that you seem to be falling into the same kind of toxic relationships? Does it seem that everyone you meet seems to have the same kind of toxic traits or seems very familiar with the previous one?

At times we seem to fall into a pattern of finding the same type of people over and over and in this episode, I can tell you why. I will be talking about the three main reasons why we keep repeating the same patterns an...

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June 16, 2022 13 min

I have a message tugging in my heart for you. I believe the media is trying to tell the victims of domestic abuse that no one will be believed because ONE woman lost her case against a powerful man, as they want to portray it.

The message is clear, but it's not the message the media is showing. The media is showing that a woman should be believed no matter what. The media is saying that only women can be victims and men cannot....

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It seems everywhere I go, we are all Team Johnny. In this episode, I go into detail as to why I believe that is. This trial has been more than a trial about one of our favorite all-time starts being put on the stand. This trial has been about how a man came forward to talk about abuse. It has given many a new view on what abuse/ domestic violence is. Abuse has no gender, and that has to be the message. #MENTOO

For information about...

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Today's episode is more on the Johnny vs Amber story, but today I will talk about the smear campaign she has created and what we see in the court, on the internet, and in research.

I'm going to be digging a little deeper into what a smear campaign consists of and what it looks like. We are being bombarded with a smear campaign right before our eyes and it seems like the perfect teaching moment.

**Stay until the end for a re...

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In today's episode, I talk about what's going on in the court with Johnny Depp. I am not talking about his defamation trial, but going over what has been brought up during the past couple of weeks.

As you might already know, his ex-wife wrote a piece about the abuse she endured during her relationship with him. During the past few weeks in court, there has been a lot of evidence submitted to prove that he was in fact the vi...

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April 21, 2022 15 min

When you leave an abusive, toxic narcissistic relationship, you tell yourself "I wish you would have seen it." "I wish you would have seen the red flags." "I wish I would have noticed what was going on in my relationship."

I was so stupid that I couldn't see who he was or what he was doing to me, but let me tell you something, it's very simple... There's no way the unhealed version of you could h...

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April 14, 2022 18 min

Our homes are supposed to be where we feel safest but for some of us, that's not the case. It can be very daunting to love a person that doesn't make you feel you are safe when they are in your surroundings. I know exactly how this feels but leaving is not always the best option, at the time.

Most of the time you have to make the moves while your partner is unaware. This exit strategy plan has been created with the basic ne...

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April 7, 2022 18 min

You don't need closure. The closure will put you in harm's way, but will never get you what you need. You're not dealing with a person that has a personality disorder and will not function as you. When you seek closure you are searching for reason and explanations that this person cannot give you, but you are putting yourself in a place to be pulled into another cycle of abuse.

You know how hard it was to leave, don'...

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I used to think that mental health referred to as having mental issues. It referred to people that suffered from things like schizophrenia, PTSD, hallucinations, or any personality disorders. Maybe because of the way I was brought up, I never thought of mental health as something that we all have to take care of and something that is normal to think about. I never thought of anything like this until my mental health started to decl...

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