Semi-Sages of the Pages

Semi-Sages of the Pages

The writing podcast where we don't know where we're going...but we're having an adventure! The four semi-sages are women who write primarily speculative fiction. Join them as they explore the ever-evolving world of writing and publication.


September 25, 2022 56 min

In this episode, the sages talk about how they started on their quest to be a writer, what an inciting incident is and whether it's best to write what you know when it comes to locations or just do research (or fly to Hawaii!).

Join us as we laugh, and learn from each other. 

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We cover the following topics:

Our Page - More Details on Culture Club
A Page - Importance of Staying Relevant to our Readers
The Page - Is all Fiction Women's Fiction? Why Labels Don't Work Like They Used To.
Your Page - Race to Rejection Update

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August 31, 2022 4 min

We are announcing a new series this fall, Culture Club! Join us every other Wednesday from 6:30- 7:30 PM - Pacific Time. Where we dive into a selection of literature, media, or art and evaluate its contributions to our current literary landscape. Then things get really interesting as we read and provide feedback on your submissions. Each week will be genre themed and selections will (ideally) be associated with that theme. Culture ...

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Announcing Culture Club - where we analyze books, film & television for storytelling lessons! Every Culture Club will be LIVE and will also be critiquing your first pages! 


In our Industry section, we discuss Barnes & Noble's newest policy and how it could hurt authors.

Special shout-out to our wonderful community and how well some of them did on the NYC Mi...

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In this episode, the Semi-Sages talk about tropes, including fridging in Thor: Love and Thunder. The Sages also discuss the importance of choosing socioeconomic classes when building your characters as it affects world-building. And they wrap it up by discussing places you, as an author, can save money. 

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In this special episode, Molly & Theresa do a deep dive looking into the character of Wanda Maximov. In some of our recent videos, we discuss moms in literature and creating relatable characters (even when they're antagonists). Scarlet Witch is the perfect example of both of those aspects. 

Includes spoilers for Avengers, WandaVision, and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness. 

We talk about Wanda's character arc, her exp...

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In this episode we talk about our reaction to our careers, the importance of creating reaction in our works and our reaction to the tiktok #lifehack to return books to Amazon after reading them. 

We also address some of the conversations you've all had our discord channel--things are rough right now and we see and hear all of you.  But we wanted to give you all a virtual shout out in our episode. 

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July 5, 2022 45 min

It's important to remember - writing is fun! Don't let the sometimes slog get you down. Listen in as we share our biggest joys and fun tricks to keep the magic alive.
My Page - Our favorite parts of writing
The Page - How to find fun when interacting with the publishing industry
A Page - We cover a very "fun" topic, generating names!
Your Page - The fun our community is having!

This episode is for anyone who wants a litt...

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In this episode M.S. Ewing, S. Faxon and Theresa Halvorsen talk allow listeners to mine their experiences with anxiety and they talk about writing anxious characters.

There's also an in-depth discussion on what neurodivergency is, how to write neurodivergent characters and the industry's reaction to such. 

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June 8, 2022 58 min

What's on My Page - we talk about tools we use to stay organized
What's on The Page - for this industry discussion, we go over how we stay connected with industry, social media, and, you guessed it...algorithms! 
What's on A Page - our bread'n butter craft discussion, this time we tackle moms and mom archetypes in literature
What's on Your Page - Race to Rejection Update!

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In this episode, we focus on word choice and how word choice can set tone. We discuss multiple instances in the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial where word choice and definition is contested and why it matters. Following that, how we can apply this in our own writing to set tone, drive narratives, and create conflict on the page. Let us know what you think by commenting on our discord or twitter!

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In this episode, we cover:
On Our Page - author branding
On The Page - industry & authors giving other authors reviews
On A Page - craft around creating characters who are not likable, yet the reader cheers for them anyway
On Your Page - The Semi-Sage discord shares their sewing! And Race to Rejection Update

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April 12, 2022 36 min

In this episode, Sarah, Morrigan and Theresa talk about the marathon that is the writing life. 

In the What's on My Page section, the Semi-Sages discuss where they are in their writing journeys and what they've learned so far. 

In the What's on The Page, the Semi-Sages discuss conferences, and in particular their experience at Wondercon

In the What's on A Page, the Semi-Sages discuss creating relatable, but unlikeable ...

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In this episode:
Our Page - We give an update on current projects, including the fact that we'll be at WonderCon 2022, come see us!
The Page - In this industry section, we discuss how Brandon Sanderson created the most successful Kickstarter in history & how that impacts the publishing word
A Page - In our Craft discussion, learn how line edits and grammar choices can have a huge impact on your author voice
Your Page - We share...

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March 15, 2022 49 min

What we cover on this week's episode:
Our Page - Beta Reading
Industry - PitchWars & PitMad are ending
Craft - Log Lines
Your Page - Update on your lives & the Race to Rejection

Patreon link -

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What we cover on this week's episode:
Our Page - Update on the projects in our lives
Industry - Latest news stories about agents getting in legal trouble 
Craft - Exploring a satisfying ending, (and why Hunger Games didn't have one)
Your Page - Update on your lives & the Race to Rejection

Patreon link -

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February 1, 2022 59 min

On this episode:
On My Page - The Semi-Sages discuss our favorite black authors.
On The Page (Industry) - We debate hustle culture and the surrounding toxicity. 
On A Page (Craft) - How Point of View constrains your choices in a piece
On Your Page - Race to Rejection Update

Also - an exciting announcement, we've started a RedBubble. If you want to support our podcast and buy some merch, check out our store -

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January 18, 2022 46 min

In this episode, we cover:
What's on My Page: We discuss COVID-19 fatigue and how it has impacted our lives.
What's on The Page:  The boom in Indie publishing during the pandemic.
What's on A Page: Are you an Under or Over Editor?
What's on Your Page: The 2022 Race to Rejection is OPEN! Join in our discord!

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January 4, 2022 52 min

Welcome to 2022! In this episode we discuss:
-What's new in our lives
-Is it the right time to query industry?
-How to increase or decrease pacing in our works
-Update from our community & the Race to Rejection

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December 7, 2021 56 min

For many of us, NaNoWriMo is great. It can be productive and motivating. But not for everyone. Do we end up ranting...yes! Hopefully you can also relate. 

We also end up discussing details of the non-fiction market and accidentally start brainstorming our next project. 

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