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June 11, 2024 28 mins
We're not at war with Communist China, but Communist China is at war with us. It's been waging a chemical war against our people for years. And it's winning.
More than 100,000 Americans are dying from drug overdoses every year, and the real number is likely much higher than the one we get from the government. It also doesn't include lives saved from emergency doses of Narcan.

Today, Sara welcomes Derek Maltz to discuss how this problem keeps getting worse and Joe Biden's open border makes this chemical warfare easier than ever for China to wage.
Maltz served with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for 28 years and also spent 10 years as the Special Agent in Charge of the Justice Department's Special Operations Division. No one advocates more fiercely or tirelessly for the families ripped apart by these poisons flooding our streets than Derek Maltz.

Today, Sara and Maltz preview their Border 911 conference scheduled for Wednesday in Chicago, the dramatic influx of poisons even beyond fentanyl onto our streets and what communities around the nation must do to fight back effectively against this chemical warfare.

In addition to fentanyl, Sara and Maltz explain how marijuana is produced with much higher levels of THC, leading to many cases of "marijuana psychosis". There's also fentanyl mixed with drugs like xylazine, which literally eats away at the flesh of addicts. Both Sara and Maltz have seen this first hand while working in Philadelphia.

It's a war that impacts every community in this nation. And only one side is fighting it. It's time to fight back and win!

Thank you for being a part of the Sara Carter Show.

Time Stamps:
0:05 What does Chicago have to do with the border?
9:50 Derek Maltz joins the Sara Carter Show
10:53 A life of service
13:44 Border 9-11 in Chicago
17:04 The proxy war on the American People
20:55 President Xi is mega-wealthy
21:38 Will Americans ever get justice?
22:15 We need better stats
25:09 We own the streets, not them

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