Nursing Education Insights

Nursing Education Insights

Listen in as we explore important topics in Nursing Education from the latest advancements in teaching strategies to applying the Clinical Judgment Measurement Model and everything Next Generation NCLEX®. In the Nursing Education Insights podcast, our nurse educators, bestselling authors, and Elsevier partners provide helpful strategies and practical guidance as we decode and discuss today’s teaching and learning challenges.


June 13, 2024 50 mins

In this insightful episode, host Danielle LeCompte and guests Cheryl Wilson and Nikole Hicks delve into the critical issue of the readiness gap in nursing education, discussing the alarming statistic that only 9% of nursing graduates are practice-ready despite passing the NCLEX®. The conversation explores the evolution towards competency-based education, the implementation of Elsevier’s Clinical Practice Readiness Assessment (CPRA)...

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Join us for this episode of the Nursing Education Insights Podcast to hear from data scientists and AI experts, Harry Muncey and Leah Livingston, as they discuss the exciting and emerging technology of generative AI. You’ll learn how Elsevier is leading the way in driving responsibility, trust, transparency, and data privacy within its AI products. With a focus on Sherpath AI and other AI initiatives, this episode delves into the b...

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In this first episode of Season 3, nursing education experts Cheryl Wilson and Chris West discuss findings from the Clinician of the Future Report, an ongoing research program aimed at understanding future challenges faced by healthcare professionals and how stakeholders in the healthcare sector can provide meaningful support. You’ll find out how students feel about a variety of issues, including the current nursing shortage, safeg...

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Listen in as nursing education experts Hollie Moots and Cheryl Wilson explore the transformative role of simulations in nursing education, highlighting its significance in equipping nurses to be versatile across diverse healthcare settings. Discover how COVID-19 accelerated the use of virtual screen-based simulations and learn about the crucial role these tools play in facilitating difficult conversations and enhancing debriefing e...

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In this can’t-miss episode, the nursing team from Osmosis — Shiv Gaglani, Maria Pfrommer, Kelsey LaFayette, and Liz Lucas — discuss the founding of Osmosis, its innovative educational methodology, and the many benefits of using multimodal videos to enhance learning. They explore how assigning videos, versus chapters in a text, makes learning more fun, efficient, and engaging to help students better absorb and apply their knowledge....

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Join us for the second episode of season two with nursing education experts Linda and Angela Silvestri as they reflect on the first round of Next Generation NCLEX® results and the importance of preparing students for the exam and clinical practice from day one of nursing school.

They share innovative teaching techniques designed to decrease content saturation and bring focused clinical learning into the classroom, including a retr...

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In our first episode of Season 2, Christine Gouveia, Vice President of Applied Learning Sciences at Elsevier, and Tammy Pleasant, an Elsevier Senior Nursing Education Specialist, provide insights into how programs can apply research results to more effectively implement products and policies that maximize student success. 

Listen in as Christine describes the process of leveraging learning science and academic research to incorpora...

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In the fifth episode, expert author, Donna Ignatavicius, “Iggy”, examines the latest changes to NGN and explains the why behind the need for such changes. Donna’s mission is to support nursing faculty and students to develop critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills to access and retrieve the knowledge needed for developing clinical judgment. Donna serves as a leading NGN thought leader with Elsevier to help faculty prepar...

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January 23, 2023 32 mins

In the fourth episode, assistant professor of Nursing at Northern Kentucky University, Brittany Sorrell demonstrates the significance of empathetic teaching and tactical ways to implement this philosophy into the classroom. Hollie Moots, Elsevier’s own nursing education specialist brings a global perspective to the conversation and reinforces the importance of building rapport with students and how these small efforts of empathetic...

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December 14, 2022 35 mins

In the third episode, authors of the graduate-level Leadership Trajectory and winner of the 2021 AJN Book of the Year Award, discuss the importance of self-assessment & learning from personal experience. Through reflection exercises and documented methods outlined in their text, aspiring nurse leaders will gain further clarity to develop their interests and propel them forward in their career.

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November 17, 2022 29 mins

In our 2nd episode, Elsevier’s market-leading author Mariann Harding of Lewis’s Medical-Surgical Nursing discusses ways educators can incorporate more clinical judgment practice into their courses using a multi-faceted approach. Listen in as Mariann outlines tangible tips for easy implementation and increased student engagement. You’ll learn actionable methods of bringing clinical judgment into the classroom to ensure students shar...

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We are excited to announce the official launch of Elsevier’s Nursing Education Insights podcast. In this episode, Elsevier’s nurse educators provide helpful strategies and practical guidance as we decode and discuss today’s teaching and learning challenges revolving around NGN, competency-based education, and what happens when students are at risk in the program. Our host Danielle LeCompte discusses these challenges with expert nur...

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