Room 77 | Unusable Sex Advice for the Open-Minded

Room 77 | Unusable Sex Advice for the Open-Minded

A swinger podcast about sex, debauchery, and the humor in it all. Richard and Lauren quit life and moved to Cancun, Mexico to do what they love: work party, and play in paradise. Now, they want to share the fun that they get to have everyday. So come to Room 77, where they discuss sex, swingers, open relationships, hotwives, cuck, BDSM, exhibitionism and much more. Let's play!


December 15, 2021 59 min
  • What do Chris Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, and Thomas Jefferson have in common?
  • Lauren is left on her own to be the conductor of the Sybian Train while Richard sleeps and Batman washes dicks.
  • Richard looks for some "safe place" sex while trying to figure out the best sex positions without falling asleep.
  • We go to the SINsation playroom with an expert flogger for an unforgettable experience.

  • Interviews with SINsation guests about the...

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  • We skip the mall to meet this couple, who is way out of our league, at a vanilla resort.
  • Lauren and the girl try casually going topless on a vanilla beach.
  • Richard avoids hotel security, and the woman glaring behind him, at our foursome flirt.
  • Some more #swingerlearning #nightclasses hint, hint, it's folklore about a vacuum and a penis!

  • @BikiniAddiction Bikinis not tested on animals!! And..10% off with promo code ROOM77

    Come joi...

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    October 28, 2021 50 min
  • We meet some dear friends on the beach and they brought a couple who wanted to meet us. Richard wants to convince them to come back with us because she's his favorite body type. Lauren hopes to break her dry spell.
  • Richard tries to prove his point about why he should remove all the automatic underwear in his gym shorts and goes through some scenarios of what would happen with Chris Hemsworth at the YMCA.
  • Lauren gets schooled on f...
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    October 5, 2021 51 min
  • We are invited to dinner by a couple who takes charge and prepares us with an email resume of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Bars closed early, so we were faced with the let's get naked moment a little earlier than expected!
  • Richard opts for complete darkness for the mood lighting so he doesn't look fat next to this couple.
  • After some nervous chocolate eating, the guy tells Lauren she may not get any.
  • Richard convinces his coc...
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    September 14, 2021 27193200 min
  • Someone joins Patreon because Richard was avoiding answering their emails about an absurd business proposal.
  • Richard entertains becoming a South Korean porn star, gives his old "quote" for doing a movie, demands to fly business class, and creates his first porn acting reel.
  • We know something's not right when Richard hears he must actually have sex with the actresses (even though it is not shown in the movie) and he can qu...
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    August 22, 2021 40 min
  • Lauren jumps into high gear and is showered and ready for a foursome before Richard can finish talking about his headlights.
  • Richard has more penis envy, while Lauren marches the penis around like a doll baby.
  • Does a COVID shot protect you from all STD's?
  • More gym nonsense...
  • We talk about drama in the lifestyle and give some #swingeradvice #lifestylemasterclass about how we've dealt with it in the past.
  • Special thanks to our P...

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    August 1, 2021 59 min
  • We are back from Antigua to bring you our first ever “reverse trip advisor” review.
  • Richard brings his interview poolside at sExploration Antigua, with co-host @Naughty_Gym. Lauren sat with us silently laughing because she had no voice after day two.
  • Richard runs a hard-on marathon, Lauren is persuaded to try golden showers, and we disprove the concept of cliques!
  • Richard feels fat, but maybe it’s just because he’s wearing “falsi...
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  • Having more fun with your ‘lifestyle sex life’ than your ‘personal sex life’? Listen to Richard and Lauren drone on about how we can help you not give a f*ck.
  • We sit down with a pair that successfully uses Hall Passes to add to their sexlife. Lauren pretends to be a nosey waitress in a role play exercise and overhears the answer to the question, “Does he like it when you come home with the scent of another man on you?”
  • Richard accu...
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  • We go to a hotel takeover, scare some guests with a public blow job. Lauren gets her wingman game on with the perfect playbook move! Leaving Richard out of her perfect public threesome to sit alone in a chair; sad and erect.
  • Naughty Gym launches a 6-week Antigua prep workout.

  • Richard ends up having leg day the same day as the new guy at the gym and crushes on him while trying to get him to flirt with Lauren.

  • We reunited with a v...

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    1. We ‘Finger a bang bang” live on the mics in search of a better way to get the job done while poking around in your partner's vagina.

    2. We talk a little about our first trip to Antigua and how we cannot wait til July's takeover! But first, pool party in Dallas in June!

    3. We practice talking dirty "in bed". Richard spills some fantasies and how it's scary guessing if your fantasies will be rejected "in b...

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    1. We celebrate Richard's birthday bash at our 2nd Third Annual Flirty (or) Down & Dirty Villa Party. Richard jumps right inside someone who does NOT want to have a swinger baby with him.

    2. Lauren goes for another round of ‘bouncy mattress sex’, determined to beat the motion sickness this time and ends up on a Sybian for the ride of her life. That’s what happens when you volunteer to start the orgy no one asked for.

    3. Ric...

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  • We borrow coats and mittens and head to Dallas for the polar vortex to get naked at our first event stateside.

  • We use the ‘ol “stuck elevator” routine to get some Dallas firemen to our party. Lauren is unable to convince them to stay and play. They seemed busy saving people.

  • Richard uses his Spanish skills to help fix a hotel heater, but does not get voted employee of the month.

  • Lauren holds court to a crowd of onlookers on...

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    February 8, 2021 36 min
  • We pack our bags and forget to bring our swinger pro cards for a night out on the town.
  • Richard is forced to abort his “Puppy Playtime” tactics.
  • We dive into a six-some and there's a lot of slapping going on!
  • Surrounded by giant cocks, we latch on to a new catch phrase "Be big mentally!"
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  • We've been out of luck and having to resort to finding couples online like we used to in the olden days. Richard defines what "giving a like" on a swinger profile and a few types profiles we often run into.
  • Richard throws on his chef's hat while recanting this 3 part series on our delightful find on the interwebs. Richard deals with his public peeing problems on a first date while Lauren goes to town on the dance flo...
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    December 17, 2020 48 min
  • We get an update on Lindsey, the female Richard has been eying at the gym. Instead of flirting, this time he helps the local economy.
  • We talk about butt eating and then Richard forces Lauren to do it while recording so she can remember why she never does it.
  • Lauren has been working very hard in the gym. We hear from Trunks & Yes Girl and all about their new project, Naughty Gym, where they fuse the lifestyle and fitness into one ...
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    November 17, 2020 69 min
  • Go on a journey to Flirty (or) Down and Dirty Party, our first villa party, with special guests Trunks and Yes Girl. We introduce the new ritual “Naked Group Nuru Massage (in an inflatable pool)" to the Mayan culture.
  • We describe surviving another hurricane in the best way we know how - Like great sex with a “Category 1” woman?
  • In the Medical Corner, we prescribe treatment to those who may be suffering from a common, but livabl...
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    October 18, 2020 62 min
  • We break our dry spell with some sexy play with our favorite friends and we learn that Richard tried to blow himself.

  • Our sex toys were lost in Mexico's mail, forcing us to wait until now to dive into our new Lickerish Love toys and video it for our supporters!

  • We hunker down for a hurricane and almost drown while Bee sleeps.

  • We speak with a guy who tried to open up to the idea of the lifestyle. He unveils his recipe for s...

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    Join us as we sit down with Bedhoppers as they rise to TV stardom.




    Sponsored by Alt Playground

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  • We're back and our swinger game is lacking swagger despite all of the recent visitors. Richard blames it on his beard while Lauren's getting sage for a genital cleansing ceremony.
  • Richard squirms some more as we interview our very own naughty nurse expert on broken penises. Unfortunately, the post-op patient care is not as intimate as we imagined in our heads!
  • Bee, at 26, still has wet dreams and tells us about her sexual dr...
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  • We have a two-person “threesome” and Richard's fear of being a bottom surfaces.

  • Richard gets kidnapped and goes for a night swim and takes a bite of vanilla against his better judgement all while inventing a new Kama Sutra position.

  • "Do you have any change? We do!!” We were gifted nights in the mansion and met a woman who wanted to just ‘go with her flow.’

  • “Going To Miami” with a plan of mutiny to overtake a 100 ft l...

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