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June 17, 2023 69 mins

Guest Name: Dr. Erica Zelfand
Guest Bio: Dr. Erica Zelfand specializes in integrative mental health. In addition to treating patients of all ages in her medical practice, she’s a psychedelic therapist and ketamine provider. Dr. Z is a lead educator in the country’s first licensed psilocybin facilitator school (, mentor, and an acclaimed international speaker.

Her work focuses on bridging the gaps between mind, body, and spirit, and unifying conventional and alternative modalities. She is the author of a literature review on the potential of ascorbic acid to treat opioid withdrawal (PMID 33132774) and has written many articles on a variety of health topics. Dr. Zelfand is also the CEO of Right to Heal, a nonprofit committed to empowering individuals to reclaim their health..

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Episode Summary:
In this captivating episode of PsychedelicIQ, host Gv Freeman delves deep into the world of psychedelic experiences with the Dr. Erica Zelfand. Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Zelfand discusses the reality of “bad trips” in psychedelic journeys. Drawing from her expertise in integrative and functional medicine, she sheds light on the psychological and physiological factors that can contribute to challenging experiences while under the influence of psychedelics.

Listeners are taken on a journey through the complexities of the mind as Dr. Zelfand explores the various reasons why individuals may encounter difficult trips, ranging from unresolved trauma to underlying mental health conditions. Through her compassionate approach, she emphasizes the importance of proper preparation, set, and setting to navigate these potentially turbulent waters safely.

Moreover, Dr. Zelfand provides invaluable insights into harm reduction strategies and the significance of integration after psychedelic experiences. By fostering a deeper understanding of the intricacies involved in psychedelic trips, this episode offers listeners a newfound appreciation for the transformative potential of these substances while highlighting the importance of responsible usage and informed decision-making.

Tune in to this enlightening conversation to gain valuable insights into the transformative potential of psychedelics while prioritizing mental well-being and safety.

Show Notes:
[05:24] Introduction to Dr. Erica Zelfand
[00:00] Guest’s expertise in integrative and functional medicine.
[14:36 ] Insight about the ‘Let’s Talk About Bad Trips: Separating Difficult from Traumatic’
[16:19] Factors contributing to challenging psychedelic experiences
[24:18] Exploring underlying mental health conditions and their influence on trip outcomes
[28:17] Dr. Erica Zelfand take on deep spiritual space
[35:43] Myth about ‘Bad Trips’
[39:12] Understanding unresolved trauma and its impact on psychedelic journeys

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