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May 26, 2024 38 mins

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Transformative moments often arrive swaddled in the unexpected, as Peggy's family tales remind us. The birth of her granddaughter during Easter, an event laced with worry and complications, blossoms into a narrative about reliance on prayer and the solace of faith in times of uncertainty. Peggy's reflections on witnessing the Savior's hand in our lives and those of our family members sew a golden thread throughout our discussion, highlighting the interconnected web of our spiritual paths. It's a chapter that invites listeners to find comfort in the knowledge that even in life's most turbulent storms, we are never sailing alone.

As we trace the contours of Peggy's journey from Idaho to Utah, we uncover the resilience that faith instills during life's transitions. Faced with the challenge of finding new purpose in unfamiliar surroundings, Peggy recounts how patience and spiritual promptings led her to volunteer work, meaningful employment, and the cultivation of treasured friendships. Her testimony of faith and hope is a gentle reminder that even amidst change and periods of stillness, there's a guiding hand at work, crafting our lives with threads of divine love and purpose. Join us for an episode that promises to leave you feeling uplifted, connected, and ready to embrace the joys of simplicity and faith.

Please reach out to me if you are interested in sharing your story! I would LOVE to hear from you. :)

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Episode Transcript

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Lily (00:06):
Hello everyone and welcome to.
More Than Coincidence,remembering Jesus Christ in your
Story as the author andfinisher of our faith, our
Savior writes personalexperiences into each of our
lives which can later strengthen, empower and bring us peace
upon reflection.
This podcast is dedicated tosharing these anchoring memories

from everyone's unique storiesin order to collectively
remember and testify of thereality of Jesus Christ and his
presence in our lives.
I'm your host, lily, and I'mvery excited to share these
experiences together.
Welcome everybody to thepodcast today.
Today we have Peggy.
How are you doing, peggy?
I'm doing well.
Thank you, will you?

Peggy (00:45):
introduce yourself.
Yes, I was born and raised inIdaho and lived on a farm on the
outskirts of town with a bigfamily.
I have eight kids in our familyand so I kind of sometimes
growing up felt like I didn'tfit in with all of the kids at
school because I lived on a farmand I went into town to school,

so it's not like we weretotally excluded.
But now as an adult, I reallyappreciate my upbringing and I'm
grateful for the things Ilearned from my parents, from my
upbringing, and met my husband,who was also born and raised on

a farm in Washington, and whenwe met he was stationed in the
Air Force in Mountain Home andthe really fast relationship we
met and he was going to betransferred overseas.
So we got married quickly andspent three years first three
years of our marriage in Englandand our oldest son was born
there and we have three childrenall together.

We came back after he hadcompleted like nine years with
the Air Force and three childrenour oldest two are boys and
then our youngest is ourdaughter two beautiful
granddaughters and I just Idon't know.
I'm in a phase of life whereI've enjoyed every part of my
life, but I'm at a phase of mylife where I look back and I'm

so grateful and just love mylife, and where we are, I feel
like I'm doing what HeavenlyFather wants me to do.

Lily (02:23):

Peggy (02:24):
I am.
I don't know if that's a greatintroduction.
Do you have any questions?

Lily (02:28):
no, I think that's wonderful.
My have you guys ever thoughtabout getting a little farm?
Because I feel like Michael, Idream about it, but I know it's
a lot of work you know we, Iwould love to have a garden so I
could grow vegetables and stuff.

Peggy (02:41):
But Mark was on a farm that they worked hard and he was
the only boy in his family andso he's like I would never want
a farm kind of thing.
Yeah, and it is a lot of work.
I was one of the younger kidsso I didn't work as much as my
siblings had to.
I could sneak away and didn'tdo as much as my older siblings

But I wish that's one thing is,I wish we had kind of a bigger
space for a garden, Because Ilove to like cook from scratch
and can and stuff like that.
So I would love that.
But I don't have a great desireto be on a farm with animals
and stuff like that.

Lily (03:15):
It's a lot of work.
Yeah, that's the thing.
Michael and I always joke aboutbuying a cow because we go
through so much milk Like fourgallons of milk in like 10 days
because him and my kids justdrink milk like crazy.
So I always laugh, ha, ha ha.
Wouldn't it be so funny if wehad a farm and had a cow and
But then no, you go, you driveby cows and you're like you know
what, you're stinky.

Peggy (03:35):
Yeah, yeah, and I thought , oh, wouldn't it be cool to
have chickens not have to buyeggs.
But yeah, they're stinky too.

Lily (03:40):
They're stinky, they're so stinky.
My grandma, growing up, she hadducks when I was really little
and she would, because duckshave to have water, so she
bought like a big kiddie poolfor them and it was my job to go
out and get.
When the water turned green, Ihad to go out and get all the
water out and dump it out andpour it.
She told me to pour it on hergardens, so I'd go out and I'd
pour it on the garden and thenfill up the water again for the

And so after that I was likeyou know, I'm never gonna have
ducks, but you know chickens.
But then she got chickens aftershe had the ducks and they were
very stinky too, but then theyscratched everywhere and they
just tore up her garden and shewas like, ah, the chickens.
So and I feel like for me, likehaving to kill the animals in
the end would make me so sad.
I don't think I could ever dothat.

Peggy (04:22):
I remember having chickens and having to pluck
them, yeah, and that was one ofthe times when it smelled really
bad and I was one of theyounger kids and the bitter kids
are all pulling the feathersoff and I kind of snuck away and
I didn't really help with thatchore because it was not very

Lily (04:42):
My grandpa, it was really funny, they had the six ducks
and three really funny they had.
So they had six.
They had the six ducks andthree of them were really big
and they would always pick onthis other male.
And so it was getting to apoint where my grandpa was like,
okay, we can't have thisanymore.
So one day we just were likewhere did Huey Dewey and Louie
go Like?
And my, but in my grandpa he's.
It was like first thing in themorning he pulls out.
He had made this big bunch ofchicken noodle soup and we were

eating it and we're like where'sHuey Dewey and Louie?
And he looks at my mom and he'slike this soup quacks.
And we were like, no, we atethem.
Because, yeah, my papa, he justhad this big old barn in the
back of their yard and he justwent out and took care of them

in the night and we didn't evenknow.

Peggy (05:27):
And next morning we had some duck soup and we were like,
oh you taste so good, but whyit was.

Lily (05:29):
It was my first experience with farm life, so I don't know
But we digress, but that'sreally fun that you got to do
that growing up and stuff.
But so to get back to our topicthough, peggy, what memories do
you have that you reflect on,that, perk your heart in
remembrance of our Savior JesusChrist and anchor you to him?

Peggy (05:48):
As I thought about this question, I thought about the
very beginning of my life andstories that I heard.
Things I don't remember, butstories I heard from my family
about when I was born, because Iwas premature and was in and
out of the hospital a lot and inmy mom wrote in her journals

You know, I don't think I'mgoing to be comfortable until I
was, you know, a toddler orolder, because I was just sick
so much and in and out of thehospital.
And I know that, um, when I wasin primary, they would do
spotlight for kids and have allthe primary kids stand up and
they would say, okay, if you'rea boy, sit down, all the boys

sit down If you are, and theywould name things off about the
person and if it was didn'tapply to you.
Then you sat down and it gotdown to like just a couple of us
standing up and I thought, oh,maybe I'm the spotlight this
time, yeah.
And they said, oh, maybe I'mthe spotlight this time, yeah.
And they said, okay, if youalmost died when you were a baby
, sit down.

And I thought, man, and I satdown.
And they're like no, no, it'syou, it's you, stand up.
And I knew that my family hadtalked about it.
I was premature and very smalland sick and in and out of the
hospital, but I didn't realizehow extreme it was until after
that I asked my mom.
I said they told me I almostdied when I was little, when I
was in primary, and she goes, oh, yeah and um, she kind of told
me about experiences and havingum, my dad worked for the

railroad Union Pacific and wasout of town a lot driving and
having um, the home teachers goand give me a blessing because
they were so scared that I wasnot going to survive or had
pneumonia and things like that.
And there was one particulartime and she said after that

blessing she just felt at peaceand I didn't ever have another
problem, didn't ever go back tothe hospital again.
And I feel like throughout mylife I don't go to the doctor a
lot, I don't get sick a lot.
I mean I have gotten sick andthings like that.
But I feel like I've beenblessed with health, kind of.
And I just think you know,after that story Heavenly Father

blessed me and from thatblessing it's like lasted
throughout my life.
So cool, it's like lastedthroughout my life.
So cool.
Just from when I was young, Ifeel like, and my mom told me I
knew when you were a baby andall these things you went
through and what you survived,kind of thing that you and in
primary they told me too yourmom said you have a purpose,

that you're here on this earth,and so I've gone back to that a
lot throughout my life when Ihad struggles, and that's one
thing that's anchored me toChrist, that's helped me to go
through and keep going whenthings were hard and to look for
his hand in my life in otherways too.

Lily (08:34):
Right, because you can look back and say, okay, well, I
was kept on this earth for solong already.
All these little miracles,there's gotta be something.
And it can give you that hopeto look forward and say, okay,
where's the little thing?
How is he holding on to metoday?
Right, that's so awesome.

Peggy (08:50):
I think also with yesterday just being Easter, one
thing that I thought about wasseeing the Lord's hand and
helping me remember that from mychildhood when my granddaughter
was born she was born on Easterfive years ago and the
experience that my daughter hadit wasn't easy her labor and

delivery A few doctor'sappointments before the doctor
had noticed she had high bloodpressure and he was concerned
and they made her go to beinduced before the due date and
my daughter really, reallywanted to just try to do things
natural, go into labor naturally.
But she felt like, okay, thedoctor knows what he's talking
about, I'll do what they told meto do.

Went to the hospital a littlereluctantly and got induced and
she was in labor for, you know,more than 24 hours, I think, and
talking with her while she wasthere, the nurses told her it's
like oh, your blood pressure isnot high, your blood pressure is
not high.
And so she was kind offrustrated like why did the
doctor make me come and do this?

I'm not progressing, I don'tthink that this, yeah, I don't
think that the baby is ready andkind of doubting everything
because it was taking so long.
And then when she startedpushing and we didn't go
initially to the hospital rightwhen she went because we knew it
would take time but her husbandcalled us and we went and it
was like three hours we werewaiting in the waiting room.

It was taking a long, long timeand my first labor and delivery
with my oldest son was reallydifficult.
So the longer we waited, themore I thought about what I went
Right and my heart hurt for mydaughter and the longer it took,

the more fearful I was thatsomething was wrong.
So we're sitting there.
I said a prayer and just saidHeavenly Father, just help me to
have faith and hope andunderstanding, no matter what
If there is something wrong,just help me and help my

daughter to make it through thisexperience and not too long
after that, her husband came andtold us that she had delivered
the baby and there werecomplications, and our
granddaughter was quite a bitsmaller than they expected.
The cord was very thin andwrapped around her neck and she

was blue and not breathing whenshe came out.
Yeah, so they were rushing heroff to to the nursery to try to
um, take care of her and get herbreathing and stuff.
Everybody was going to thenursery and I had the thought
while I was there you know, justgo check on morgan knowing what
I had gone through and how shewas probably feeling not being

able to have her baby there withher right after she was born,
you know, being separatedquickly from her.
And as I went to the hall to goto her room, I they were just
wheeling Holland out and I wasable to like have a quick, just
a couple of seconds.
They stopped.
It's like if you want to justmeet her yeah very, very quickly

And then I went in to mydaughter and I feel like that
was a huge blessing fromHeavenly Father, just that I was
able to catch her in thehallway for even just a second,
just to let me know thateverything was going to be okay.
Just to let me know thateverything was going to be okay.
And I just felt at peace andassurance, even though they had
to do a lot of testing andthings.

And as they did testing andthey took her in the nursery,
watched the window and she washooked up to every kind of
machine there is and all thisstuff, yeah, and there was not
one thing wrong with her.
And the doctor followed her tothe nursery, kept going back to
report to the parents, comingout and telling them what was
going on, what were theirtesting and what they were

And the doctor told them Idon't get scared very often
labor and delivery but today Iwas scared and I believe the
doctor was supposed to betalking in church or something.
It was Easter Sunday, yeah, andhe stuck around and waited for
them as long as he could beforehe had to leave, just to try to

reassure them and help them.
And that was a huge blessingand just testament to me that
Heavenly Father was there.
He was involved and I knoweverybody.
We had a good outcome and thereare people that go through
those things that might not havea great outcome, but I'm
grateful that I could see ourHeavenly Father's hand.

It makes me appreciate life andmy children and just everything
I don't know.

Lily (13:30):
Right, well, I love.
I think it's really interestingthat you bring up this story,
because I don't think anyone yethas shared a story where it's
that the memory that you reflecton was about your daughter in
your life, because I feel like alot of the stories that we have
talked about is kind of theSavior directly, you know, you
going through an experience thatwas hard for you or something

like that.
But this was very much aboutyou seeing the Savior's hand
through your daughter andthrough the experience that she
was going through and how thatwas able to touch your life, and
you were able to see theSavior's hand in her life and in
yours at the same time, likethat's so cool how he literally
is there for both of us, foreverybody, right?
So I love that you share that,because it's true, like we're so

connected with all of theseexperiences that when you share
those experiences together withsomebody else, it's it, I don't
It's just so neat to to see theSavior at work both of your
lives at the same time yeah andit.

Peggy (14:29):
It's funny that you mentioned that, because another
experience that just came to mymind was with my daughter, where
, huge, I saw the savior in mylife and in hers.
She, um, I'm sorry, it's okay,maybe I won't let her listen to
this or I won't tell her aboutit, because she might not like

I'm just talking about her, butshe is, I don't know.
She has been she's beenprotected like you were when you
were a baby and I just I in mylife I, I guess, because she's
my only daughter we just have aconnection that I love and then,

through her, my connectionswith my granddaughters.
It's like you see that eternalperspective through these things
But when she was going tocollege she had this feeling to
go and be a nanny for one yearback East, and so she was I'm
going to take one year off ofcollege and go and do this.

And she went and was inVirginia and was having a great
And she came home for winterbreak and while she was home for
winter break she had metfriends while she was in
Virginia and some of them werefrom Utah too.
So she went with one of thefriends that she had met there
to go skiing, yeah, and she felland like broke her femur.

We got a phone call and it'slike I think I broke my femur
and they had already given hermedication so she was a little
loopy a little, and my oldestson, who is a nurse at the time
wasn't a nurse yet but is now,but has worked in the hospital
knows a lot about medical stuffyeah, said morgan, said she
broke her femur.
He goes oh no, no, that can't beright, because that's, that's
intense and the the medicalperson with her got on the phone

and said yes, she broke herfemur.
We're taking her to the traumacenter if you want to meet us
And so we went and met themthere.
Obviously she had to have a rodput in her femur.
Yeah, and we, you know, stayedat the hospital with her.
But she was just in and out andout of it on medications and
they told us you know, she'sjust going to be on medication

and be sleeping through thenight.
You guys are good to go.
And I didn't feel like I neededto stay for any reason at the
hospital and so we went home andback the next day and she said
she goes.
Oh man, I woke up in the middleof the night and was in so much
pain and I kind of felt thatmom guilt.
It's like, oh, heavenly Father,why didn't you tell me that she

would need?

Lily (17:05):
help during the night.

Peggy (17:06):
Yeah, and then later she wore her testimony about that
experience and talked about howthat night being by herself kind
of forced her to turn to theSavior and she repeated in her

mind a hymn over and over andfelt like the Savior.
She could feel the Saviorcarrying her through that night.
Savior carrying her throughthat night and helping her
through that night.
Yeah, and when she bore hertestimony about this, she
started with Okay, mom, I don'twant you to feel guilty at all
because I needed you to not bethere to kind of force me to

turn to the Savior.
And that was one thing thatstrengthened my again testimony
in our Savior Jesus Christ.
He was there for my daughterwhen I wasn't, and I didn't need
to feel guilty that I wasn'tthere for her because she was in
better hands than mine, rightWith our Savior Jesus Christ,
with their helping her.

Lily (18:13):
I think that's so comforting.
Just as a mom myself andanybody listening who's a parent
is, you try.
I love how you kind of like theparent guilt right.
Like you always, parents arealways trying so hard.
Like cause you want to give thekids.
You want to give your kid thebest life possible, set them up
for success as much as you can,but at the end of the day it's
between them and the Lord.
Like you can teach them all theright things, you can try and

do your very best, but you knowhe's always there for them.
He's the one that can always bethere when you can't.
And and I think it's nice if weas parents can truly understand
I think it was Uchtdorf, like acouple of conferences ago, gave
that talk.
You know, jesus Christ is thestrength for the strength of
parents, right, or somethinglike that that when we are able

to have the faith and the trustthat he is there not just for us
but in the lives of ourchildren, that can bring us the
peace and the reassurance rightTo know that, okay, the person
that I love so much and the mostin the world has someone even
better than me behind them andhas got their back.
So that's really cool.

Peggy (19:14):
And he'll let us know the things we need to do, If there
are things that he needs to stepin and be his hands and to help
with he'll let us know, becauseI've had experiences with my
Yeah, yeah, with that where,where I've just been prompted
hey, go take a walk with yourson and bring this subject up.

That I've been avoiding becauseevery time I'd borrowed it
before it brought contention,and that time when I had the
prompting and I had to have it afew times, sometimes it's like
no, no, no, I've been there,done that and been burned.

Lily (19:46):
I'm not gonna.

Peggy (19:47):
I don't want to cause contention, I don't want to go
there, I don't want to cause afight.
But I know that when I haverepeated thoughts over and over
to do something, that I need todo it, and I finally listened
and it was a positive thing, itwas a good thing, it was, it was
what needed to happen at thattime.
I just needed to wait and bepatient for the right time.
It's hard sometimes to bepatient, but it is.

Lily (20:08):
I'm still learning that lesson.
Wah, wah, we'll get there.
That's so cool.
Are there any other?
Any other stories that you hadthat you might, that you thought
you might want to share?

Peggy (20:18):
you know I I have so many stories.
I, um, I have seen the Lord'shand when we moved to Utah.
It was hard to leave Idaho.
I, I had we were living not toofar from where my mom, my
sisters lived and had a brotherthat still lived there, and when
we came to Utah I really had ahard time at first.

The very first summer that wemoved here I like went through
It's like I do not.
I really doubted Is this reallywhere I am supposed to be?
Because things weren't workingout the way I wanted.
I had started working in thelibrary in elementary school a
couple of years before we movedto Utah and I wanted to do that

and like applied for jobs.
I drove from Idaho to Utah forinterviews before we even moved
here because I just was lookingonline and applying.
I wanted to do that so bad and Ifelt like that was where I
Yeah, but nothing worked outthe first year that we were here
and I just like I left myfamily behind the job that I
loved and things aren't workingout, and I didn't feel like I.

You know I'm not great atopening up.
When we moved from Idaho, myRelief Society president there
told me don't sit in the backand make people wait to get to
know you.
But it's hard for me not tojust sit in the back.

Lily (21:34):
So I think a lot of people can relate to that we were in a
new neighborhood where thereweren't a lot of houses yet.

Peggy (21:39):
We were like the fourth or fifth house that was built,
so somewhere where it didn'thave a lot of neighbors yet.
Yeah, but I tried and I but itwas hard and I went through
times when I really really had alot of doubt if this is where
we were supposed to be, if itwas great for my kids.
Our oldest son struggled andwould get, you know, angry about
us taking away from his lifethat he had in Idaho because he

was a junior in high school andit's hard, that's rough for him
and for other kids.
they they adjusted fairly well,but I had a lot of doubts and
then, with patience, you knowthings, and Heavenly Father, I
could see his hand in my life,leading me to where I needed to

It didn't you know?
Yeah, maybe it didn't happenthe first year, but I was
dropping my kids off at juniorhigh and I had this thought over
and over, like the Spiritspeaks to me.
You know, go stop at theelementary school and look into
volunteering at their library.
None of your interviews workedout, but just keep trying, don't
give up.
Yeah, and so I stopped by theschool.

Can I go talk to the librarianBecause I want to volunteer, to
get to know you know, know thesystem here.
Each school district isdifferent.
I want to see how things arearound here.
They're like oh well, she's onmedical leave right now and I
thought, okay, why did you feellike in my brain, doubting this,
thought that I had to go tothis school, she's not here, but

It's like, well, I used to workat the library in Idaho, I'd
like to do it again.
I feel like it's where I belongand I just had the thought to
come and volunteer at thisschool.
And one of the ladies in theoffice says oh, I just saw
online there was a library joblisted and I had been
religiously looking for jobs,but it was a time of the year
when you wouldn't see expectjobs to be posted and I hadn't

been checking recently.
And I went and looked and itwas the last day that the job
was posted.
If I wouldn't have gone to thatschool on that day, I wouldn't
have found out.
And it was a job I'd appliedfor before but didn't get an
interview and so and I'm notvery aggressive, but I thought
I'm going to email thisprincipal.
So I looked online now I'm notthe principal I emailed and said

I just want to introduce myself.
Last year I applied for thisjob and I don't know why they
hired someone last year, but itwas posted again the next year.
I said hopefully this year Ican at least get an interview
and get to meet you you know,congratulations.
You were confident.

Lily (24:02):
Yeah, not really confident , but tried the lord gave you
that strength, all these thingsthat push the thought.

Peggy (24:10):
You know, maybe email him and these things would not be
something I would naturally do.
So I know they were fromheavenly father and I got a
phone call the next day come infor an interview.
And at the interview, you know,at the end he's like can I just
walk you around the library andlet me know your thoughts?
And they offered me the job.
And I did not know anyone atthis school.

It was a school in Orem, noteven close to where we lived,
but I was willing to drive, yeah, and because I just felt like,
okay, this worked out the way itshould.
Yep, I feel like this is whereI'm supposed to be, even though
I don't know why.
I don't know anyone.
And I met some of my closestfriends there and I don't work
at that school anymore.

I've since gone and I work atthis other Liberty Hills now,
but I still am in contact withsome of the teachers there.
And at the end of my first yearI asked the principal why did
you hire me?
You didn't know me.
Yeah, from any you know at all.
I didn't know anyone at theschool.
You totally were taking a risk.
And he said you know what?

I just felt like you weresupposed to be for this job and
I found out after I got hired.
When I was setting up thelibrary, someone came into the
library and jokingly said soyou're the one that took my job
and found out.
It wasn't really joking likethey.
They had anticipated gettingoffering the job to this other

person that worked at the schooland, um, later in the year they
said you know what I feel likeyou are supposed to be here.
I'm glad that it worked out theway it did.
I would have loved to haveworked in the library, but so
it's funny how the Lord worksand how if we're just patient
and if we listen for thosepromptings and follow them, that

he'll lead us to where he wantsus to be.
And I, it was hard to leavethat school because it was like
my family leaving my familybehind, kind of my school family
, yeah, the people I had gottenclose to.

Lily (26:16):
But Out of your comfort zone.
Yeah, but you found new family,you found new friends.
Yeah, like, I think that's thefunnest thing, at least, on all
the little random adventuresGod's taken me on, I always end
up meeting at least one personthat I'm like, okay, I needed to
know you, I needed to meet you.

And I could say, like we, Ihave.
I kind of call them like littlechapters in my life and my
little story.
Right, and in each part of mystory there's always at least
one person that I'm like, okay,had I not been in this one place
at this one time, I would nothave met you and my life would
be a completely different.
Yeah, Right, you do.
Really, god really does lead usto people that not only impact

our lives but we can impacttheir lives and just the people
around us.
Like it's insane how he, he'sable to have this aerial view
and move his and move his littlepieces where he knows that we
go best.
That's right, right, and justbuild these networks in these
communities that are strong.
Right, because he knows like,okay, once this bond's made,
it's a friendship for life,right, yeah, and it's.

And I don't know, and even evenwhen people, I don't talk to my
friends as much like when wewere living in Virginia.
I still have a lot of friendsback there and we and we keep in
But it is those kinds offriendships where you get back
together and you're like allright, it's like nothing
happened, we're back to we'reback to where we are and let's
just keep going Right, and Ifeel really blessed to have
those in my life, so it's reallycool that you've been able to

experience that too.

Peggy (27:41):
Yeah, and I think that if we just let God guide us, he'll
lead us to the people and theplaces that we need to be.
Yeah, you know, I felt I wassupposed to be at that school
when we moved here to Lehigh andkind of downsized and moved
close to that new elementaryschool that was being built.

I had no intention of going tothe new school and when we were
first moving there it was beingbuilt.
I didn't even realize it was aschool.
And when I found out and otherpeople are like, oh, are you
going to try and transfer tothis school, when they found
that I worked in Orem, right,it's like no, orem is my family,
I'm supposed to be there.
I know that's where I'msupposed to be and someone's

like well, that's where you'resupposed to be for the last 11
years and there were connectionsthere.
But maybe you moved to this areabecause you're supposed to be
at this new school.
When I looked at it like thatand I prayed about it and
thought about it and you justhad confirmation yes, you've
moved, you have a newopportunity.
You have a new opportunity andI um knew that there were

awesome, wonderful librariansthat were applying for that job
also and I felt really, reallylike an imposter like you don't
really belong here kind of thingyou're old, these other new
younger more fun people but I,when once I felt like, oh, maybe
this is something I'm supposedto do.
Yeah, let's give it a shot andtry our best, it was easy.

It was easy to put myself againout of my comfort zone.
I, you know the principal afterI interviewed he took several
weeks to decide and I just kept.
I, I wasn't annoying, but ifpersistent, if I had a thought

or a prompting or something like.
For instance, there was a likehe he was very organized and had
a certain specific plan that heshared with everyone.
He he gave you a booklet thattells about these are this is my
vision for the school and allthis.
And as I read that and hequoted things from a certain
book and it's like I'm going togo get that book and read the

And then I emailed him, said,hey, I got this book that you
had quoted from and thank youfor putting that quote in there.
I hadn't heard of this book andand I think he told me, I was
the only person really that keptin contact with him.
And at the end of the interviewhe said if you have questions
or anything, please reach out.
So he invited us to do that.

Yeah, and I only did it a coupleof times, but he, at the end,
when he offered me the job, hesaid you're the only person that
reached out to me.
When I said you reach out ifyou have any questions or let me
And one of the things I sharedwas you know, thank you for this
process, even if I don't getthe job, I feel like I'm a
better person and I'mre-energized to do, you know,

new ideas for my new job or atthe new school, at the school
that I'm currently at?
If I don't get this job, I haveideas at my new school, things
I might start implementing,because you got the ball rolling
by asking me about certainthings.
Yeah and um, that's cool,because I went to that school, I
was led to move to, you know, Idon't know and it's all
connected, man, yeah yeah, we,we go to church together, you

and I, and so you know who I amand how I got there, and it's
because of people that I metthere.
So I see Heavenly Father neededme to be in our ward where
we're at, to do things in thisneighborhood where I live.
But I couldn't get here withoutmeeting Kim at this new school
that I was at, so I needed to gofrom my old school to my new

school to meet Kim, who told wholed me here, and it's just all.
it's cool to see how HeavenlyFather's hand is in our life
across the board and how, likeyou mentioned before, how we can
be his hands too and beinvolved.

Lily (31:44):
Right, wow, that's amazing .
I don't.
I'm not having any otherthoughts come to my mind, so are
there any other stories thatyou'd like to share or are there
any other final thoughts likehow are you, how are you feeling
at this point?

Peggy (31:58):
as I read over different resources and things that you
kind of sent to us aboutremembering christ.
I have so many notes but I justfeel like it's so important to
where they mentioned that ourHeavenly Father knows things
about us that we don't wantothers to know.

That was from one of the talks,and he loves us still.
I think that's so important.
I'm a little bit older now andso I can tell these stories and
it might sound like oh man, shehas had just a wonderful,
spirit-filled life and HeavenlyFathers led her all the way.

But I've had my challenges andthere have been times in my life
when there have been thingsthat I would not.
If I could go back, that Iwould change things that I had
But now I think that's made mewho I am and it helped me to
realize that, despite the thingsthat I've done wrong, my

Heavenly Father loves me still.
The things that I've done wrong, my Heavenly Father loves me
still, and it can give me thatsame perspective in that when
there are others that maybe I'mhaving a hard time feeling love
towards, if I remember, myHeavenly Father knows everything
that I've done, which I deeplyknow.

I am far from perfect and hestill loves me that it's
important to extend love toothers.
I had my mom and two of mysiblings come this weekend spend
a couple of days, and we hadthe opportunity to go to the
Tabernacle on Temple Squarebroadcasts for Easter.

Wow, like the easter songs thatthey did and it was such a
powerful reminder of our saviorand what he's done for us and
both of his siblings that cameto visit are going through
really hard things right nowTotally different circumstances

but really really hard things.
In that broadcast it helped meto remember that, no matter what
we're going through, that ourSavior is always there for us
and he loves us unconditionallyand that we can have hope

through him.
I'm grateful for him and forthe sacrifice that he's made in
our behalf.

Lily (34:37):
That's awesome.
Well, I've really enjoyedgetting to know you better, as
we've been talking and hearingyour testimony and so much of
the stuff that you've said isyou know for me and I know I've
seen it in my life.
Um, if there are no otherthoughts that you have, would
you just mind leaving us withthe testimony?

Peggy (34:55):
I would love to share my testimony.
Thank you, I am so grateful.
I know that we have a heavenlyfather that loves us
Like I've mentioned throughoutmy experiences, I've seen his
hand in my life, heavenly Father, that loves us individually.
Like I've mentioned throughoutmy experiences, I've seen his
hand in my life.
He has led me to do things thatI would not have done on my own

He's given me experiences thatI've needed to carry me through
hard times.
I know that we have a Saviorthat loves us, that has felt
every pain and sorrow that wehave felt and that we can turn
to, that will always be therefor us to help us through those

hard things.
And he's also felt the joy.
He wants us to have joy.
He did what he did so we canhave joy in this life, and he
wants to experience the joy also.
So I think it's important totry to find the joy in life,
even when things might be hard.
If we look for for our HeavenlyFather's hand in our lives, if

we look, it will be there andthat can help us to have joy.
I'm grateful for and I know thatwe have the opportunity to be
with our families forever.
I'm grateful for temples.
I know that we can find peaceand comfort there and that we

can strengthen our relationshipwith our Savior, jesus Christ,
through going to the temple andthe scriptures reading the
scriptures I'm not always thebest at doing that, as well as I
should, but I know that when Ido, I can see a definite benefit
that I have in my life fromreading the scripture.
I know this gospel is true.

I feel so blessed that I've hadit throughout all of my life,
and there have been times in mylife when I've taken it for
But even when I didn't turn tothe Lord as much as I should, he
was always there waiting for me.
So I know that he's alwaysthere and waiting for us to turn

to him and that he loves usunconditionally, no matter what
we have done in our lives.
And these are the things that Iknow are true, and I say them
in the name of Jesus Christ,amen.

Lily (37:26):
Thank you, peggy, for beinghere today, and I really
appreciate all that you do forus, so thanks, thank you.
Thank you for having me.
Thanks again for tuning in toMore Than Coincidence,
remembering Jesus Christ in yourstory.
Please follow us on socialmedia or share us with a friend.
If you have an experience you'dlike to share, feel free to

reach out tomorethancoincidencerememberhim
at gmailcom.
I can't wait to hear all of theamazing memories you all have
of our Savior.
See you next time.
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