Open To Happiness

Open To Happiness

Started by Nicoleta as a gift to humanity after her triple negative breast cancer journey, this podcast is dedicated to all trauma survivors that are searching to learn to remain open to happiness and joy in times of life hardship and pain. A podcast that empowers you to embrace awareness, reach understanding and acceptance of your personal history, surrender to what was and extract meaning from your pain, and gradually, as you navigate your journey of self-discovery, tap into forgiveness and healing and allow your personal growth to unfold.


November 16, 2022 11 min

In this solo episode Nicoleta explores relationships and happiness from a fresh perspective:

Are relationships complicated or we make them this way?

What are the 3 rules we break in relationships?

How do we resolve conflicts in relationships?

Can relationships be repaired?

Why awareness is key to happy and fulfilling relationships.


Get your pdf guides to aid you in building mutually satisfying relationships here:


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In this episode Nicoleta talks about hardship and happiness with Jenny Briard, trauma therapist from Leeds, England

Life when you are born to a single mother.
Sexually abused by mother’s boyfriend.
About the abuse without violence.
How does one abuse invite others?
Going through two rapes by manipulation and pushing boundaries.
When mothers ignore the abuse against their children.
Parents cannot face their children’s abuse because of thei...

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November 2, 2022 10 min

In this short solo episode Nicoleta explores the relationship between FOMO and happiness.

What is FOMO, the fear of missing out, what is underneath this fear, what is its impact  and what can we do about it?

Fear of missing out is real and is affecting many of us, but we can heal from this, we can liberate ourselves from conditioning and we can regain a sense of aliveness and vitality.

To take this exploration further, here's a pd...

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In this episode Nicoleta talks about parental alienation and happiness with Dr. Marni Hill Foderaro, teacher and author from Chicago USA.

How awareness brings light on a deceitful 27 years marriage.

When your spouse throws at you gaslighting, financial abuse and a smear campaign.

Feeling discounted and undermined and still ignoring red flags.

When the physical assault and threat brings awakening and change.

How a university professor lo...

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October 19, 2022 45 min

In this episode Nicoleta is exploring happiness with the author of The Breakthrough Code Tom McCharthy from California, USA.

Why happiness is the choice to fulfil your life purpose.

When suffering stems from our comparison to the others. 

Post-traumatic growth following the loss of a parent early in life.

How trauma blocks your happiness.

When you are stuck and how to let go of pain and suffering .

How to extract meaning from your pain.


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October 12, 2022 5 min

In this solo episode Nicoleta explores with you that part of you that is blocking your happiness? 

It is your programmed mind, that software installed on your pure brain that lives in the darkness of your mentors.

Luckily, you have an immense opportunity to tap into joy when you transcend your tunnel mind.

Learn to use your power, the power of choice and stay present.

Get your guide to get back the control over your minds:


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In this episode Nicoleta talks about consciousness, genetics and happiness with dr. Bruce Lipton, stem cell biologist, best-selling author and internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit.

Bruce and Nicoleta unpack the biology of belief and empower people with their lived experience.

What is the connection between consciousness, matter and miracles?

The shift from the classical Newtonian physics to the new quantum ...

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September 28, 2022 15 min

In this solo epidosde Nicoleta explores why we struggle to heal our trauma.

You cannot heal your trauma in your conceptual mind.

Trauma fragmented your soul, hurt your heart, your feelings, your emotions, and this is where healing needs to happen.

Learn why your suffering is self-inflicted and how to properly heal.

And download this helpful resource to get you strated:

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September 21, 2022 43 min

When happiness is our true state.

The check list of happiness as social conditioning.

A near death experience at the young age of 3.

Trauma as a gateway for compassion and empathy.

Are you defined by your story or you define your story?

What is the true nature of reality?

Consciousness is infinite love.

Disempowerment as a blockage to joy.

The pain of the identification with the physical body.

What is beyond trauma and pain?

Tips and tools t...

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September 14, 2022 43 min

In this episode Nicoleta chats about success and happiness with Derek Moore, the CEO from Coffee & TV.

The journey from a humble start in life to a successful career.

Merging creative work with business acumen. 

Between the illusion and the transient nature of success.

The many layers of success. 

Lessons and wisdom from a rich life journey.

The link between success and happiness.

How mindset impacts both success and happiness.


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In this solo episode Nicoleta explores attachment as the main reason relationships struggle.

When one partner says “you are controlling and needy” and the other partner answers “you are dismissive and distant” conflicts ignite and partners fall back into their painful and dysfunctional pattern of arguments, disengagement and rumination. 

The stress associated with the attachment issues in relationships is poisoning not just the partn...

Mark as Played

Suffering is part of our life and no one can go through life untouched.

How did you feel today throughout the 86,400 second you lived?

How many of these seconds you felt aware, joyful and alive?

Have you got lost again into worries, “to do lists”, endless comparison, feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, low self-worth and unhappiness?

This is why you need self-therapy and healing.

In this 19 min podcast episode I am exploring what is sel...

Mark as Played

In this episode Nicoleta talks about happiness with retired cosmetic surgeon, speaker, coach, mentor and bestselling author Dr. Allen Lycka from Edmonton, Canada.

When a doctor gets misdiagnosed with ALS

Living with an undiagnosed chronic illness. 

How a doctor handles depression and suicidal ideation?

The importance of resilience and purpose in life.

When the right thoughts attract the desired outcome.

The link betweenphysical appeara...

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August 17, 2022 41 min

In this episode Nicoleta talks about trauma and happiness with counsellor and psychotherapist Tatjana Simakova from Ireland.

 Why do we get traumatised?

What causes trauma in the first place?

What is transgenerational trauma and how it gets passed through generations?

What’s the impact of emotionally unavailable parents on adolescents?

How can parents help children to manage their emotional turmoil?

What can parents do to manage their ow...

Mark as Played

In this episode Nicoleta is talking about trauma and happiness with Stephen Travers, director of UK & International Havening from Dublin, Ireland.

Join us in our quest to answer some very important questions:

Why aren’t you happy?

Can we be happy all the time?

Should we be pursuing happiness?

Is happiness the goal in life?

What’s the purpose of life and the meaning of this existence?

Why doing what you love and loving what you do is e...

Mark as Played
July 20, 2022 46 min

In this episode Nicoleta is talking about gender equalityand happiness with Gill Whitty-Collins, former vice-president at Procter & Gamble and author of "Why Men Win At Work ... and how can we make inequality history".

From a 51% women population to over 90% men leadership.

Why only 7% CEOs and 25% members of governments are women?

When gender equality means 50% representation of women.

How will the world look with a 50% re...

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In this episode Nicoleta talks about business and happiness with Sharon Valenti a British business coach based in Georgia USA. 

From alcoholic parents to distorted beliefs about the self.

Childhood trauma and abusive relationships in adult life.

About “not-enoughness” and the path of self-help and personal development.

Insight into mental programing and the illusion of fear.

The power of awareness and our self-made diminishing life.


Mark as Played

In this solo episode Nicoleta explores the trend of personal development bypass, where many of us follow others and search for information in the outside world hoping to grow within.

Find why reading books and acquiring information does not necessary lead to personal development.

And discover what can actually help you grow and develop into the person you really wish to be.

Here's a quick pdf guide to help you in your inner transf...

Mark as Played
June 29, 2022 55 min

 In this episode Nicoleta talks about radical acceptance and happiness with Dr. Farah El Miligui, Counselling psychologist from London.

 From a happy home to curiosity about human condition and a degree in psychology.

Mental health when the brain goes off track.

Insight into humility and the meaning of life.

When happiness requires to be ok with your inner darkness.

The impact of the past and the need for awareness.

About human suffering...

Mark as Played
June 15, 2022 7 min

In this solo episode Nicoleta explores the experience of awakening.

Why do we awaken through suffering?

Why can’t we just take a pill and awaken

Or make a spell and awaken straight away?

What protects us from awakening?

Can awakening come free of pain and suffering?

How do you prepare for awakening?

The real magic of wakening.

Read more:


Mark as Played

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