Love your Diagnosis

Love your Diagnosis

A weekly look into the life of someone who has been diagnosed with a condition/illness. The interviews find a flow and dialogue around the choices and changes people start to make in their lives when they learn that they have to live with dis-ease, which may have been partially brought about by their life choices. A diagnosis can be seen as a gift if you look at it as a second chance to get to know and treat yourself in a more loving way. Lainie gets raw and intimate and draws out some morsels of gold from people's journeys of what made them determined to get back in the driver's seat of their health instead of following only DOCTOR'S ORDERS!!


January 22, 2022 26 min

In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Christine Reed about her diagnosis of

POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)

Christine shares her personal journey from sedentary office worker to rugged outdoorswoman with POTS in hopes of inspiring others to see something bigger for themselves and that the things that make us different don't have to be the things that hold us back.

What is POTS?


Mark as Played

In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Chris Wark about how, after surgery to remove some of his tumours, he cured his cancer with, diet, lifestyle and mindset changes.
He is now well known to many cancer patients and has become a very passionate patient advocate today assisting thousands of people to look at the way they address cancer in their bodies. A very good listen if you are wanting to know other ways to assist...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Amber Wallace about her diagnosis of
Type 1 Diabetes.

Diabetes is so much more than taking insulin, having an epi pen handy and managing your carb intake. I learnt so much listening to Amber's raw analysis of living with Diabetes and you will too. If not managed properly, it really is a matter of life or death.

Enjoy the insights


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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Belle H about her diagnosis of Stage 4 Endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a common disorder that affects many women and can be joy altering due to the pain that is endured every month. The disorder is from the uterine lining growing outside of the uterus to ovaries, fallopian tubes and even intestines. OUCH!!!

Belle tells her story of having options to deal with the discomfort by taki...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Cat Seddon about her diagnosis of Breast Cancer and how she was whipped off to surgery two weeks after diagnosis to remove 8 out of 24  metastasised  lymph nodes in her body. 
After this surgery, Cat was told that she would need to remove one breast definitely, but to be safe recommended removal of both breasts as well as chemo and radiation to stop the spread and make sure that al...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Andi Herman about her diagnosis of Obesity and living with a relationship to food that was a tapestry of using it to self soothe, for comfort,  but also feeling the effects of shame around it as well.

Andi struggled with her body image and relationship to food from a young age and that carried into adulthood. She tried a myriad of ways to stay at a healthy weight but nothing really...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Kate Mckintosh about her diagnosis of treatment resistance depression, anxiety and pmdd (pre menstral dysphoric disorder) which is a really, really bad version of PMS that leaves women with severe feelings of anxiety and depression which happen cycle after cycle and generally become part of a life that can be void of joy.

In this episode we unpack how Kate was existing in and outsi...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Natalie Holcroft about her diagnosis of AVM - Arterial Venous malformation at age 14 which then led her to develop Epilepsy resulting in five brain surgeries in 20 years

FIVE BRAIN SURGERIES in 20 YEARS. Three for the AVM at age 14 and then two related to the epilepsy later on in life. Nat is only 36.

Nat's story was particularly interesting to me as she has an outlook that "...

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October 22, 2021 29 min

In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Geri Henderikse about her diagnosis of ADHD or as it will soon come to be known - Dopamine dysfunction which affects executive decision.

I loved everything about this interview as Geri has researched this condition so much to really understand it now and is excited to find ways to make her life feel more dopamine enhanced even if that means using both eastern and western medicine.


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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Phil Ybarra about his diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer.

Such an interesting journey Phil had with trying to get his symptoms diagnosed. He tried 5 different times to get his symptoms assessed, even had tests where nothing was picked up by doctors that showed he had a tumour the size of a small fist in his prostate.

Phil is an amazing example of using intuition when it comes to looking...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Gael about her diagnosis of Trigeminal/Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia 

Gael's symptoms  began around 2014. On a daily basis, Gael would get severe razor like spasms under the left side of her tongue which would sometimes last for weeks or months and then short periods of no symptoms. At this stage she didn't feel the need to seek medical advice. As you'll hear, she is quit...

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In this Episode of Love your Diagnosis, I talk with Audra about her primary diagnosis of Autism and Epilepsy. 
Audra has a positive outlook on these conditions she has to live with and after trialling a cocktail of medicines over her life and turning down the option of having a VNS inserted into her body, she has found a balance of managing, particularly her seizures with a mixture of Eastern and Western approaches such as:

  • Keto Diet...
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    Mark as Played

    Today Briony discusses how she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and how the options she was given at the time were chemo, radiation and potentially a hysterectomy.
    We dive deep into steps that Briony took in ridding herself of the cancer by travelling to China and getting a treatment called Photodynamic Therapy which isn't traditionally used for this type of cancer.

    To find out some ways you can look at using traditional plant...

    Mark as Played

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