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Martin Uncut

A micro podcast about technology such as podcasting, vlogging (youtube), content and technology for the web and of course the life as a business owner. It is a diary formed description based on Martins life talking about different experience made in different projects.


June 1, 2022 15 min

Topics of the day

  • Broken network
  • Update to the DuckDuckGo story
  • Broken network

    As I mentioned in both episode 135 and 136, I have made some changes to my network setup. I now have a nice private network between different sites setup using VPN. Multiple NAS:es has been setup and data is flowing freely in this private network. This is great. 

    During the setup of the network I realised that me and Michael by pure chance was using the s...

    Mark as Played

    On Wednesday Bleeping Computer reported that DuckDuckGo allowed trackers from Microsoft but blocked most other 3rd party trackers. That caused a storm in twitter - but what is that all about? But let's break this down. 

    What is a tracker - it sounds ominous  - like a spy bot following every step you take. It is just a cookie, a small text-file, that the browser store on your computer. The content is unique and is used to ident...

    Mark as Played

    Let's continue the story from this Monday. Should we!?

    It is fantastic to have a NAS. You do not really have to worry about running out of space. And if you are getting close to that point it is fairly easy to just expand it by adding more drives. Storage is really cheap these days. And it will likely only get cheaper with time - that is relatively speaking. More MB per $ spent - or I should probably say more TB per $ spent. 


    Mark as Played
    May 23, 2022 8 min

    What a weekend! I hope yours was great but even if it was it will not be close to mine. 

    My good friend Michael came to visit and we had a nerd day. A few days before he came over a package from santa arrived but it was not opened until we met at the office. Inside there was a 10 Gbps network card for my NAS and two 250GB  nvme:s to be used as read and write cache in the NAS. There was also 3 x 16TB Ironwolf drives - but I will ta...

    Mark as Played

    During the weekend i setup whats called a RoadWarrior VPN. The name comes from the early 2000 when remote workers, usually travelling, on the road, sales people needed a way to safely connect back to the office and place orders and handle administration. It is essentially a client to server connection. One specific computer gets access to the network behind the firewall compared to a site-to-site VPN where two networks can be conne...

    Mark as Played

    I hope you had a nice weekend! I went to a tradeshow showing and talking about Getting Things Done. Sunny and a lot of people. I also configured a RoadWarrior VPN but more about that another day. 

    Today I will start a theme related to how you can do screen recordings or explainer videos. I do them from time to time and learned what you can do and what you shouldn’t do. Sometimes the easy way and sometime the hard way. And I still ...

    Mark as Played

    I left my "Good Old" note application Evernote back a year ago. In "Ep 75 - April 20 - All out of Evernote" I talked about my migration from Evernote into DevonThink as an archive of my old notes. Everything new has then been created in Obsidian. I use it for a lot of different notes - but it is not my only note taking application. Let's look at the application and how I use it now when it's been in my workf...

    Mark as Played

    In [[Ep 126 - April 12 - Note automation with RocketBook and Devonthink]] I talked about the workflow I setup using my RocketBooks, Keyboard Maestro and DevonThink. I mentioned that I have a Remarkable 2 that I just didn't find a good workflow for. I do not like archiving and keeping my notes on the remarable it self. The goal is to be able to digitize all notes into the same system.

    My Rocketbook flow is essentially: 

    1. Wri...

    Mark as Played
    April 20, 2022 11 min

    - What his hosting?

    - Store the files (storage)

    - Bandwidth

    - RSS-feed

    - Self hosted 

    - On my webhost

    - Statistics

    - Good for limited sized podcast / starting podcast

    - Castos

    - Clean and simple

    - Wordpress integration

    - 19 usd 

    - Podbean

    - Messy

    - Integration to podcast catalogues

    - 9 usd

    - Stationista

    - Clean

    - Private

    - 12 eur 

    - What should you use?

    Mark as Played
    April 19, 2022 4 min

    Supposed to talk about podcast hosting -> tomorrow 

    Mark as Played
    April 14, 2022 10 min

    I do a lot of meetings, trainings and videos from my workplace - I have used a Viltrox panel light for a few years to light me up. But earlier this year I invested in two Key Lights from Elgato. They have a really nice diffuse light, lots of lumens and you can remote control them from the StreamDeck since they are connected to the Wifi. Or that was the plan. 

    When I got the lights in the beginning of Feb (or later Jan) - I was sup...

    Mark as Played
    April 13, 2022 12 min

    I have a storage problem. One DLink NAS with 500GB of space (10+ years old), one Apple Time Capsule 2G (~5 years), 2TB of dropbox space, 2TB external drives, memory cards, iCloud, google drive and a full hard drive on my laptop. 

    Age is a big risk tied to moving disks - the older they are - the higher the risk of failure becomes. 

    Bringing my data home - to much risk to have it in the cloud:

  • Privacy 
  • Security (vendor and me)
  • Bou...

    Mark as Played

    I produce a lot of notes 

  • many of them are handwritten 
  • this since it is fast and easy to do 
  • it is slow and my thinking can keep up
  • There are multiple problems with handwritten notes 

  • They have a tendency to be in the notebook at home when you are not there
  • They easily get out of order and can't be sorted
  • They cant be searched when you need to find something specific
  • I have tried to use digital notes - e.g. writing in an app that I th...

    Mark as Played

    April weather over in Sweden - a couple of degrees and windy. Building a porch for my Dad.

    Last week I talked about DNS - and I have also mentioned my Email-project even if I haven't done a deep-dive into it yet. Related to both of these are SPF and DKIM. 

    SPF - stand for Sender Policy Framework - this is a policy you can set that will hinder spammers  and scammers from sending email as you. 

    It is a short text string that y...

    Mark as Played
    April 8, 2022 11 min

    - Nothing like waiting for new toys - I was hoping my new NAS was arriving today - but no - not even shipped. 

    - DNS - Domain Name System 

    - PhoneBook of the internet translates human readable names (domain-names) to IP-adresses that can be used by computers. 

    - It works like a tree - with root servers - top–domains - domains and hosts or subdomains. To find a name you traverse the tree (or the DNS-server you use traverses the t...

    Mark as Played
    April 7, 2022 9 min
  • Fun to be back - yesterdays episode (Ep 122) - was recorded at home in the closet, on my iPad, while taking care of my sick 3 year old. That explains the not ideals sound quality.
  • Situation before I started this project
  • Office (or man cave) - old Linksys WRTG router. NAT.
  • Home - telco provided switch (technicolor) - had it for 6-7 years - never changed any passwords. Super slow
  • At home I got a set of Netgate WIFI 6 router and satelites...
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  • The elefant in the room - let's go back to short more frequent episodes
  • There has been a lot going on the last few months
  • Automations for handwritten notes
  • New Mac Studio is ordered
  • Firewall and VPN project
  • Privacy - changing email provider
  • NAS
  • And tons of other things
  • Hugo - a static site generator
  • Static vs Dynamic
  • Pro: Speed - faster since no computation, just serving
  • Pro: Simplicity - server setup and components - focus on content, se...
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    November 23, 2021 39 min

    Todays episode is, again, not recorded in the studio. I am travelling but brought some stuff...

    Todays topics will be:

  • The new project building a new podcasting studio
  • Moving away from Google
  • Important to empty your head
  • The new project building a new podcasting studio
  • What I have right now
  • Why I want to change
  • What I plan to do
  • Split the room in two
  • Create sound absorbation plates
  • Table to have the Microphones
  • Requirements
  • Moving away from G...
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    This Episode was fully recorded and edited on the iPad Pro 11". The sound files was not modified at all outside of the iPad.

    Three sections:

  • Editing a podcast using Ferrite on the iPad
  • Cal Newports book "Deep Work"
  • SMART goals 
  • Ferrite can be found in Apple AppStore.

    Ep 53 - Mar 17 - Testing Hindenburg Journalist

    The "Incoming Book Episode" - Ep 113 - Jun 16 - Incoming books

    The Data Detective by Tim Harford - E...

    Mark as Played

    The show has a new format. Todays topic will be: 

  • Presentation of the new format
  • The iPad Pro 11", Magick Keyboard and what it can be used for.
  • Obsidian has been released for iOS for public use. 
  • Links to previous episodes mentioned in the show: 

  • Ep 93 - May 17 - Moonlander has landed
  • Ep 75 - April 20 - All out of Evernote
  • Ep 103 - May 31 - 3 Obsidian plugins
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