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June 6, 2024 36 mins

In this compelling episode of the Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate podcast, host Ky Logue sits down with Jeremy Beland, a seasoned real estate investor from New Hampshire. Jeremy shares his incredible journey from a challenging upbringing to building a highly successful real estate business with over 425 off-market acquisitions. Despite facing numerous setbacks, including financial crises and personal challenges, Jeremy's story is a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of taking massive imperfect action. Tune in to hear Jeremy's insights on overcoming obstacles, the importance of mentorship, and practical advice for aspiring wholesalers. This episode is packed with valuable lessons and inspiration for anyone looking to succeed in real estate investing.

Show Notes:


  • Welcome and introduction by Ky Logue.
  • Guest: Jeremy Beland, a real estate investor from New Hampshire.

Jeremy's Background:

  • Early life and challenges: Born into a single-parent household, faced homelessness, and financial instability.
  • Turning point: Transitioned from a troubled youth to a focus on health and fitness.

Journey into Real Estate:

  • Early career: Worked as a high-rise window cleaner and later in sales.
  • Financial crisis: Impact of the 2009 recession and its aftermath.
  • Discovery of real estate investing: Inspired by "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and other resources.

Building a Real Estate Business:

  • Initial struggles and breakthroughs: First deals and the importance of mentorship.
  • Scaling the business: From 10 deals in the first year to over 425 deals.
  • Strategies for success: Importance of acquisition skills, leveraging MLS, and private lending.

Key Lessons and Advice:

  • Taking massive imperfect action: Overcoming analysis paralysis.
  • The value of coaching and mentorship: Investing in knowledge and guidance.
  • Focus on acquisitions: Direct-to-seller strategies versus building a buyers list.

Market Insights:

  • Differences in markets: Challenges of virtual wholesaling and market-specific nuances.
  • Effective marketing channels: Direct mail, PPC, SEO, and the decline of texting.

Personal Development:

  • Importance of reading and continuous learning: Recommended books including "Equity Happens" by Robert Helms and Russell Gray.


  • Final thoughts and advice for new wholesalers.
  • How to connect with Jeremy Beland: Join the "REI Freedom" Facebook group for valuable resources and community support.

Call to Action:

  • Join the Real Estate Wholesaling Syndicate Facebook group for free training, scripts, contracts, and more.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in real estate investing, offering both inspiration and actionable insights from Jeremy Beland's remarkable journey.

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