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Light of the Spirit Podcast

A Practical Resource for the Spiritual Student. Discover the timeless wisdom of India and the yoga path to freedom. This podcast channel offers you a wealth of practical and thought-provoking knowledge about the Oriental origins of Christianity, the simple and classic tradition of Yoga and the Yoga Life, the practical messages of the Bhagavad Gita and other scriptures, and much more. Journey beyond the forest of cliches, contradictions, and confusion about Yoga, Hinduism, Christianity and metaphysical thought, through the unconventional wisdom of Abbot George Burke, director of Light of the Spirit Monastery.


November 26, 2022 13 min

Recently our friend Jonathan Mahoney visited us, and he had a number of questions for Abbot George during that time, which we recorded and will share in the coming months as podcasts. His first question was “what is Mahashakti?”

In his answer, Abbot George discusses the “Great Power” (the meaning of Mahashakti) as the entire range of relative existence, composed of vibrating energy. There is nothing but Consciousness. But when Co...

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In this podcast Abbot George continues his discussion concerning how Lucifer could stand to be in the presence of Jesus, and how the status of master yogis is often hidden. He begins by giving his own experiences with spiritual figures in India, and continues with what he had heard of others.

In one of his many trips to India, Abbot George saw the great vedantic teacher and head of the famous Kailash Ashram in Rishikesh, Chaita...

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Recently our friend Jonathan Mahoney asked Abbot George Burke how Lucifer could tempt Jesus if evil spirits cannot stand high spiritual vibrations. In this first of two podcasts Abbot George answers this question, showing how the status of master yogis is often hidden, giving examples from the lives of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh, Ananadamayi Ma and others.

This podcast is just over 22 minutes long. If you do not see the podcast...

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In today’s podcast, Abbot George Burke talks about how diet affects consciousness, and the importance of a pure diet for the yogi.

Abbot George shares these stories:

  • The unusual experiment in diet that Abbot George conducted before teaching a yoga seminar.
  • The positive effect that taking up a vegetarian diet had for exam students.
  • The negative effect that occurred from using just a small amount of liqueur for stomach troubles.
  • How a ...
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    May 1, 2022 16 min
    We have updated this podcast to include a YouTube video version of the podcast at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy it.

    Click here to listen to Swami Sivananda’s Humor if you do not see the player above. The podcast length is 16:06 minutes.
    Swami Sivananda’s joyful sense of humor are evident in this podcast. This includes the following incidents:

  • Sivananda’s riddle and the over-serious student.
  • The story of the rare color...
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    One of Yogananda’s early disciples was named Brahmacharini Radhalila. She was a person with a very strong personality. And she frequently would say, during the last years of her life, “One day I am going to write a book called The Real Yogananda.”  She was living at the SRF headquarters, and everyone would panic at the thought of what she might write, because she was the type of person she was, and also because they wished that a ...

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    “Am I more sensible, or less sensible, as a result of this practice and this experience?”

    In this 4th podcast on Spiritual Experiences and Abilities, Abbot George delineates the very real and very extreme dangers of imbalancing experiences that fake yoga can produce, contrasting this with his observation of the cardinal qualities of real yogis he met.

    If you do not see the player above, listen to Part 4 of What the Beginner Yogi ...

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    “Have I learned anything? Has this spiritual experience changed my awareness, my meditation?” In the third part of the podcast series on Spiritual Experience and Abilities, Abbot George contrasts the effect of real spiritual experience with examples of people who were deluded by visions and dreams – like the American he met in India who “realized” that he was the king of India, and that his child bride would give birth to the next...

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    The state of perfected beings like Buddha, Krishna, and Jesus is far greater than most people’s concept of God. Abbot George tells the story of Catholic stigmatist and visionary Therese Neumann’s response to Christian who were overwhelmed with Christ’s miracles, as an example of how we are satisfied with so little in our aspirations. And how much is required to really trod the path to God, as shown in the story of encounter betwee...

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    “What should the beginner yogi know about spiritual experience and abilities?” Abbot George draws on a lifetime of study and personal experience and observation to present a many-facted answer to this important question.

    Since the “yoga boom” of the 1960’s and even earlier, Western seekers have been regaled with and fascinated by all that glitters in fake yoga — a circus of thrills, chills, and supposedly higher states of consciou...

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    Below is an edited transcript of the podcast. We strongly recommend you listen to the podcast to understand the correct pronunciation of the Soham mantra.

    The podcast is just under 7 minutes long. If you do not see the player above, listen to How to Meditate Using the Soham Mantra here.

    The practice of Soham Yoga is very simple. Making ourselves aware of our breathing, when we inhale we mentally intone So throughout the inhalat...

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    Darshan: Literally “sight” or “seeing;” vision, literal and metaphysical. Darshan is the seeing of a holy being as well as the blessing received by seeing such a one.

    Satsanga: Literally: “company with Truth.” Association with godly-minded persons. The company of saints and devotees.

    Asatsanga: the company of the unholy and the worldly–in the form of people who have no interest in spiritual life, as well as books, magazines, telev...

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    Statue of Krishna and Arjuna in their chariot in Kurukshetra, India, at the site of the great battle in the Bhagavad Gita.

    In today’s podcast our friend Jonathan Mahoney asks Abbot George about the Bhagavad Gita, its story and its value for the spiritual seeker. Abbot George discusses Vyasa, the pivotal figure in early Hinduism, and the author of many works, including the epic Mahabharata, from which the Bhagavad Gita is taken.

    He ...

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    December 20, 2020 34 min

    In today’s podcast our friend Jonathan Mahoney asks Abbot George about Jesus’ role as guardian of the Earth.

    Listen and you will discover:

  • How Lucifer fell and how it affected the earth.
  • Who were Adam and Eve and where was Paradise.
  • Who were the “Matrikas.”
  • What was the special mystery of the Crucifixion.
  • The Buddhist master who had two Saviors.
  • And much more.
  • Two books are referenced in the podcast. You can find out more about them he...

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    In today’s podcast, Abbot George is asked a question about Moksha. He then talks about arguments regarding levels of consciousness: are there seven levels of consciousness, or five levels, or fourteen levels?

    Then he discusses the seven levels of consciousness or lokas (worlds or main divisions) in which the whole range of evolutionary relative existence (rungs on the evolutionary ladder) is encompassed, corresponding to the seven...

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    If you do not see the player for “How to Become an Angel” above, listen to the podcast here.

    Today our friend Jonathan Mahoney asks Abbot George, “How does a human being evolve into an angel in this lifetime? How do they ‘get out of the game’”?

    In this podcast Abbot George talks about the ideas of the processes of evolution in Christian and Hindu cosmologies. He then discusses the two paths of evolution: the natural path by “accu...

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    (If you don’t see the player above, visit this link to listen to the podcast: Evolution (Material and Spiritual) and What It Means for the Yogi. The podcast is 40 minutes long.)

    In a new podcast, our friend Jonathan Mahoney asks Abbot George Burke the following question:

    From Robe of Light, we have the quote: “The drama of creation simply stated is this. God breathes forth this vast universe. Slowly, it comes out and evolves ac...

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    For our Christmas offering we share again a podcast from three years ago about Christmas, and about Christ being born in us. This podcast is from an interview of Abbot George Burke by our friend Bianca Vlahos of radio station FIVEaa in Adelaide, Australia.

    Listen to The Symbolism of Christmas and Its Universal Message if you do not see the player above. The podcast is 23:07 minutes long.

    For more Christmas inspiration, read the f...

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    July 13, 2017 53 min

    The subject of past life recall is a broad topic. So this interview of Abbot George Burke by our friend Bianca Vlahos of PBA-fm radio in Australia is a long one—just over 53 minutes.

    Among the questions Bianca asks is “What is the main value in understanding our past lives?”

    Here are some of Abbot George’s comments from the interview:

    “When you understand what has caused the present situation, you can often understand that situatio...

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    In a followup interview with Bianca Vlahos of PBA FM radio in Adelaide, Australia, Abbot George discusses the importance of understanding karma as the basis of reincarnation. With this understanding, we can begin to comprehend our present situation in life, and we can become empowered to create our future.

    Abbot George says in the interview, we are meant to take charge of our lives, but we cannot take charge of what we do not under...

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