NSP Nutrition Show

NSP Nutrition Show

NSP Nutrition Show - With Arman Eckelbarger and Frank Mills Arman and Frank discuss and deal with the facts of training, nutrition, supplementation strategies and overall wellness. Arman Eckelbarger is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, NESTA Certified Personal Trainer, Age Management Coach & IMPACT Instructor with more than 24 years of experience. Website - NSPnutrition.com Website - FrankMillsRealityFitness.com Website - EliteExecMethod.com This show is available on most popular podcast apps. Please Like, Share, Subscribe or Share! Thank you for your support!


September 26, 2022 39 min

The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 54

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The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 53

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The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 52

Golden Era legend Vince Gironda worked his way around compound lifts and STILL delivered the best results to his clients. How did he do it? Find out in this week's episode.

Cod liver oil or Fish Oil, what's the difference? Find out about these two fat sources this Cholesterol Awareness Month.

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Welcome to the NSP Nutrition Show Episode 51

Frank Mills and Arman will have a great show today! They will be talking about HOW IS ARMAN'S APPROACH WITH SHOULDER TRAINING AND WHY HE DOES NOT RECOMMEND PEANUT BUTTER FOR PROTEIN OR FOOD SOURCE. Let's find it out here:

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Welcome to The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 50

Join in with Arman & Frank as they celebrate 50 YouTube videos and 1,000 subscribers and WIN:

- A FREE 40-minute consultation with Arman for you to discuss and get solutions to any of your fitness problems plus FREE tips and strategies.

- An NSP Golden Era T-shirt

- a $25 gift card.

All you have to do?

- Comment down below with ideas you want the gang to cover in our next podcast with t...

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The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 49

Find out how to get rid of wrinkles quickly, easily and safely.

Intro: 0:00

Sissy squats: 01:49

How often you should do sissy squats: 12:05

Benefits of collagen: 20:12

Conclusion: 30:08

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Get our 100% natural collagen remedy for wrinkle removal here: https://nspnutritio...

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The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 48

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Welcome to The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 47

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Welcome to The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 46


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Welcome to the NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 45

Co-host Frank Mills is no stranger to the fitness routine. Tune in to the show as Frank lays out a chunk of his 40 years worth of fitness regarding:

  • His current training split, and importantly, WHY.
  • What muscle groups he trains per day
  • His favourite strategy for splits
  • How to get the best out of fast food restaurants (low carb)
  • Which fast food restaurants you should stay away from

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    Welcome to the The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 44

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    Welcome to the NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 43!

    Happy Independence Day, everyone!

    Today, our in-house personal trainer and fitness expert Arman Eckelbarger and his co-host Frank Mill take a dive into Vince’s Program VIII as well as the benefits of nature’s superfood in beef liver.

    Find out about:

  • Vince’s Program VIII from his Master Series:
  • Positive Nitrogen Balance
  • The Cholesterol Controversy
  • Vince’s circuit system &
  • Circuit system ex...
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    Welcome to the NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 42

    Arman & Frank are back with another topic from the Master Series which is fondly referred to as Vince’s love note to his students by Arman, our in-house trainer and bodybuilding expert.

    Here’s what you’ll find out today:

  • The Mental Slate & its impact on bodybuilding
  • Forced reps
  • Vince’s full abs workout
  • How to maintain a 28 inch waist
  • The truth about proteins and how they affect your...
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    Welcome to the NSP Nutrition Show Episode 41

    Tune in to our in-house trainer and bodybuilding expert, Arman Eckelbarger and his co-host Frank and find out about:

  • Vince’s two steps to developing muscle
  • Vince’s thoughts on instinctive training
  • The 10, 8, 6, 15 routine
  • What exercises to use with the 10, 8, 6, 15 routine
  • The differences between dark and light meat
  • How eating chicken skin can give you smooth, healthy skin.
  • The benefits of dark ...
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    Welcome to The NSP Nutrition Show - Episode 40

    Today the duo discusses a topic from Vince’s most informative work in the Master Series as well as how can ensure 100% fat loss just by being in a caloric deficit.

    Here's what you'll find out;

  • Vince’s Program V;
  • Types of exercises for Program V
  • Sets & Reps for Program V
  • Does being in a calorie deficit actually cause 100% fat loss?
  • The difference between losing body weight and losi...
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    Welcome to Episode 39

    Today Frank and Arman discuss Vince’s compound exercises, and triple sets and bring up all the facts about eating nuts and how they can positively and negatively impact your health.

  • Vince’s Triple Split strategy for training muscle groups
  • Recommended intensity for a Triple Split
  • Best exercises for Triple Splits
  • Effects of peanuts on your health 
  • What type of nuts you should be eating

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    The NSP Show Episode 38

    Hey everyone, hope you had a great Memorial Weekend… today Frank and Arman are on to something even more interesting…


  • What super slow training is
  • Training, weights, types of exercises, and recommended recovery time for super slow training
  • Best diets for increasing strength, endurance, and maintaining optimal hormone levels in older men.
  • If you should be taking carbs as an older man.
  • The best supplements t...
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    The NSP Nutrition Show- Episode 37

    It’s a big one today; tune in with the guys on today’s episode and find out how to;

  • Create the perfect illusion of shape and size:
  • What exercises to perform
  • What body parts to train.
  • The perfect diet to get results.
  • Use Vince’s coveted Mr Universe Routine to replicate similar results.

  • Ever wondered how your lifestyle choices can affect your fitness? Discover the impact of

  • Sleep patterns, drugs, and other...
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    Today, Arman and Frank tell you how you can overcome stalled muscle growth by using Vince’s very own muscle confusion tactics and stone age nutrition

    Find out about:

    *Vince’s Muscle Confusion tactics in-depth;

  • What exercises to combine
  • Sets and reps to use
  • Arman’s experience with Vince’s Muscle Confusion and recommendation

  • *Vince’s Non-Mixed Meal Diet Plan for Optimum Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination

    *4 basic rules reg...

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    Vince Gironda’s Understanding of How to Develop Muscle & 10 Commandments of Bodybuilding Fat.

    Big muscles, definition, symmetry….Vince Gironda talked about all of that, and now today, Frank & Arman will be discussing two of the Iron Guru’s invaluable tenets that will tell you EXACTLY how to get ripped.

    Find out:

  • How many sets you should be doing per muscle
  • Why maximum pump doesn’t work
  • How much weight to work you should be wor...
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