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December 21, 2021 23 mins

EP13 Building Self Esteem with Apparel and Style - In Conversation with Lezli Salz-Bradley

Lezli Salz-Bradley opened Willow St. Boutique in downtown Summit, NJ in the fall of 1993. Her dream of bringing NYC and LA fashion styles to the suburban women of NJ flourished into a successful business that has created countless jobs for local women over the last 28 years and she also opened a second location in Morristown in the spring of 2012.

The professional, caring and supportive culture of her company makes everyone feel like they are part of something much bigger than a ‘small business’. The dedication and commitment of the staff is a true reflection of how remarkable Lezli is as a business owner and a leader.

In efforts to continuously educate, entertain and delight her customers, Lezli is consistently implementing new programs and events for her stores, she is always searching for new and trending designers and her weekly buying trips to NYC and seasonal trips to LA keep new merchandise arriving daily in both locations.

Lezli’s commitment to creating an environment that makes people feel happy and empowered every time they walk through her doors is what drives her to be the best she can be every single day. The relationships and connections that are constantly being created among the staff and clients are positively dynamic. Over the years, the support of her loyal clientele has been steadfast and remarkable. It is businesses like Willow St. that truly are the heartbeat of a downtown community.

To shop with Lezli and her dynamic team of stylists you can visit them  in the Summit location at 431 Springfield Avenue or in her Morristown store located at 12 South Street.  To virtually preview and shop some of the designers and collections available in stores now, you can shop 24/7 online at  To stay on top of all the latest styles, trends and fun, follow Lezli and her team @shopwillowst on Instagram and Facebook!

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