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October 27, 2021 50 min

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, April Layton, as they talk about mediumship and divination that can be found in the Bible. In this episode, she breaks down the parts of the Bible where mediumship and divination are practiced and tells the story of the witch of Endor. April is a researcher for MindSight Entertainment.


Divination and Mediumship in the Bible

There are practices in the Bible that are forms of divination and mediumship. An example of that would be casting lots. April narrates that in Leviticus, God talks to Israelites that if they do not know what they want and do not have access to a priest, a prophet, or a temple, they can cast divine laws to understand His will. Sometimes, casting lots take the form of black and white stones – white for yes and black for no. Additionally, April also says that prayer is, in fact, the most basic form of divination. She also argues that due to reinterpretations and rewrites of the Bible, much of the books containing divination and mediumship themes were removed. The book of Enoch is one of those books removed. Divination and mediumship were broadly practiced in the Bible, but there is hesitance in performing it because it was demonized. 


The Witch of Endor

In the book of Samuel, King Saul banished all the mediums, anyone who could give him advice. So when the prophet Samuel died, King Saul was on his own. His only choice was the witch of Endor, who was living in a cave. King Saul came to her in disguise. When she brought Samuel back, that was when she realized who she was dealing with. The witch feared for her own life since anyone who practices mediumship would be sentenced to death, but King Saul assured her safety. Samuel prophecized King Saul’s death and defeat in the battle against the Philistines. The witch then offers him food, which in the old pagan tradition is a way to honor another person. The story of the witch of Endor tells the irony that King Saul outlawed mediumship but eventually sought her service.


About April Layton:

April Layton is a researcher for Psychic Evolution.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:42] Where to find mediumship and divination in the Bible, and how is it done

[09:57] How it went from a polytheistic religion to a monotheistic one

[11:18] How the witch of Endor performed bringing Samuel back from the dead

[14:32] Dynamics in the first Bible that was removed during reinterpretations and rewrites

[18:33] Blood contextualized as a life force energy rather than physical blood

[23:02] Patriarchy and control; removed books from the Bible with divination and mediumship

[29:16] Prayer is the most basic form of divination

[30:25] Adam and Lilith, the original creation story

[34:43] Diving deeper into why Eve took a bite from the apple

[36:45] Lilith is to the skull as Eve is to the rib

[38:48] Complete love and acceptance, no judgment

[41:22] Possible connections with extraterrestrials in the Bible

[47:46] April’s words for contemplation with regards to divination and mediumship


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