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Greg Chaisson - Kings Of Dust (March 2020) - Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon

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Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon presents bassist Greg Chaisson (recorded March 2020) Greg discusses his new band KINGS OF DUST, his French-Canadian roots, making a second record while we wait out the current pandemic, his time with Badlands, his battle with cancer, and much more. Subscribe to Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon for exclusive content and interviews. Badlands: "We had a lot of people over at Atlantic that championed us... They wanted us to record Vandenberg's Burning Heart for our second record and we just wouldn't do it. It's not that we tried to intentionally piss Atlantic off. It's just that we had our own plan and followed our own plan. I don't think they appreciated that we wouldn't jump through any hoops for them." Twitter: @mitchlafon Instagram: @mitch_lafon VISIT: Help support the show. Please consider a donation: See for privacy information.
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