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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - Roadmap to the Executive Suite

Roadmap to the Executive Suite

How can partnerships create a better hiring process that promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

In this episode, I am bringing two inspiring executives who are creating a huge impact on the hiring process, Nanette Cohen of JCFS and Brad Nardick of The Bazaar Inc. With over thirty years devoted to employment services, Nanette is currently the Director of the Duman Opportunity Center, a service of JCFS Chicago which assists individuals with disabilities secure and maintain employment. Nanette has been instrumental in developing and implementing a variety of employment programs for youth and adults with barriers including those who have a disability. Her specialties include program management and strategizing to implement results-oriented service delivery models. As a Certified Workforce Development Professional, she is committed to providing quality services. Nanette holds a national certificate of achievement in Employment Services with an emphasis in Customized Employment by the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators. She is currently a Board member of the Illinois Chapter of APSE and Chair of the Facility Advisory Council for the Illinois Department of Human Service, Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Brad takes a ‘People-First’ approach as a core driver of all operations and activity at The Bazaar, Inc. and its retail arm Bargains In A Box. He is a third-generation CEO of the industry-leading marketplace in the discount liquidation and deal space, overseeing the strategic direction of the 60+-year-old wholesale closeout business — which buys, sells, and ships millions of pieces of merchandise each year to and from the world’s largest household names. Brad creates meaningful connections with team members, clients, and customers by working to strike a balance between purpose and profit — to make strides toward being a better business, as well as a cornerstone of the communities it serves. He has been quoted in national business news, named to Crain’s Chicago Business’s 40 Under 40, and shared the global TED stage, delivering a ‘Talk’ on inclusion and the importance of workplace diversity. He serves on many non-profit boards, and leadership associations, and is nationally known as a supporter of hiring people with disabilities.

In this episode, Nanette shares the recruiting process and how it helps in the hiring process of their partners. Nanette also shares how their partnerships become successful through communication. Brad on the other hand shares how the hiring process with JCFS helped his business. He also shares an overview of who they hire and how it creates community and cohesiveness in his company.

In This Podcast We Talk About:

  • Nanette shares the recruiting process and how candidate benefits from the partnerships of JCFS.
  • Brad shares his insights on how the hiring process with JCFS helped in their business.
  • Nanette shares the importance of communication in their partnership.
  • Brad shares an overview of who they hire to create community and cohesiveness around the organization.

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Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace - Roadmap to the Executive Suite