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July 2, 2024 42 mins

Olivia Rogers has gone public with her new boyfriend, at the Beauty and the Beast Premiere. It’s clear the former Miss Universe has a type - with followers noticing her new man bears a striking resemblance to her ex husband, Justin McKeone.

Seven News has reportedly instructed its journalists to forget about ratings and concentrate on making TikTok videos. It comes as Meta threatens to block news from Facebook and Instagram in Australia amid a bargaining war.

Former bachelor contestant, turned influencer, Bella Varelis has named and shamed a follower, who made vile comments about her in an Instagram DM mishap, sparking debate around doxxing. 

A US woman has gone viral after appearing in a TikTok vox pop. Hailey Welch was out with friends, when she was approached by a TikToker and asked what was one move in bed that makes a man go crazy. 

And the Sepia Bride TikTok drama that's dominating our feed. 

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