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August 7, 2023 94 mins

Guest Name: Eric Osborne
Guest Bio:
Eric has more than twenty five years as a personal practitioner and facilitator of psilocybin healing. With a master’s in education and twenty years of self-trained mycological expertise (having owned and managed three gourmet and psychedelic mushroom farms), Eric’s primary goals are to educate members of Psanctuary and the public at large on how to become self-empowered through the cultivation of and communion with sacred mushrooms.

Through his history in the psychedelic retreat space, as founder of the world’s first psilocybin wellness retreat in Treasure Beach, Jamaica, he has experienced firsthand the power of psilocybin to expand consciousness and heal trauma, particularly in combination with community. A desire to build a sustainable, spiritually based sacred mushroom community is what brought him back to the United States to form Psanctuary with his wife Courtney

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Episode Summary:
In the episode,” host G.V. Freeman engages in a profound conversation with Eric Osborne, the founder of Psanctuary, a pioneering psilocybin church. Together, they explore the intricate dynamics of psychedelic facilitation, shedding light on crucial aspects such as transitioning from profit-driven models to non-profit frameworks and the pivotal role of community and personal experiences in psychedelic therapy effectiveness.

Eric underscores the necessity for facilitators to undergo extensive personal journeys with psychedelics to adeptly guide others through transformative experiences. Psanctuary, co-founded by Osborne and his wife, emphasizes empowerment through sacred mushroom cultivation and communal practices, pivoting from a profit-centric approach to a public service ethos.

The discussion delves into the importance of a facilitator’s composure and confidence in navigating the complexities of psychedelic encounters, stressing the significance of internal security to foster safe and transformative spaces. Eric introduces innovative training programs at Sanctuary, advocating for accessibility and understanding individual psychological backgrounds.

The Psanctuary approach intertwines psychedelics into individuals’ lives and community structures for lasting impact, promoting the indispensability of community support and regular integration for optimal therapeutic outcomes. Eric highlights the upcoming celebratory event at Psanctuary, showcasing the power of mushrooms in facilitating joyful group therapy experiences grounded in community and celebration.

Throughout the conversation, Eric emphasizes transparency, self-work, and collaboration among psychedelic churches as cornerstones for maintaining integrity and fostering positive public perception within the psychedelic community.

PsychedelicIQ offers a comprehensive exploration of psychedelic facilitation, underscored by a commitment to communal well-being and personal growth.

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