Pickled Peppers Hop Talk

Pickled Peppers Hop Talk

Hello and Welcome! Pickled Peppers Hop Talk is a made up platform to host our two different segments! One is TnT. Which is Tanner n Tyson from 'Pickled Peppers Hop Shop,' and 'Brewing 101'. This segment is primarily about history, cool shit, not cool shit, funny shit, and interesting shit that has happened or is happening somewhere in the world. So, lots of stories, fun facts, and madness with games like 'Guess The Year!' Can you guess the year from the event hints Tanner gives out before Tyson and Amanda? Try it out! If you join us LIVE you may win a T Shirt for beating them! You should know this though, this is not your father's podcast... Not boring, and not for soft ears. Good talk. So, you can expect to join in on talks about current brews, learn lots of history, and play fun games with the guys! Next! BnB. Stands for Brews n Buds. This is the LIVE segment on Tuesday at 4:30 pm PST, broadcasted on FB, IG and YouTube! This is a call in show where the guys usually have a question of the day or something and open the phone lines to anyone who wants to call in! You can answer the question of the day, ask a brewing question or whatever! So, whether you like beer or not, these are both entertaining hour long segments centered around comedic education, primarily about history and interesting/bizarre events from around the world! Episodes come out Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Talk with you soon!


July 19, 2021 62 min

A little different today peeps! Lots of value given during What's on tap to go along with all the laughs! Tune in for...

  • Tanner was kicked out for a week
  • Home birth for Tyson's baby
  • Lottery winning!
  • Coors seltzer is over
  • RTD mixed drinks are 15% more popular
  • Potato pancakes
  • Brown ale
  • What's on tap
  • The hours away from work make you successful
  • Personal Habits
  • Clean your car
  • GTY
  • China War
  • Public Ed
  • Ellis island
  • Refugees
  • Operation Castle
  • AMC
  • ...
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    Only Tanner today as Tyson and his wife just introduced little Percy Rearden into the world!

  • Coffee Kolsch
  • Raggedy Ann
  • Voting Rights For Women
  • First Royal Constabulary
  • Irish war of independence
  • Northern Ireland becomes a thing
  • Moscow peace treaty between soviet union and georgia
  • ?Opposite Corners
  • Shirtless Man barks at dogs before breaking into home
  • Police chase to McDonald's
  • Man shoots a guy for revving his engine
  • Sir Richard Branson goes...
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    Another great episode for you today! What's on tap is a DSR Magnolia Saison, guess that year is a little tougher than usual, opposite corners gets a little love struck and Madness Monday takes a turn for the...inspiring? 

    Here's what else...

  • Magnolia saison
  • Miranda rights
  • Pampers diapers 
  • Tragedy in whales
  • DOT
  • Mini Skirts
  • Barman show first aired 
  • Spanish class is a waste of time
  • Star Trek
  • Gemini 10
  • Croissants 
  • Cassius Clay
  • Man Attacks Da...
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    Ya boys are doin a radio tour! lol

  • What's on tap = Brown Ale. No hornet.
  • Hop Cookie Cutter
  • 7 Day Beer
  • The Great  Forest Fire
  • King Edward the VII
  • Boy Scouts Of America
  • First Night Flight
  • Jack Johnson Wins The Heavyweight Championship
  • Washington Avalanche
  • Cricket???
  • First Sea Plane
  • Father's Day
  • Yellow cab
  • Crazy Washington and Florida Stories
  • Vault Dressing Room
  • Compost yourself
  • Haunted house
  • Fossil Free Volvo
  • Lab-Grown-Meat
  • Bezos
  • Go Back To B...

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    Great show for you today! A brand new segment and some insights into how seltzer is made and how you can save TONS making your own!


  • Why we were gone for 3 weeks
  • Hazmat suit cupcake delivery
  • What's On Tap

  • Hard seltzers are malt beverages??
  • Patio party today. Brewing a brown ale
  • Hornet Haze to be commercially brewed
  • Guess The Year

  • Creation of Israel
  • First polaroid camera
  • World Health Day
  • Gandhi Assassination
  • Soviet Union
  • First NASCAR rac...
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    May 19, 2021 50 min

    Full House and Family Matters crossover episode! TnT meets up with the Rebellion to taste the coveted Magnolia Saison, be funny and offer some pretty awesome stuff for listeners!

    Tune in for a riot and go check out the Dank Swamp Rebellion on all podcasting platforms!

    Mark as Played
    May 17, 2021 48 min

    Show notes for one great show!

  • Seasonal allergies
  • Golf
  • What's on tap
  • Hornet Haze
  • Secrets to getting the perfect beer
  • Cast iron
  • Going Truly Pro
  • 10 Billion Can Shortage
  • Holland Tunnel
  • Toll Costs
  • Peace Bridge
  • Model A
  • The Jazz Singer
  • Miners Massacred
  • Lindbergh
  • Mississippi Flood
  •  CBS
  • Vega Plane
  • Ruined Painting
  • Cave People
  • Zombieland
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    May 10, 2021 53 min

    Show Notes!

  • Mother's Day 
  • 16 ABV Wine
  • QR Codes on Bottles
  • Internet
  • Craft Beer Week
  • Who Drank All The Beer?
  • Lizzy Borden
  • Creepy Kids Songs
  • Thomas Edison
  • First Motion Picture
  • Hawaiian Queen
  • Diesel Engine Patent
  • Anti-Saloon
  • Sting
  • Italian Mobs
  • Pepsi Recipe
  • Skiing In Antarctica
  • First Gas Car
  • Mice Controlled By Light
  • Pet Squirrels
  • Rotten Meat
  • Humanprogress.com
  • News = Bad
  • Big Nose = Big Dick
  • Immortal Jellyfish
  • Grenade Butt Plug
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    Show Notes

  • Big Brew Day Review
  • Hornet Haze IPA
  • Sizer
  • Gross Wort Chiller
  • Bay Of Pigs
  • Retarded?
  • The Tzar Bomba
  • Freedom Riders
  • Berlin Wall Construction
  • Disney
  • First Human In Space
  • Poker Face
  • Girls Sports Won't Exist
  • California Governors Are Always Celebs
  • Blockbuster
  • Felony Charges For Sabrina The Teenage Witch
  • World's Largest Plane
  • Airbus
  • Paul Allen
  • Rocket Scientists Are Dicks 
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    April 26, 2021 44 min

    First review of our DSR Magnolia Saison. Tune in for

  • Corn Hole
  • Yard Work
  • Bowling
  • Mexican Ice Cream
  • Onion Dip
  • Apple Juice
  • Fishing Beer
  • Nelson Mandela
  • World Wide Web
  • East and West Germany
  • Berlin Wall
  • Stampede Of Pilgrims
  • Handcuffed Couple
  • Unicorn Bullshit
  • Lightyear
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Baby Shark
  • Problems
  • Grab your own Prosperous Brewing Method HERE

    Mark as Played
    April 21, 2021 115 min

    Till now, we have been holding our after hours segments hostage. But, we wanted to share this one with you! 

    Tune in to hear from Andy (mr.smallbatchbrewer) and us BS after a few cold ones!

    Mark as Played
    April 19, 2021 56 min

    National Big Brew Day! Please sign up here!👇

    Show notes;

  • Amanda's Fitness
  • Creating A Home Gym
  • Magnolia Beer Journey
  • New Song By Dank Swamp Rebellion
  • French Press Coffee
  • Light Beer Tastes Like Weak Apple Juice
  • Seltzers
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Yo-yos
  • Spirit Of St. Louis
  • True Histoy
  • Dam Collapse
  • Iron Lung
  • Trans Pacific Flight
  • Penicillin
  • Flying on another planet
  • Living on Mars
  • Send Retards
  • Emergenc...
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    April 12, 2021 39 min

    Tysons' a little late to the party. Tanner talks about adolescence, golf and being impressionable. Then the party gets rockin with;

  • Golf
  • Mr.smallbatchbrewer
  • Electric cars are over 120 years old
  • Hawaii
  • Smallpox
  • First Car Show
  • Subway In NY
  • Fast As Fuck Train
  • First Olympics That Allowed Women
  • Plague
  • Hershey's
  • First Hamburger
  • Blue Dogs
  • Werewolves
  • Ape Theory
  • Cloning Yourself
  • Sasquatch
  • Anti-Fit-Hate
  • Child-obesity
  • Sports now
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    Revisiting the Dank Swamp beer and discussing our Easters. Also;

  • FU Clubhouse
  • Wind Knocked Out
  • Brinks Truck Robbery
  • First Credit Card
  • Escalator
  • Mummy Discovery
  • Tom Petty
  • Stevie Wonder and Stevie Wonder Again
  • Jay Leno
  • Dr. Phil
  • Bill Murray
  • A Chimney Cleaning
  • Mafia Pasta Chef
  • Hello,  Salmon
  • Crochet Cocaine Kit
  • Glow Worm Pills
  • Cancelling Shit
  • Vaccines
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    Mark as Played

    Update on the Ragin Cajun Challenge. Plus, how and what content to look forward to in the future! Other than that, standard GTY and Madness Monday!

    Brew Kits!

  • Dank Swamp Beer
  • Germany To Beer Is Like Black People To Music
  • Culture and Mead
  • Beer Bread
  • Eyes In The Swamp
  • First Escalator
  • College Hockey
  • First Car insurance
  • First Amusement Pier
  • Hawaii
  • Pepsi-Cola
  • Goodyear Tire
  • Machine Guns
  • Record Automobile Speed
  • Walrus Goes For A Ride
  • Florida W...
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    Mark as Played
    March 8, 2021 31 min

    The boys agree to an interesting task brought forth by the Dank Swamp Rebellion boys and ask your thoughts on the matter before continuing to an intriguing 'Whistle Blowing' Guess That Year  And Madness Monday

  • Cajun Louisiana
  • State Stereotypes
  • Deep Throat
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Michael Jackson Not Guilty
  • Shit Thrown At Bush
  • Brady's rookie card
  • FitBit
  • Medieval Tunnel Discovered
  • Woman's Day
  • Smart Dog Collar
  • Professional Corn Hole 
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    Mark as Played
    February 22, 2021 32 min

    T is solo dolo today. But that's okay! He's funny as hell!

  • Cloning Ferrets
  • Bear In Outhouse
  • Beer Diet
  • $2K To Sleep For 5 Nights
  • Man Shits In Other People's Cars
  • BBC Debuts Television Program
  • Ghandi
  • Charles Lindbergh
  • Amelia Earhart 
  • Japan & China
  • Great Depression
  • Bonus Army
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    Listen up Germinations! 

  • Monk Murdered
  • Harry Potter
  • Gorilla Attack
  • Einstein
  • Tommy Gun Invented
  • Easter Irish Independence
  • Rich Ass Border Collie
  • Dumping Beer
  • Oldest Beer Factory
  • Drinking Hour 
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    You are f*cking awesome! This show is for you being awesome. Here's the talking points.

  • Pickles
  • PBS
  • Stonewall Riot
  • Civil War Leaving 3 Million Starving
  • Charles Manson
  • Wal-Mart
  • Disgusting Place
  • Sesame Street
  • Not everyone had power!
  • Concord
  • 1st Eye Transplant
  • Dissection
  • RAF
  • First ATM Installed
  • Brett Farve
  • Jenn Anniston
  • Woodstock
  • Trans Am
  • Beetles Calls it Quits
  • Moon Landing
  • Moon Landing Even Real?
  • Dinosaur on Beach
  • Snowy Owl in Central Park
  • Elon Donates ...
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    Today's episode kicks ass! TnT try hard to stay away from politics as Amanda dishes out her Madness.

  • Bambi's Debut
  • Walt Disney and his death
  • Creation of the first nuc
  • WTF is Squash ball?
  • Casa Blanca Film Released
  • History of the Death March
  • Budweiser and their Super Bowl Commercials
  • Reminder of the Puppy Monkey Baby Dorritos 
  • Jake from State Farm and why it changed
  • 18 GOOD things overseen in 2020
  • Opinions about Self Driving Cars
  • How lon...
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