The emphasis of this podcast is to generate possibility. Possibility has no limits. Anything is possible here. Real life experiences, life coaching, media strategy, all things fitness and general wholeness for the mind and body can will always be heard here. I am Magda, I am human. Hu means multifaceted, Hu is the first syllable in humor (the destroyer of destruction) I am funny. Brace yourselves it’s raw, it’s real and it’s sexy. Isn't that different? I dare you to subscribe. Press play playa.
step monster

May 19, 201913 min

13 min
soy cubana

May 19, 201921 min

21 min
i love spanish

May 19, 201916 min

16 min
she is richard gere

May 14, 201920 min

20 min
mommy dearest

May 6, 201929 min

29 min
the man I love

April 30, 201933 min

33 min

April 22, 201925 min

25 min
looking for love in all the wrong places

April 14, 201918 min

18 min
fool’s gold

March 31, 201929 min

29 min
love is in the air

March 24, 201922 min

22 min