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February 11, 2024 32 mins

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The Lord has promised us that He will go before our face and prepare a way for us to accomplish the things He has asked. More often than not, it is difficult for us to notice and see what He is doing or how He will provide. Brent shares through three very different experiences how God specifically protects, comforts, directs, and leads us through various challenges in our lives and how through His Spirit we will receive this revelation. 

Please reach out to me if you are interested in sharing your story! I would LOVE to hear from you. :)

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Lily (00:06):
Hello everyone and welcome to More Than Coincidence,
remembering Jesus Christ in yourStory.
As the author and finisher ofour faith, our Savior writes
personal experiences into eachof our lives which can later
strengthen, empower and bring uspeace upon reflection.
This podcast is dedicated tosharing these anchoring memories

from everyone's unique storiesin order to collectively
remember and testify of thereality of Jesus Christ and His
presence in our lives.
I'm your host, lily, and I'mvery excited to share these
experiences together.
Okay, so everyone.
Today on the podcast we haveBrent.
Welcome, brent.

Brent (00:45):
Hey, welcome.
Thank you for having me ontoday.

Lily (00:47):
Would you mind just introducing yourself a little

Brent (00:49):
Sure, I am the youngest of five kids.
I've been born and raised inUtah my entire life.
My wife, jessica and I gotmarried 17 years ago.
We've got four kids.
I lived in Utah for most of it,but we did have a little
briefspin stint in Pennsylvaniaand we had a longer stint, a

five-year stint, out in Kentucky.
I work in the accounting andfinance world.
I'm 40, so that means I'mreally interested in World War
II history as well as barbecuingand smoking meat.
That's what you do when youturn 40.
That's really where I'm at inlife is just that's my weekends,

Our kids.
We've got a couple of teenagers, we've got a couple of youngers
, and life's adventurous andit's good.

Lily (01:42):
That sounds so much fun.
Man, you do have an adventurouslife.
I love it.
Brent, what story would youlike to share with us about what
memories you have that prickyour heart and remembrance of
our Savior Jesus?

Brent (01:54):
As I was giving some thought tothis, I really like to share
three experiences.
I feel like that reallyreinforces the truthfulness of
something as I've thought aboutjust the topic thoughts on
remembering Christ in my life.

One of the scriptures that cameup as I was preparing this was
Doctrine and Covenants 84-88.
I'm going to paraphrase becauseI've got to bring down my paper
scriptures, but it says I willgo before your face, I will be
on your left hand and on yourright hand.
I've really seen that manytimes in my life where the
Savior has gone before my face,where he's been on my left and

on my right.
Many times, when I haven't beenaware of it, I felt His guiding
influence in my life.
That has really strengthened myresolve to be a better disciple
of Him and strengthened mytestimony that he is here, that
he does care, he is watchingover us.

Lily (02:56):

Brent (02:58):
And so, uh, one of the first ones I wanted to share, uh
, you know really it.
It harks back to when I was ateenager.
It was probably, like I think Iwas 12 or 13 years old.
Um, I'm the youngest of five,uh, but we had five under five.
So my oldest brother, uh, isadopted and, uh, this is one of

those cases.
So it's kind of cliche, but myparents couldn't have kids, so
they adopted my brother and theyfound out they were pregnant
with my sister.
Yeah, Um so my sister is onlyseven months younger than my,
than my oldest brother.
And then they had, and then I'vegot twin brothers that are just
behind her, and then I was bornjust behind them and I was the
oops of the family, um, but whenI was 12 or 13, my oldest

brother was getting ready tograduate from high school.
This was going to be like thelast vacation that we did, yeah,
um, as a family, and I wassuper close with one of my
brother, sean, and we stopped ata place in central Utah called
big rock, candy mountain.

Lily (03:54):
Hey, I know the song, the big rock candy mountain, yeah.

Brent (03:57):
I actually don't know that song, oh really.

Lily (04:00):
Oh, just show that to you at the end.

Brent (04:01):
Yeah, I don't Um so ironically uh, it's kind of
ironic when we get to the end ofthis story.
I'll tell you why it's ironic,but Jesse and I stopped there
for a day or two uh, you know,during our honeymoon.

Lily (04:11):

Brent (04:11):
But, uh, but anyways.
So while we were there, this isthe last garage trip with the
whole family Um, we had readabout, uh, this hike, or Sean
and I had read about this hiketo a place called lemonade
springs and we thought, well,that sounds really cool,
lemonade Springs.

Lily (04:27):

Brent (04:27):
Um, we should go and do it.
So we decided to get up onemorning and start trying to find
We stopped, uh, we stopped overby I don't know one of the
shops in town and they told uswhere to go in order to, in
order to go to lemonade springsand get on the right trail.
So, uh, we start hiking thistrail, and I don't know what

trail it was, but at some pointwe got very, very lost and, um,
we continued to hike until wecame to pretty much a dead end
in the trail and, uh, we werepretty high up in the mountains,
And when we came to this deadend, I kind of peered around the
edge, I, and it was, you know,pretty steep, but I peered

around the edge and probablyaround I don't know, 30 feet
across to the other side therewas another trail, and so I
thought, well, I guess maybe,like we just need to scale
across this very steep area um.
To get to the other side and togo on that, to go on this trail
and, uh, as I mentioned, we werevery high up.

Lily (05:33):

Brent (05:33):
And so I was an idiot and I uh indestructible, 12 year
we are not afraid of death, Uhand until I was about halfway
across, uh-huh.
And when I was about halfwayacross, I realized that the and
I mean I'm probably on a, I'mprobably on a 45 degree incline,
I mean it's very steep, uh, andI start to feel the rock

crumbled between beneath myfingers and I, uh, I, I start to
slide down and at that point Istarted looking down, uh, and I
noticed that about I don't know10, 15 feet uh, below my feet.
Very steep drop off.
It was a cliff.
Uh probably went two or 300feet If I remember right.

I'm probably exaggerating, um,but I would have been.

Lily (06:23):
That's how it feels in the moment, though.

Brent (06:25):
If I went over it, I would have been very dead.

Lily (06:29):
There was no.

Brent (06:29):
I would have.
I would have been jelly at thebottom of the cliff, that is for
Yeah and um, I had this.
I had this panicky moment whereI realized oh shoot, it doesn't
matter how hard I dig in mytoes and my fingers, I I do not
have a stable foundation here.
Yeah, Um, and there's a verygood chance that I could just

slide right on over that cliff.

Lily (06:53):

Brent (06:53):
Uh, and so I froze and um , I looked over at my brother uh
Sean who was standing.
I mean he was.
Fortunately he wasn't stupidenough to start scaling across.

Lily (07:04):
I guess his life preserving instincts, since he
was two years ahead of me youknow, kicked in earlier than
mine, or maybe he's slight, hehas it, he just slightly yeah.

Brent (07:12):
He wanted to see what was going to happen to me first.
Um, so he, you know, he sawwhat was happening to me and
he's like, no, I'm not goingover there.
And, uh, I was frozen there forprobably 10 minutes, um, and
just every time I'd move, justslightly, I would start to slide
a little bit, yeah, and Ilooked down, um, I looked down

and I could see my other brother, rob I, you know several
hundred feet below me standingon another trail, and he had
noticed us and I later found outthat he was, he was falling
because he knew what was goingon.
He saw the prediction, the, the, the predicament that I was in,
and he would just say mybrother's going to die, my

brother's going to die.
And um, anyways, uh, sean,being the wonderful brother that
he was, uh, he did like he, hestarted scaling over and he
grabbed my arm and, uh, and youknow, by God's grace, uh, we
didn't both slide down themountain and die.

Lily (08:14):

Brent (08:15):
Um and so we, you know, we ended up coming back to the
original path, and we werecompletely flustered at this
Uh it was, um, it was very mucha near death experience and we
were both, you know, we werelost.
We were a long ways away fromwhere our cabin was at Right, um
, and we just wanted to get back.

And I remember, as we hikedback on this trail, we came to
this meadow area that probablyhad seven or eight different,
you know different offshootsfrom it, and we had no idea
which one we had come up or howto get back.
And I remember, turning to mybrother, sean and I can't
remember if he's the one thatout that said we should say a

prayer or if I'm the one thatwas but, regardless of the fact,
we set a prayer and we hadcomplete faith and confidence
that the Lord was going to tellus how to get back to safety.
And, uh, as I, immediatelyafter I opened my eyes from the
prayer, I looked right in frontof me and there was a ravine, um

, and it was not with the waythat we had come up, but I knew
with a hundred percentconfidence that it was the way
to get down.
And so we, we hiked down thatravine and the the feeling that
I had, um, and this is kind ofthe theme of them that I'm
getting at in this episode isthat I Knew where to go, and it

wasn't because I'd been therebefore, it wasn't because I I'd
seen a map.
I knew I knew where to gobecause Heavenly Father made it
known to me and he guided me,you know, and my brother, by the
power of the Holy Ghost, downthe mountain to safety.
Wow, and that that was that.

That was an experience that Ihad at a very young age that
really taught me that I,heavenly Father, is aware of you
and he, he, will communicate.
He will communicate with you inyour times of need right, and
it helped me understand what thespirit feels like and when.

When you're feeling, whenyou're feeling the Holy Ghost,
he can take away all fear, hecan take away all doubt as you
move forward and and and do whatyou've been directed to do.

Lily (10:39):
That's actually really interesting.
I don't think I've ever thoughtof of that, of that the Holy
Ghost I guess that's another wayjust to say peace but the fact
that he can Withdraw all thenegative emotions, like you
didn't necessarily feel piecesand like, oh, I feel like Zen
right now, but you feltconfidence.
You felt, or even just enoughconfidence just to take that
next step Right and just to keepgoing, which I think.

I think that's reallyinteresting.

Brent (11:04):
Yeah, and, and I think a lot about Nephi.
You know when he was With hisfailed attempts to go into
Jerusalem and get the and getthe brass plates right.
You know, his last failedattempt?
Yeah, or is it his successfulattempt?
Yeah, you know he was flustered, he had a really terrible, he
had a few terrible experiences.

Lily (11:23):

Brent (11:24):
But he knew what he needed to do and he knew that
the Lord was gonna help him doit.
And so he says you know, I wentnot knowing beforehand, you
know being led by the spirit,right, and that's always a story
that's resonated with mebecause I've been like, I have
felt that yeah.
You know, I have felt that theLord has gone before me and he's
led me by the spirit to docertain things, and this was a

very early experience where thathappened awesome.
So the the next one I wanted toshare I Accurred early on in
our marriage, so we got we gotmarried in 2006, at the end of
our freshman year, so it wasgreat Is.
Jessica was a very fresh 18 orno 19, 19.


Lily (12:09):
I can relate to that.

Brent (12:12):
You know, when you, when you, when you know, you know so
So we got married very young andvery poor, and a couple or a
few years into our marriage wehad two kids.
We had Adelaide and Bryson, andI was doing my master's degree

up at the University of Utah.
And this is in 2009, and I'mgonna set a lot of backstory
here just to just to kind ofillustrate a point In the way
that the Lord understands who weare and how any works with us.
And so we were.
We, we had just we had been inPennsylvania.

I did summer sales, was awful,but but I made a little bit of
money while we were out inPennsylvania and we had Bryson
in mid-July and had to move backto Utah, or move back to Utah
to start my program inmid-autumn in mid-autumn,
mid-august, and we were just sopoor I moved into this little,

we moved into this littleapartment up in Murray it was, I
mean, half halfway underground.

Lily (13:22):
It was very dark.

Brent (13:23):
It was very depressing and I Didn't know it at the time
, but Jessica was going throughsome pretty serious postpartum
Yeah, I was still of themindset that mental health I had
to do is just think happythoughts and you can get over
that Very ignorant mindset to bein.
But I just I dove right intoschool.

So I was doing, I was doingfull-time Masters degrees, so I
think 17 credits the firstsemester and 15 the second, and
then I was working full-timebecause I had a family to
I had, you know, two kids.
Right, they were both.
Bryson and Adelaide are aboutless than a year and a half
apart from each other.
Yeah, so they're very, veryclose and and it was hard, it's

the hardest part of our marriage, the hardest part of my life
that I've ever been through.
I, you know, definitelyincluding my mission, and it was
It was because I was just, Iwas so busy, I was so stressed,
I we had money in the bank but Iwouldn't allow us to use it
because I wanted to save it fora down payment on a house, and

so we were so poor that I doremember one time going to
Costco and being like you knowwhat I'd like to get a hot dog,
but I can't really afford one ofthose.
And and those were a dollarfifty back in 2009, just like
they are now.
Yeah, we had our membership fordiapers and that's it.
So I was, I was not in a goodplace, I was, I was grouchy, I

was, I was very irritable, I wasdepressed, I was sleep deprived
, going through this time.
But I was fortunate enough inthe fall, to go through
recruiting, and this is in 2009.
Mm-hmm, nobody was hiring in2009 right, right after the
Yeah, right after the crash isnot a good time to find a job,

but I was fortunate enough tofind a job and, and and it would
start in August you know, in my, in my professional career and
we decided to start looking fora house because this apartment
was not cutting it for us.
This is not what we wanted to do, you know, long term, and so we

started house hunting allwinter, and it was very
stressful to do all this househunting but we found something.
I think in February or March itwas a town home out here in
Eagle Mountain that we fell inlove with.
It was bright, it was beautiful, it had nice finishes, nice

It was like perfect for us.
And so we put it under contractand we weren't going to be able
to close on it until I startedmy new job, because I wouldn't
be able to qualify for the loan,but we were so excited about it
Whoever owned it, they didsummer sales, so they actually

didn't live there, and so westarted moving a few of our
things, even into it before weclosed Wow yeah.
Because our intention was tostart renting this town home
before we started, before Istarted the jobs, we'd rent it
for a few months because ourother contract was coming up,
and so we were just so excitedand so we spent months thinking

about this, looking forward tomoving into it and then when I?
Finished up my program in May.
We had a move in date for thetown home and I was on my way
home from work and I was goingto pick up the moving truck
because we had the entireapartment packed up.

Lily (17:05):
You were ready to go, we were ready to go.

Brent (17:08):
Like the lease was up, we were ready to go, we were
excited and I got a call fromthe appraiser and because he had
been in that day appraising thehouse and he said hey we've got
a problem.
I was like this is you can't saywe've got a problem, like I'm
going to pick, I'm moving rightnow I am moving right now and he

explained to us that the housewas actually a lot smaller than
it had been listed at, and so Ithink it was 500 square foot
smaller than it had been listedat.
Wow, and that came as a shockto us.
And but he said because of that, there's just no way that I can
appraise this property for thepurchase price.
Yeah, and so you know, this wasa huge wrench in our plans.

We couldn't start moving ourstuff in there if we weren't
going to be able to eventuallybuy the house, and so we we were
literally homeless.
All of our stuff was packed upin the apartment.
We didn't know where we weregoing to be able to go and what
we were going to do.
And we reached out to some verygood friends of ours, the

They'd been friends with our.
They'd been friends for years.
And they heard our situation andthey said well, why don't you
just come stay with us for theweekend while you sort this out?
And so we came down to theirhouse and we stayed with them
and while we were there, Iremember our agent calling us
and saying hey, the house won'tappraise, the sellers refuse to

drop the purchase price.
They think somebody will come upwith the money to just pay it,
and so this deal has fallenthrough.
And you know, just with allthat, you know that that
backstory like we were desperateto get out of that apartment.
It was a very depressing placefor us to be.
It was, it was.
We didn't have good memoriesfrom being there and so when

this happened and we found outthis was not going to work out,
we should have been devastated.
And I remember looking outtheir back window over at the
Bristos house and with Jessica,and just feeling completely calm
about the entire situation.

And you know, commenting to herwe should be devastated, like
how are we not having a reallyterrible time right now, Because
we've been focused on this forso long and we we knew that it
It was the gift of the HolyGhost, it was the power of the

Holy Ghost taking away that pain, and then the string of
miracles that happened afterthat, you know, we're just
It was obviously not where theLord wanted us to go.
We did end up finding a greatapartment in West Jordan, and
again it was one of those.
Oh, we can't believe this isopen, but it's open.

And you can move in liketomorrow, and it's only a six
month term.

Lily (20:09):
And you know so literally everything everything that we

Brent (20:12):
It was bright, it was sunny, it was cheerful.
It was what we needed.

Lily (20:15):
And then we found it was closer.
Was it closer to your job too?

Brent (20:18):
Yeah, it's close to my job, and then and then it was,
and then we ended up finding agreat house up in Salt Lake,
that that it was definitelywhere we were intended to go.
But I think that this, thisstory, really illustrates the
Lord understood, like my mentalposition.
He understood that I wasunwilling to, I was unwilling to

, and he understood that I wasunwilling to Like okay.
Let me rephrase the Lordunderstood that we needed
something to hope for.
Okay, yes, the townhouse was notit okay, that was not it, but
that was not going to be ourfinal destination.
But we needed something to giveus a glimmer of hope, because

we were depressed, we werestressed, we needed something to
focus on outside of our currentcircumstances.
And he gave that to us, eventhough that wasn't where we were
supposed to go.
And then, when it didn't workout, he helped us to feel
confident that he was there andthat he was going to support us
and help us through finding theright place and being in the

right place.
And that was just a testamentto me that he knows me.
He knows that I'm bullheaded,that I am going to say I'm going
to find a house, I'm going tofind a house, and so he gave me
one, and that wasn't the rightone but it distracted me for
long enough so that we could getinto the right one.

Lily (21:46):

Brent (21:47):
And it's hard, you know.
There's so many times where ittakes a long time for the sun to
come out and you have to treadforward in faith and it takes
having these experiences to knowthat, like he really is in
The scripture that I wrote downas I was thinking of this was

Psalms 4610, which a lot ofpeople are familiar with.
It says be still and know that Iam God, he is the one that's in
charge and that he will.
So long as we place our faithand our trust in him, he will
place us where we need to be andhelp us to do what we need to


Lily (22:30):
Right Awesome.

Brent (22:33):
You know, the last story I wanted to share was again
another one where the Lord hejust knows me, he understands me
He understands that I'm abullheaded red and that it takes
a while to get through to mebecause of that.
But we had Adelaide and Bryceand when we were in school, so

it was very stressful, poortimes I felt like a bad dad.
I did not feel like I was agood father to babies because I
just didn't have I didn't havepatience for them and.
I didn't have the time to spendwith them, to really enjoy them.
And so, you know, after we kindof got settled in I up in Salt

Lake, I was we were both verycomfortable with not having more
Anytime the thought of havingkids come up, you know, having
more kids come up, I was likenope, absolutely not, like I am.
I am so not open to this idea.
And that was the case for a fewyears.

And then one Sunday evening wewere over at my parents' house
for dinner and we got I got acall on my cell phone.
It was our stake president andI was like oh crap.

Lily (23:57):
Yeah, what's going on?
This is never good.

Brent (24:00):
And then he said well, brother, brother, I'd like to
speak to your wife and I waslike gladly, fantastic, like
She is, here she is, you know goahead and take the phone and he
spoke to my wife and he saidthat he'd like to invite her to
speak in state conference andwhen she asked about the subject

matter, he just left it open,which is terrible.
If you're a stake president orin a bishopric or whatever,
don't leave an open topic.
It's intimidating.
It's intimidating Unless youfeel inspired to do so, which I
know that he felt inspired to doso on this, Because he gave he
gave her several weeks to reallyprepare this, and one of the

things about my wife is she justprepares so well for everything
She puts her heart and soulinto everything, and and so she
prepared, I think, two or threecomplete talks, you know like
MGS citations and references andscriptures and relevant stories

and all that stuff.
But she, she prepared all thesetalks and she didn't feel like
she had the right one until shearrived on one that was about
motherhood and and that's whereshe really felt directed to go,
and that was not a convenientplace for her to go, because I

was definitely not supportive ofhaving more kids.
She was in the best shape ofher life, very healthy, and she
was looking to go back to school.
She had done her undergrad andexercise science, was looking to
become an MD, and so we werelooking at studying for the MCAT
and doing all that wonderfulstuff, so this is really bad
timing for it, but she felt likethat was the talk that she was

supposed to give.
And then, of course, as shethought about motherhood and
prepared that talk, thestirrings of the spirit crept
into her heart and and then shestarted talking to me about it.
And then my heart was softenedand that's really the only way
to describe it is, my heart wasvery hard and my heart was

softened towards the idea, and alot of that was driven by my
I knew that I had not been agreat dad to my first two babies
and I was afraid that Iwouldn't be a good dad to to my
next child no-transcript.
But I went ahead and we pushedthrough that and we decided to

have our third kid and he's beensuch a blessing to me.
We had him and I was able tospend several days off of work.
Paternity leave wasn't a thingback then, by the way, that's
kind of a new thing but I wasable to spend a few days with

him and I remember just watchinghim fall asleep on my chest and
just breathe in and breathe out, and breathe in and breathe out
, and just seeing him rise andfall over my heart and feel his
little heart on me.
It was an experience that I'dnever had before.

And it was an experience thatI'd never allowed myself to have
before because I felt too muchresponsibility to do too many
other things, and so I tookgreat joy in having him as a
As soon as I'd come home fromwork, he was in my arms always.
He was my little football.
I carried him around like afootball all the time and I just

really loved having him as alittle baby, and it helped me to
improve my relationship with myolder two as well and to
cherish them and their stagesthat they were going through.
And then, of course, not longthereafter, we got pregnant with
our youngest, our baby.
She's not even a year youngerthan our third, but what a

blessing she has been in ourlife as well, and we felt the
spiritual confirmation when wefound out that she was a girl.
We knew that she was the lastand that our family, at least
the spirits that we were to have, was complete.
And shortly thereafter, jessicacouldn't have any more kids.

But the Lord, he, understoodthe way to get to me in that
I was so closed off, and so wasJessica, for that matter, but
he understood that he needed toreach out to our stake president
and he needed to have him givea talk, and that would soften

her heart and then her wordswould soften mine and allow us
to bring eventually twoadditional kids into our family.
That have been such an enormousblessing to us and I'm really
grateful for that.
I'm really grateful that wehave a heavenly Father who has

known us ever since we wereorganized and he understands us.
We have a Savior who has beenthrough everything that we've
been through.
He has gone through the crazymaster's degree stress.

He has been stuck on the sideof a mountain.
He has felt what it's like tofeel inadequate and feel like
you're not a good father and youdon't want to bring kids into a
situation where they're not.
They don't have the best dad.
He knows what that's like andhe's able to comfort and guide
us through the power of the HolyGhost, and to me that's a

pretty magical thing to have aGodhead that is constructed so
perfectly, to have a plan ofsalvation that is so forgiving
and has so much allowance forpeople to make mistakes.
It's something that I'll alwaysbe very grateful for.

Lily (30:23):
Right, well, do you mind just leaving us with a testimony
, and then yeah.

Brent (30:31):
I just I want to express my testimony to those that are
going through hard things rightnow.
You know where, you don't knowhow you're going to keep
yourself from sliding off thecliff.
You have an uncertain decision.
You feel inadequate, you know.
All these examples that I'veshared I think can resonate with

a lot of people, because Ithink we go through a lot of the
same things.
I want to share my testimonythat there is hope in sight,
that you are the son or thedaughter of a loving Heavenly
Father, that he is the mostpowerful being in the universe
and that he knows you and thathe cares about you more than you

care about your kids, more thanyou care about your parents,
more than you care about yourfriends, and that he is going to
be there for you.
He will never leave you hanging, and I share that in the name
of Jesus Christ.

Lily (31:32):
Well, thank you, brent, forcoming tonight, and hopefully
we'll get to hang out againanother time soon, alright,
Thank you so much for theopportunity.
Thanks again for tuning intoMore Than Coincidence,
remembering Jesus Christ in yourstory.
Please follow us on socialmedia or share us with a friend.
If you have an experience you'dlike to share, feel free to

reach out tomorethancoincidencerememberhim
at gmailcom.
I can't wait to hear all of theamazing memories you all have
of our Savior.
See you next time.
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