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June 17, 2023 77 mins

Guest Name: Ben Malcolm
Guest Bio:
Dr. Ben Malcolm earned his bachelor’s degree (BS) in pharmacology at the University of California at Santa Barbara, prior to his Masters in Public Health (MPH) and Doctorate of Pharmacy (PharmD) at Touro University California. He then completed post-graduate residencies in Acute Care at Scripps Mercy Hospital and Psychiatric Pharmacy at the University of California at San Diego Health.

Ben envisions a society in which access to psychedelic drugs in a variety of safe and supported settings is available for purposes of psychospiritual well-being, personal development, ceremonial sacraments, and treatment of mental illness. His focus is on the intersection between psychiatric medications and psychedelic therapies. He has given several Continuing Education presentations to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals as well as published over a dozen articles in peer-reviewed literature relating to psychedelics or psychiatric medications.

His vision guides his clinical and education service-related professional activity.

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Episode Summary:
Listeners are treated to a deep dive into the intricate world of pharmaceuticals and their role in mental health treatment. Guest Ben Malcolm, an esteemed expert in pharmacology and mental health, leads a compelling discussion that sheds light on the complexities surrounding the use of pharmaceutical drugs for mental health disorders.

Throughout the episode, Malcolm highlights the importance of thorough screening processes in identifying the most suitable pharmaceutical interventions for individuals struggling with mental health issues. He emphasizes the significance of personalized treatment plans that consider various factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental influences.

Listeners are offered valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of psychopharmacology, gaining a deeper understanding of how different medications interact with the brain and impact mental well-being. Malcolm’s expertise shines through as he navigates through topics ranging from the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry to the evolving approaches to mental health care.

Overall, this podcast episode serves as an enlightening resource for those interested in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding pharmaceutical interventions in mental health treatment.

Show Notes:
[3:40] Origin story of the guest, Ben Malcolm
[4:27] Introduction to psychopharmacology
[11:56] Overview of Spirit Pharmacist
[19:04] Psychedelics in pharmacology practice
[24:17] What does science have to offer the scared path
[27:49] Integration of psychopharmac

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