Roadmap to the Executive Suite

Roadmap to the Executive Suite

I started my career like many people do: in an entry level role making around $35K a year, was the first to arrive and last to leave, putting a 110% into my job…But it wasn’t enough. I was consistently being passed up for promotions and realized I was being underpaid compared to my colleagues. I knew that in order to get ahead in my career and be able to make the money I wanted… to support the lifestyle I wanted…something had to change. So, I started investing in myself. I worked with a career coach, resume writer, read every career book that I could get my hands on, enrolled in career courses, and studied colleagues wo seemed to be crushing it in their careers. And after investing over $20,000 in resources, coaches, and books…and spending thousands of hours over five years…I realized that many of the common advice out there did NOT move the needle when it came to advancing your career! Instead, I handpicked and carefully selected what worked to create my now signature program, 90-Day Job Offer, that is unlike anything that is out there. I wish a program like this existed when I was going through my career advancement and salary negotiations. If so, it would have been a fraction of the cost and saved me over four years of frustration of trial-and-error. Since then, my clients have taken my ready-to-use resources to advance their careers in 90-days or less, and secured on average a 56% increase in salary (to date my clients have received $30,000 - $120,000 in additional earned income per year)!!I help women in technology land fulfilling, high-paying jobs at a company that values and appreciates them. I’m on a mission to help women in tech collectively earn over a $1M in the next year. Will you join me?


November 17, 2022 36 min

When was the last time you took a look at your resume? Does your resume have everything it needs to sell yourself to recruiters or potential employers?

In this episode, I will share how you can easily sell yourself n your resume and get the position you know you deserve. You’ll hear common mistakes that most job seekers make when writing their resumes. I will share why your resume should stand out and some tips for writing your resu...

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A lot of job seekers can find themselves having confidence issues when their applications are ignored, they are being bypassed for promotions, or are not having positive feedback from job interviews. So how do you boost your confidence during a job interview or while applying for jobs?

In this episode, I want to share why job seekers need to build their confidence and what to focus on when job searching. I will share some tips on ho...

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So you have a job offer, you just gave your two weeks' notice to your current employer, and then the company you are transferring to suddenly pulls back the job offer. What can you do about it? How do you avoid being in this situation?

This scenario is so common and very possible in today’s market. And I want to share this episode and help you take a proactive stance should this happen to you. I will share the reasons why compan...

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The year is about to close, everything is slowing down, and you may hear that many companies are doing layoffs or restructuring. And if you are a job seeker, you might think that this is not the best time to start job searching in today’s market.

In this episode, Claudia shares why this season is the best time to job search, even with what has been happening in today’s market. She shares five insights that can help you in your job s...

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You may have heard that there is a looming recession and a possible freeze in hiring in most, if not all, industries. So how do you create or look for a recession-proof career in these uncertain times?

In this episode, Claudia shares some of her best tips that will help you have a recession-proof career. She talks about the current events and how it may affect many industries and job seekers. She also gives additional pointers that ...

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Applying to jobs can be very frustrating, especially if you are only using the same job search sites like LinkedIn or Indeed. You’ll see a job opportunity only to find that it’s no longer available or it does not suit your needs. So, where else can you look for tech jobs for you?

In this episode, Claudia shares her list of top job searching websites for women in tech that can help you land the job or position you want. These sites a...

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Do you feel confident enough when applying to jobs? Or do you find yourself skipping job opportunities because you don’t believe you are qualified for them?

In this episode, Claudia shares her take on confidence while job searching and how you can improve your confidence as a job seeker. She shares the top mistakes most of her clients and job seekers do when job searching that affects their confidence. She also shares what you can d...

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When you hear job hopping, what comes to mind first? Do you consider yourself job hopping when you have moved from two or more positions or companies?

As a coach, Claudia has heard candidates and clients talk about job hopping and how it affects their mindset during an interview. She talks about job hopping from the perspective of a job seeker and an employer. She also talks about how to create a story behind job hopping and how to ...

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In an interview, the question “tell me about yourself” will often, if not always, come up. So how do you answer this effectively and help you stand out from other candidates?

In this episode, Claudia answers this important question and she shares the importance of this question for job seekers and employers. She shares the common mistakes that job seekers do when answering this question. She will also share a method that you can use...

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So you’ve sent resumes to job opportunities you believe you qualify for, but you are not getting any responses and you are feeling frustrated. But what can be the reasons behind it? What can you do so you can get more responses?

In this episode, Claudia will focus on how to get more responses during the initial phase of your job application. She shares the common misconceptions and top five reasons why you are not getting responses ...

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Do you feel like you are underearning in your career? How do you get over it? And what are the factors that may cause underearning?

These questions are answered by a very special guest in this episode, Barbara Stanny Huson. Barbara is the leading authority on women, wealth, and power. As a bestselling author, financial therapist, teacher & wealth coach, Barbara has helped millions take charge of their finances and their lives.


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When switching careers, you might find yourself thinking you have to start from scratch. This can be overwhelming and you might find yourself asking if it is possible to switch without starting over.

In this episode, Claudia shares how you can switch careers without having to start over. She shares the myths behind switching careers and what she observed with her own clients’ experiences and successful career changes. She also share...

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Is there a need to negotiate your salary after receiving a job offer? Are there other benefits that you can still negotiate after you receive a job offer?

A lot of job seekers and employees stop negotiations after they receive a job offer, especially if the offer has met their expectations. In this episode, I will share my thoughts on why you should not stop negotiating. I will share steps that you can take so you can meet your sala...

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One big question that job seekers and my clients would ask is, can I lose a job offer by negotiating salary? What if the company pulls back its offer when I negotiate my salary?

I am a huge advocate of negotiating salary and I always recommend negotiating your salary.  And in this episode, I will share my thoughts on companies that pull back offers and what job seekers should do. I will give a simple analogy and some tips that will ...

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When looking for a job, what are the things you consider? How do you make sure that the job you are applying for will be the best opportunity for you?

I get these questions when I talk to clients or job seekers who are seeking the next steps to take. And what I observed is that there are four common mistakes that job seekers fall for when looking for a job. These are what I want to share in this episode and I give some examples of w...

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You may have had the experience of receiving emails or messages asking if you are interested in a position, and you don’t find the offer interesting or within your expected salary rate. How do you respond?

This question is often asked by many of my clients or listeners, and my answer is not as exciting or controversial - my answer is it depends. And in this episode, I will share why it depends and how communicating with the recruite...

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So you are planning to take the next step for your first director role, but you find yourself unsure of your next step. What should you do and how do you stand out from the other candidates?

When I first talk to clients and get to know why they don’t apply to a director role, I often hear concerns about not having enough experience, not knowing all things, and making mistakes in their interviews and along the way. This is why I want...

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What do you do first when searching for a new career or a higher job position? Do you focus on updating your resume, networking, directly finding jobs on job boards, or on career planning?

This episode is inspired by a poll that I ran on LinkedIn, resulting in 23% saying career planning is the first thing to do. And I absolutely agree. Career planning is a huge help for job searchers who want to have a clear path to their dream jobs...

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How can partnerships create a better hiring process that promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

In this episode, I am bringing two inspiring executives who are creating a huge impact on the hiring process, Nanette Cohen of JCFS and Brad Nardick of The Bazaar Inc. With over thirty years devoted to employment services, Nanette is currently the Director of the Duman Opportunity Center, a service of JCFS Chicago which assist...

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So you are looking for a new opportunity, but you find yourself stuck because of the job qualifications you see in the postings that interest you. What is your next step? Do you really need to be 100% qualified for a job?

In this episode, I will talk about what being qualified for a job really looks like. I will share why you don’t have to be 100% qualified and what can happen if you are 100% qualified. I will share questions that y...

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