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April 24, 2024 64 mins
What does it truly mean to channel clean feminine energy into nourishing the men in our lives? 

In this episode, Meg and Jacob focuses on the transformative power of a woman's trust and support in her man, illustrating how such faith can significantly enhance both partners' growth and the overall dynamic of the relationship.

Dive into the delicate balance of power and responsibility within a relationship, highlighting the critical role that emotional support and trust play in fostering an environment where both partners can thrive. Megan and Jacob share insights and personal experiences, offering practical advice on how women can create a nurturing space that encourages their partners to embrace both their strength and vulnerability.

They also riff off on:

  • The importance of trust in a relationship and how it allows a man to rise into his masculine power
  • Creating a safe and nourishing environment for both men and women in a relationship 
  • The role of women in supporting their partner's growth and evolution through their words, actions, and energy
  • Communicating emotions, needs, and desires cleanly without projection or blame
  • The significance of micro moments in building trust through small actions and choices 
  • How nourishing a partner with trust can unlock their potential to fully commit to the relationship
and many, many more...

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Episode Transcript

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A woman that trusts her man andis communicating that and is
posturing that and he's havingthat in her energetic
transmission like, that ispowerful soil for a man to rise
and man to deepen into hismasculine power a man to come
alive, like in the relationshipand outside of it. Truly a man

that is backed by a woman, a manthat feels such deep trust from
his woman. Like trust in thatlike she trusts him and his
decisions and his capacity inthe world. That's an unstoppable

Yo, yo, yo lovers, welcome.
Welcome. Welcome to sex, loveand everything in between where
the O'Neill's you're here withMegan Jacobs.
And this is the place we havereally uncensored conversations
about sex, intimacy andrelationships. We're super
excited. You're here. Enjoy thisepisode.

Hi, everyone, what's up lovers.
Hi, my man, what'sup, blah, blah.
And even I don't know how toanswer. I know, I know how to
answer that.
General. How are you? What'sbeen happening? Give me a it's
not an invitation to like,what's up? Nothing much.
You feel unhappy?
I'm feeling so good. I feel sohappy. I'm so happy with where

we live and the convenience ofwhere we live for. Right now. We
have we were living on sevenacres in like the bush still on
the Gold Coast. But it was like30 minutes to the beach. And we
still loved going to the beach.
We still loved going and seeingour friends and community that
lived about 30 minutes away,sometimes 40 minutes away.

Sometimes 50 Sometimes. I usedto drive like 50 minutes for my
pole dancing class. Yeah. Andyeah, it just was challenging at
times. And we wanted I wanted tomove for like five months. And
we were patient and we were veryparticular about where we wanted
to live.

And I will say you patientthat's that's that's not just
saying that. Yeah, I was I wasreally, really patient. You
weren't rushing in like, I wasstill very much looking. Yeah,
but was getting aworkout. Yeah, we always
not always. But we were reallyblessed and created an
experience where the Arina lovedus and always have a great

experience you have phenomenalwith.
I'm a people person. You peopledon't know this about me, but
I'm actually a people person.
Why don't people sometimes thinkthat I'm a bit. I don't really
like people. I'm a bit sort ofstandoffish.
Sometimes you can play thatcharacter of being like,
dark and moody. Yeah. That'spart of
who I am mainly at parties.

We did our erotic blueprint.
Shout out to Jaya. Yep. Is itjust Jaya? Is there anyone else?
Is that her thing? Jaya. Yeah.
Okay,so it's James II. And I think
and I'm actually energetic. Yes.
Makes perfect sense. So if I'mat a party and I look annoyed,
it's probably because yourenergy is not that good. That's
got nothing to do with me.

Okay, how are you? Before wedive in,
I'm feeling 100 bucks. Back when$100 you see able to afford a
house I'm feeling a million I'mfeeling 10 million bucks. Good.
Today's a good day.
Now let's get into it.
I just haven't finished I'llsay, I truly think that like a
lot of the time, we can getcaught in the idea of arts and

all an inside job, we just needto shift our internal state. And
sometimes it's about holding thevision and trusting the process
we've been chatting to like ourfriends who have just bought a
new house and they wereliterally holding on for for for
the house and everything thatand it's come to fruition for
them. It's really beautiful. AndI was having a chat with another
guy who's had a similarexperience of like
manifestation. And Ty had didanother podcast today that's

coming out it's retiring andwe're talking about the process
of faith. I think faith can besuch a beautiful thing to relax
into. And that for me is likesuper super important to
remember when you are callingsomething in is to have faith
completely. And that's likeright now after having such a
hectic couple of couple ofmonths. I'm like ah I kept the

faith even when everything elsefelt hot and nothing seemed to
make sense. And I wasquestioning it I was like just
come back and have faith havefaith and trust in the process.
So yeah, this like arriving hereand having this feeling Although
it hasn't felt that normal forthe last few months. It's nice
to land in it and be like fuck,we we were patient we were

engaged and we stayed the coursewe didn't ever check out we were
we stayed in the in the processof it and now we get to Yeah, we
get to ride to the beach in twominutes. We have to go and have
coffee on the on the Get on thecreek, we get to go to the you
get to go to the dog park afterthis and hang out with all your
new friends. Like we've got theguys
we live right near this new likeoff leash, or there's like a big

off leash dog park like 200meters from my house. And I'm
now a part of the community thathas joined I have
always invited on the Instagramthread.
She has she's at Palm Beachlocal. It
feels so good. I my mom. My momloves like, going to a coffee
shop and someone knowing hername and being a part of a

community. I have my mother,you or your mother. Yeah, so and
that's a good thing. Your mom'sright, my
mom's best shout out to Coco.
Coco. Okay, all right, let'sdive in. What are we talking
about today, this is a prettyhot topic, and something that I
think is gonna be seriouslyvaluable for you. And I want to
I want to like I also want toput a disclaimer, this isn't

something that we as men thenjust get to weaponize either
this is something that we'relearning and understanding on a
deeper level.
Yeah, so we're going to talkabout what it means to express
cleanly in our feminine energyor clean feminine expression
versus projection. And really,this conversation came about

from some conversations I washaving with my clients and full
spectrum woman around being asafe woman, like what it means
to be a safe woman if you're ina heterosexual relationship, a
safe woman to a man. And I thinkso often, and rightly so there's
big conversations around safety,the safety a man can create for

a woman and I think thoseconversations still obviously
need to be hard. And I'm such ahuge advocate for those
conversations. And safety is oneof the biggest deepest keys to
unlock a woman's femininity andunlock her. And I'm not just
saying her surrender, but herpower, and her depth of trust.
And all of the magical powerfulparts of, of a woman's depth of

feminine energy, like safety iskey in relationship especially.
But what's not a conversationthat's not spoken enough about
is really creating a safeenvironment for a man. And being
part of a man's environment,when we're in relationship to
him, or with him being apotluck, we are part of his

environment, we are part of hisenvironment, full stop, which
means his environment dictatesor supports his growth supports,
how much he feels open to sharehow much he's expressing
himself, all of these differentpieces.
You'll like this is, for me,it's like your woman has

influence on you. I think thatpletely you know, so often it's
like, the masculine is thecontainer and the feminine is
what sits within it, you know,men are here to hold, you know,
the very frequent sort of kindof phrases are the masculine
holds the feminine, themasculine holds the feminine.
And that that is true, I totallyagree with that. But at the same

time, it's like the femininedoes have the ability to
influence and either callforward into greatness or crush
into nothingness. And it's like,that's a powerful energy to hold
as a woman like you have, youhave a responsibility to wield
the feminine, that exists withinyou, you know, in a way that is

safe, not they're not safe inlike, I'm going to tiptoe around
this man and not not cause himto feel things, but I'm going to
do it in a way that is safe andallows him to experience the
love that he needs the theawareness that he needs the, the
the, I guess the little nudge orthe little like, or the the
understanding that he needs. AndI can I can bring that in in a

way that is appropriate andsafe. And I
don't even know if safe and aswe're having this conversation,
I'm like, I don't even know if Ilike safe as the word maybe it's
nourishing, like a nourishingwoman. And if we think of this
as like, a man is a plant. I wasgonna say a flower of it that
that man is what do you want tobe? I want to be a tree. Okay, a

man is a tree, big, strong tree.
And we like a tree grows andthrives due to its environment,
the soil that it's planted in,yes, and the weather and all of
the sun. And we can't deny aswomen or as women or as humans,
that if we're sleeping in thesame bed with someone every
night if we're have our livesintertwined, if we're in

partnership, of course, who weare being and how we are meeting
that person and the words we'reusing and the posture we're
taking in our body and thetransmission we're literally
offering to that person. Ofcourse, that is influencing the
way they are being in the world.
Of course that is influencinghow they feel in the world and

how that how they're growing andevolving. cause we cannot deny
that if we are in partnership weare an integral part of the
environment of the human we'rein partnership with.
You're really passionate aboutthis. Yes. And like how
are we aware of that role numberone? And are we taking

responsibility for that role?
How are we taking that role? Idon't want to put that up yeah,
do we? Are we trying to thrivein that role and do our best to
be the best environment for ourpartner? Or are we just focused
on his not being enough? He'snot doing enough he's not the
big strong tree yet. He's notbeing the tree I want him to be

yet without actually realizingwere a part of that
you get to water that tree oryou get snap it in half. And
like the pace that I'm the clearthing here is like, what is your
can you understand that yourrole has a place in his in his
journey and his growth andexpansion as a man? Yes. And for

me? Can you understand it? Thisis the thing is like, am I
offering my am I bringingthrough my, my, my feminine
transmission to control him? Oram I bringing it through in
service him in his his fullestpotential. And I think that's
really important to sit with andbe like, Wow, if I actually fed

this man, actually,energetically fed this man,
everything that would nourishhis, you know, his capacity to
actualize what he's here tocreate in service to humanity?
FARC, what would I be on thereceiving end of? How would he
fuck me? How would How would hetake me?

Does anybodyand this Yeah. And this is the,
this has been an you know, formen. And you've got to learn how
to receive that that's going tobe your journey to receiving
that that level of nourishmentto be fed in that way. But you
know, this is this is polaritybaby, this is really honoring
and and it's not about you haveto always be that. But this is a
skill. And this is somethingthat you get to bring to your

relationship in service to thedeepening of your love.
And I would say yes, this isabout polarising relationship.
And beyond that, this is aboutlove. Yeah, this isn't just
like, I'm gonna say, be ready at6pm is a masculine being. So she
feels, you know, like, I'mtaking the lead. No, this is

about I am devoted to this man.
Yeah. And I wish part of my roleand my diversion. Part of my
role and sorry, that was part ofmy role and my devotion as the
woman that gets to love him.

Right? Is to do my fucking best.
Yes, is to feed him really well.
Right? Energetically, right?
Emotionally, all of that to be apowerful environment for him.
And let's just gonna say, let'sdive into what we're going to
we're going to talk about whatthat looks like.
Yeah, this is yeah, I just wantto also say like, what may be

hard, and what you may not know,as well as a woman, especially
in a relationship is that a bigpart of a man's fulfillment is
in service to his woman, ingiving what you know, in giving
to his woman and being, youknow, a lot of, you know,
there's a lot of harping onaround, like, be present with
her be present with her. Yes.
But there is also a part thatfeeds a man when he can protect
and provide for a woman. Andpart of the being able to

provide is knowing that, youknow, it's, you know, that
there's someone that believes intheir capacity to be the
provider to go out and get thethings and bring them home in
whatever capacity that lookslike. So yes, like, I want to
completely debunk any method,you know, he doesn't want to
love you better. And he does.
And this is a way that, youknow, this is a very, very real

and tangible way that you cancall more of that love in and
more of that capacity. And forhim to bring that home to you.
I adore that. And maybe this isthe place we start with talking
about what this looks like.
Because a lot of women would belike, I don't feel that part of
him that wants to really adoreme or wants to really look off
to me or wants to really showup. And this isn't always the
case. But what I've witnessed ina lot of the clients I've worked

with, and a lot of just like,observing the world and
partnerships in the world, isthat often a man closes that
part of himself down. Afterfeeling like I don't know how to
support her. Right? I'mstruggling to do that. Right? Or
I don't feel good enough. She'smade me feel like every time I

try and get it wrong, so what'sthe fucking point anymore?
What's the point? Yep. And sothis is a really powerful place
to begin because if you want tobe a nourishing environment, For
your man, you must bring thisthis energy of, I believe in
you. I respect you. I trulybelieve in your capacity. I

believe in your ability. Ibelieve that you can get it
right so often as women. And ifwe're talking about this, like
clean, feminine expressionversus projection, or
emasculation, if we call it abig part of emasculation is this

energy of I know better? Youmight not be saying that to your
partner, as a woman, but fuckhe's feeling that and your
transmission is offering thatyour posture, your energy,
right, the way you're holdingyourself, the undercurrent of
the words you're saying,literally thought is translating
to I know better. And an exampleof this could be, you know, his

packing the car, right? He'spacking the car with things. And
you've said to him, like, oh,you see you doing it that way?
Are you doing it that way?
Right. And that might seem likethe simplest thing. But um,

under that all you're doing itthat way is like, I'm
questioning because questioningyou because I don't believe the
way you're doing it is right,and I've got a better way to do
it. And I wouldn't have donethat way. And actually, there's
a part of me that wants you tostop doing that. So I can do it
my way. And it can be right. Andthat might seem really small.
But when there's like many, manymicro moments like this in a

partnership, really what this iscommunicating to your partner is
I don't believe in you. I don'ttrust you. And I know better
than you. And if we're thinkingof this analogy of like the
tree, do you think that'spowerful soil for the tree to
grow, for your man to grow. Andso many women are expressing,

excuse me, and communicating inthat way. And obviously, because
that's what we've been, that'swhat's been handed down to us,
from our mothers, or from popculture and TV or whatever it
is. Right? A lot of women arecommunicating in that way in
their relationships. So offeringthat transmission and

simultaneously holding this deepyearning to trust them in this
DVD yearning to feel like, oh,my gosh, I could just rest into
my man and he could he couldtake it. But they don't go with
they don't go hand in hand. Ifyou want that, if you want that

desire fulfilled, you mustchoose to be a nourishing woman,
you must choose to really becomeso devoted to clearing those
patterns, cleaning up thosepatterns of emasculation, and
coming into clean expressionwith your feminine and really
focusing on what kind ofenvironment I am I beam for my

Those micro moments are very,very important. And I think that
can like lean into like theclean feminine transmission. It
doesn't have to be this one biglike lavish performance of like,
You're so good. Like you're sogood. You're the best you I
believe in your you're thegreatest man that ever lived.

It's the micro moments. That'sall that's where the that's
where the mass, the mastery ofthis really comes online is in
the micro moments. And thosethose add up just like they do
when they are projection oremasculation. And that dripping
tab is is the way that youeither feed him or drown him.

And for me, that's like such animportant piece what you've
spoken to them I love and andthis is not to discredit if he
has dropped you in the past. Youknow, there's a whole other
concept of around like revealingyour hurt, which is not what
we're talking about today. But Ithink that I would like to speak
about that in because reallythat's a huge part of Kleenex
motioning,awesome. We're gonna speak about
that. And I didn't I didn't readthe intro to you. I didn't read

the notes either. I know it'scool. I'm glad we're gonna speak
about that then I thought thatwas gonna be a whole nother
another topic but that kind ofweaves into it as well as like,
he's not perfect. No one is. Butat the same time there's there's
there's both sides of kind oflike yeah, you can clean up that
that projection and start tofocus on the little things that
he is getting right andcelebrating and feeding him in
that way. And there's also goingto be this other vulnerable

expression where bringing itthrough cleanly bringing through
the pain or the hurt or thefeeling of being dropped by him
is you bring that through withan open heart as well. So this
there's a real there's a realvulnerability to both sides and
I think too is that when you dostart to do this and you feel
his his capacity to lead anddirect and command the space,

there is a level of you lettinggo of control. There is a level
of you surrendering and relaxingin To him, that is going to take
a little bit of time, especiallyif you've been more if you're
more on the other end of likeusing those projections to hold
him in this state of not goodenough, or I know better than

Yeah, so that's why those micromoments are important, because
they're going to slowly allowyou to transition from here to
I want to go into that cleanexpression, like in revealing
versus projection, would youlike to do that right now? Yeah,
let's do that right now. Butthat, just to like, recap, this
first point is a reallybeautiful question to ask

yourself is, like, do I think Iknow better, do I think are
better, and that is going to bereally confronting, and this can
be in moments where, you know,he's washing the dishes or
driving or, you know, like wesaid, these micro moments. And
to catch yourself in awe, Ithink kind of better than him

right now. What if, okay, if Ithink I know better, and I
follow that thread, that's goingto have a moment unfold in a
certain way. And that moment isprobably not going to lead to
deeper connection, that momentis probably not going to lead to
deep intimacy. If I'm thetransmission I'm bringing all
the way I'm meeting this him isI know better than you. Right?

Versus if you notice that and gookay. What if I didn't think I
knew better right now? What if,what if I actually, I had the
way I would do it, and he hasthe way he's, he's doing it. And
I trusted him his way, even if Idon't understand it, even if I
wouldn't choose that, like whatwould happen right now if I
trusted his way without havingto fucking understand it. And

that is the portal to deeperintimacy and connection, because
that is going to make your manfeel like a man feel like you
trust him. He's not gonna thengo like, fuck, okay, you do it.
Okay, like, I can't getanything. Right. That isn't that
is a nourishing environment.
When a man feels like I amtrusted in this space.

Can we before we move on, Ithink this is an important piece
too. Because you're if you arelistening, you're willing, like,
oh, fuck I, I do all of this.
There's going to be momentswhere you are going to drop
consciousness and potentiallyproject or emasculate there's
moments. Well, I'm just thinkingof the plants the other day to
tell that story, because this isthe example of how you fumbled

but then picked it up, picked itup. So I think this is important
too, because we're notexpecting, you know, women to
all of a sudden be theseperfect, little submissive, I'm
going to feed him everythingthat he needs. I'm going to be
the perfect little wife or theperfect little partner. It's
like you're, you're stillthere's still gonna be parts of
you that are a little bit sharpand edgy. But how do you soften

those and, and I guess, yeah,recover if you do project.
Yes. And this is where I want togo just off the back of that
clean expression doesn't meansweet, soft and surrounded,
clean expression is ownership ofthe expression, which we're
gonna go into in a moment. Butlet's tell the story of me
nagging you about the plants. Sowe just moved. And

we moved to Palm Beach, wemoved,
and Jacob did 99.99999% of themove. And you're amazing, like
you did so much. You didn't somuch, so much, so much. And then
maybe the day after we moved on.
It was a few days after wemoved. We were going to
Brisbane. And I was feelingemotional because it was my

grandmother's grandmother'scelebration of her life, she
passed away. And I was just hada morning when nothing felt like
it was going right. And I wasjust
I was driving to Brisbane inseparate cars. And I
don't lie I like when you driveand we had to take separate
cars. And so as I'm backing outof our driveway, I've looked
over to the right, and I see allmy plants that have been left

outside from the move and halfof them are dead or die. And I
literally called Jacob andagain, you were exhausted. You'd
showed up so deeply. You wereYeah, you've done so much. And I
in that moment felt the need tocall you and say what did they
say to you?

Did you know that all the plantsare dead you left them outside?
Do you never plan to dead youlive throughout time? And then
you What did you say you're likeyes, I did. I didn't realize
that and yeah, I didn't I didn'tdidn't realize that they were
going to die. I didn't realize Iwould die like quickly being out
in the sun. And then youwere like, are you okay? I was

like I'm just feeling a lot andit's okay. You can like don't
worry, you don't have to doanything.
And that's what it says it iListen, I can't do anything
about it right now because I'malmost in Brisbane. But um, I
can message that I was like Youmessage them? And you're like,
No, no, no, no, no, just just,I'm just. And it was kind of

like this like kind of tussle.
And I was like, Oh, I can't doanything about it right now. I'm
happy to say that. Yes, I didleave them outside. But I didn't
sort of I don'tknow what I was needing. I don't
know what I was expecting inthat moment. It was a part of me
that was just like, you didsomething wrong, you did
something wrong, and I need toshow you that you did something
wrong. And then I drove like,five minutes later, I was I
drove to a cafe doing some food,and then I messaged you being

like,would you message me? It was
really cute. Okay, do youunright it? I'll have a look.
I'll see if I wouldusually have cold you. But I
knew you were driving. And Iknew that I'd already Yeah,
usually I'd really like toapologize via message.
Did I say I'm sorry, I was rude.
I'm feeling really emotionaltoday. And I didn't realize it.
Thank you. Thanks for doing allyou do. You do so so so much for

me and us. And I'm so grateful.
That was the most epic recovery.
Because it was like, I didrealize as I drove, and I knew
in the moment that I drove off,and I was like, that was unfair.
I didn't need to do that. Afterhim, he spent you spent four

days of your life moving for us.
And I had appreciated you forthat. But that was not cool.
That was not respectful. Thatwas not, it was loving that was
not clean. It was it was I wantto show you that you're wrong.
And I'm right. And you shouldn'thave fucked up like that. And
so, yeah, to and this is one ofthe things we are deeply devoted

to, and we are such advocatesfor for you to practice. And
many of many of you do alreadypractices from listening. But
we're such big fans of like,owning when we fucked up and
even saying, like, Can I haveanother go of that? Right? All
coming in and just like aren'tlike the, the way that I owned
that of like, Hey, I'm sorry.

What's underneath that thatphone call was? I'm emotional,
feeling really emotional today?
And I'm sorry, that wasn't Iprojected that on you that
wasn't that wasn't yours tohave. And, you know, the truth
is, you do so much and Iappreciate you deeply.
That that like the I thinkthat's like if you do if it does
come into your awareness afterthe fact, you can, you can

actually send that message, youcan actually go back in and
speak those words and, likeclear the space. You don't have
to wait for your partner to comeback and say, Hey, what you'd
said was wrong and sort of playthis back and forth of who's
right who's wrong if you want torecover and reconnect in that
way you can, you canopt out of that right or wrong
dynamic in any fucking moment.

Exactly. Yeah. And I highlyrecommend you do. Whenever you
realize you're in that dynamicof I'm trying to be right, and
I'm trying to make my partnerwrong, like up to the fuck out.
It does not lead to deepintimacy, it does not lead to
deeper love or connection.
No way. And like that, likeafter that. I just I was like,

Oh, my loves is like, oh, notonly did I feel fed, I also knew
Hey, you're really emotionaltoday. Thank you for like giving
me some information that's goingto help me love you better. Like
there's a vulnerability in that.
It's like, oh, cool, I'm gonnago I'm gonna be here again. I
was and I was like, I'm showingup for you. I look after you.
And like, the difference in thatis like, if you hadn't have come
back with that there would havebeen a part of me and be like,

man, like, I can't I just can'tget it. Right. But in your your
message that followed that itwas like, Oh, she does see all
the things that I do. And she isgrateful for me and she's really
emotional. So yeah, that throughthe grace of humaneness, I'm
gonna, I'm gonna love you andreconnect and choose you again
and again and again. Andyou know, I could and this is

the piece I really want women tohear as well. So many women in
focus on he's not showing up,like even listening to this
conversation. Some people mightbe like, how do I respect him?
How do I appreciate him? Howlike, there's nothing he's doing
because so many fuck ups isdoing I can't trust him. There's

all these things that he's doingwrong and you know, X, Y, and
Zed. Yes, you can keep choosingto focus on that. Do do you want
to evoke more of that? Awesome.
Okay, keep focusing on thatepic. But you could also choose
to, and I'm not talking aboutletting things slide, slide or

biting your tongue. But I'mtalking about get off the ride
of holding him in deepresentment and holding like
looking through looking at yourpartner through the lens of
you're not getting it right. AndI'm going to show you where you
don't get a ride. And that's myjob actually to point out

everything that you're gettingwrong in our relationship. And
actually see if you can practicewow, like, there's so much to
appreciate here because I couldhave focused on you didn't do
the plant thing. Yeah, and If Iwould have let myself focus on
that, that could have consumedmy whole day, my whole week, you
you, you kill my plants, theywere expensive that you killed

my plans now I have to go backhome. But I didn't want to focus
on that, because you weredriving to Brisbane to support
my, my family set up for mygrandma's celebration of life
and MC and he just moved andlike, there was so many other
things for me to focus on andappreciate. You zoomed out, I
zoomed out Yeah, and like sooften and in no matter where

you're at in your relationship,I'm always kind of brutal about
this. If you're devoted toholding your partner in that
kind of resentment, get out.
Yeah, you want to stay in therelationship. You either turn
your focus to what you canappreciate. Right? Or you leave.

Otherwise you'll choose.
Otherwise, your choosing thatwhat was that? That was the
spirits of this house confirmingyour beautiful, beautiful
transmission? Sorry, yes. I alsowant to be like, I did, like,
the thing is like, I did leavethose plants out, I did end up
dying or are dying. And I didn'tdo that to hurt you. I didn't do

that on purpose. There's goingto be points where your partner
doesn't do everything the waythat you want them to do. And
it's like, it's not actually anattack ago, 90 Unless it's a
narcissistic tendency, which isvery, very nuanced. Like, a lot
of the things I do aren't tohurt you the things that I mess
up that just to me of, you know,I didn't, I didn't think about

that. And I wasn't aware ofthat. And I can take ownership
of that without being thinkingwithout being kind of a bad
person for not knowing thatit's, and these are the
conversations that you then getto like, oh, cool, like those
indoor plants, they did cost alot of money. And they aren't,
you know, you did buy them andthey were important to you and
cool. Alright, I now know thatabout those plants. You know,

I'm not I'm not hiding from thatlittle, you know, and we can
take that, and we can have anactual conversation about that
after the fact. But, yeah, Ithink that there's such an
important thing of zooming outand seeing the full, the full
picture. Yes, completely. Yeah,I just think that's important to
know that your partner if theydo trip up on something, or if
they do forget, or they're,they're not doing that to hurt

you. They're not doing that inan attempt to make your life
work. So you're uncomfortable.
And thisis also the part of trusting
him. Yeah, trusting that heloves you trusting that he wants
to love you better. So I need acough. Excuse me,
shall we switch gears and gointo the healing? I think

this is like part of that.
Because we even saw in thatexample, that underneath the
part of me that was nagging youabout the plan. So wanting to
show you that you were wrongabout the plans underneath that
was I'm emotional today. And I'mactually feeling it capacity
today. Yeah. And, and I'mstretched and I want love. And
so if we're looking at clean,feminine expression versus

projection, projection is, I'mfeeling something. And I'm going
to try and push that feelingonto you and blame you for that
feeling. Right? I'm driving outof the driveway. Ah, because I
was triggered by the plantsbecause that almost like set me
off. Like I was already feelingemotional. So it's always like,
this feeling is Jacob's fault.

I'm gonna call him and tell himthis feeling is his fault. Right
versus clean, feminineexpression is, okay, I'm feeling
this, he's done something andthere's a trigger there. Or this
has brought frustration into mybody or there's anger here, or
there's something that's comealive. But instead of pointing

my finger and being like, You'reto blame, and you did this and
you're wrong, right? We ask thequestion, what's underneath
that? Like, what's underneaththat? What's underneath that? Or
another way I like to put thisis under every complaint is a
desire. So the complaint aboutthe plant underneath that was

all actually I just really wantlove today. That's my that's my
desire. Can you can you liketreat me train enough to make
you look after me today? Yeah.
And so this is part of if we'dlike circling back to the
conversation about being anourishing woman and being a
nourishing environment for foryoung men. This is one of the
ultimate practices to startcleaning up where you are

projecting and switching that orbeginning to be in the practice
of cleanly expressing youremotions. And one of the reasons
why I want to really teach thisis because I'm the women come to
me to be fully expressed.
Right? They do me They claim tobe full spectrum woman, they

write letters from women. That'sthat's the work I do in the
world. It's like I'm teachingwomen how to be in their full
expression, especially aroundrelationships. But some women
take that to mean I am a fullspectrum woman, I'm going to be
fully expressed in myrelationship with a fuck this
man. Yeah, that means anythinggoes that means I can be in my
dragon, my inner dragon and belike you did this and you did

this. And yes, it's all aboutwelcoming my rage. So I'm going
to bring my rage. And I'm goingto aim it at him. But that's not
the what the fuck I'm talkingabout. Right? Yes, your rage is
welcome in your relationship.
Yes, your frustration. Yes, allof you is welcome. But it's
welcome. When you own it, whenyou take responsibility for it

in your body. It's not welcome.
When you're blaming, you'rebringing that rage and you're
spitting it at your partner andtelling, you're the one that did
this, and you make me feel likethis. No. One of my greatest one
of the greatest lines that Iuse, and I teach to move from
projection, which is reallyoutward facing, you're to blame,

you did this, you're the reasonwhy I'm feeling rage, anger,
frustration, disappointment,whatever it is, versus clean,
feminine expression is owningthe emotion. So saying, oh,
there's anger in my body rightnow. I'm feeling frustration
coming alive in my body rightnow. Versus you did this and I'm

angry or just raging at yourpartner and pointing the finger
and being like, you didn'tunstack the dishwasher
correctly, or you killed myplants, right? versus actually
clean feminine expression iswhen we reveal, it's like we let
our partner in. And what I couldhave said is I could have called

you and said, Hey, I'm feelingreally emotional today. And I've
just, I've just gotten in thecar, and I've looked at the sign
and I sold all my plants aredead. And I want to cry. And I'm
feeling a bit of anger andfrustration that my clients are
dying, andI cannot blame you. And I know
you've done a lot, but you killmy plants.

The expression of like, nothiding that, but also not. Not
projecting that. And it's areveal. Yeah. And
I think this is like sometimes alittle bit of the harsh exterior
that I know, women can can sortof sort of embody is like, I

can't, I can't let you in. Ican't submit to this, this
feeling within me as emotionalsaying, Hey, I am feeling this.
And hey, I kind of need youtoday. I need you to show up for
me today I need and that is avery vulnerable thing. Because
you're asking for help. You'reasking for support. And in the

landscape of the modern worldwhere everyone's independent,
everyone's affairs boss, babe,they can do whatever she wants,
and doesn't need anyone to helpher. Which, you know, I
celebrate the power of women.
And I think women are here tolead and guide in steward in
this new new paradigm, ofcourse, but to deny the gifts
that a man is here to give youbecause you do not feel because
you are not able to submit tothe deeper feelings within your

feminine core is to denyyourself, the, you know, the
thing that you wish to receivethe most.
Yeah, and it's, it's, I think atthe core of that, it's like,
it's counterintuitive, like ifyou don't have a desire to feel
really deeply received and heldby a man. And if you don't have

a desire to feel the power ofyour man, like you don't have to
practice any of the ship, go onwith how you going. But if
you're deeply there's a yearningin your body of like, I want to
feel my man's power and I wantto I want to feel met by him.
And I want to feel I want tofeel taken care of if that is a
deep yearning, these, these arepieces that you must practice,

because this is part of youcreating that CO creating that
experience, because it's notjust about him, even though we
sometimes want to go he's notstepping up. I'm not feeling
taken care of. It's his issue.
No, you It's part you are a deeppart of that environment. I
truly believe every singlefucking man has the capacity.
Every heterosexual man has thecapacity to be that for a woman.

Yes. And yes, there in a work isimportant. Yes. But also, one
woman could diminish that partof a man so deeply. So he does
not bring that part of himforward. And another woman could
call forth. That part of him.

Oh, right. And so I think it istruly again, I'm going to
reiterate that we as women, wereally realizing like, I'm part
of the environment, like the wayI'm speaking to my man, the
posture I'm taking, am Ioffering him touch? Like, how am
I nourishing him, so that he'sable to be what I deeply yearn

for as well.
And this comes back to the piecethat you said, if you can't find
the capacity to do that in yourrelationship, then get the fuck
out. Amen. And that's the thatcan be a really sobering truth.
But you're also holding yourselfback from the relationship you
want. And same with yourpartner. So that's, that's a

Yeah, that's really, really wellput my love. Have a little drink
of water. Yeah, I'vegot this little cough. Um, I
want to offer some more examplesbefore we close up. And I'm just
thinking about what examples Iwant to use
Zoom. We close out the podcast.
Yeah, yeah. Okay. Did you wantto talk about like, revealing
your hurt? Yeah, that's Yeah, Ithink a little deeper into that.

Yeah. So I think some otherexamples of the way we can
project as women is, yeah, whenwhen not getting what we want
when, you know, our partnerisn't showing up for us. Or
there's we're feelingdisappointed when not feeling
met in certain things. And sooften, when that is happening in

relationship, the pattern women,many women come into is, I'm
gonna either huff and puff, andstay silent, but like,
energetically show him that I'mpissed off, but I'm not going to
tell him, I'm not going to tellhim what I'm disappointed about.
I'm not going to, I'm not goingto actually express what's
there. But I'm going to staysilent and close my heart and my

body to him. Hopefully hopingthat he understands that his
fucked up, which is basicallyI'm going to, I'm going to
withhold my love. Yep. From him.
As a punishment, hedoesn't get access to me and I'm
not I'm putting up this isalmost like I'm closing off to
him. Yeah, turning off the Yeah.
And when you do that, as a womanthat is not ever going to lead

to deep intimacy and you gettingwhat you want from your man, you
feeling more deeply mate, youfeeling more deeply nourished
you feeling taken care of,because huffing and puffing or
staying silent and withdrawingor withholding is offering him
no information on how to betterlove you or how to better show
up for you. Similarly, if yourpattern is to, I'm disappointed,

he hasn't done all of thesethings. I'm actually going to
nag or I'm going to tell him howwrong he is. I'm going to tell
him that he's not doing enough.
Right, I'm gonna focus on whathe's not doing. I'm gonna tell
him you don't do this, right?
Why'd? Why don't I've got to doall of these things. You don't
do this, right? I've got to doit myself. If that's the vibe,

again, that's also never gonnalead to you feeling more deeply
connected to your partner, oryou getting what you want.
Because again, there's noinformation in that on how he
can better love you. Or if thereis information, it is wrapped in
this. This is how you cansupport me better but you're not

doing enough and I don't trustyou that's wrapped in barbed
wire. Yeah, so that man doesn'twant to take that information
that man actually wants to gofuck you to that information.
He'll he'll who want to go fuckyou. But quite often what he'll
do is he'll just he'll close offas well he'll he'll become cold,
he will retreat and, and pushyou away eventually as well.

Yeah. And so really, the way ifyou're a woman that desires to
feel fully met and feel takencare of and get what you want in
your relationship, the only paththere is to reveal, like, what
is alive for you in a clean way.
I can claim feminine expression,which is really, you know, if

there is something you want togive an example of something
of, of what have claimedfeminine expression.
Do you want to give me anexample of when I like someone
could be pissed off?
Say that one of the one of the Ithink something is so so across

the board is saying I'll be homeat five and then I don't get
home at five and I don'tcommunicate
Yeah, so you've come home a fewhours late later than you said
you would be 45 and I'm and I'mupset you know, I could either
huff and puff and I couldwithdraw and withhold hoping
that you're gonna get thatyou've done something wrong and
I'm upset or as soon as you gethome and I could I can say you

really late night dinner on thetable and like I kind of like it
kind of trust you and you do allthese things and where have you
been under You know, I haddinner ready and the like this,
like, projecting anger, orrevealing in this moment would
be you arrive home. And likewhat's alive for me? I'm gonna

just let you into my heart inthat moment, which is, hey, I
cooked I worked really hard fordinner tonight. I actually put
it on the table at 530. And thenyou didn't get home. And I'm
feeling really upset. There'slots of sadness in my body and
frustration, because I preparedand then you didn't arrive home.

And I was really looking forwardto spending time with you. Yeah,
that one.
Underneath the desert, what'sunderneath the complaint with
that was the desire of, youknow, I was really excited for a
night just the two of ustogether, no.
You can tell we've had thisconversation before,
without our phones, just likethe two of us. And so, you know,

you can then hear that theinformation of ah, that's what
you wanted. You're not I'm not abad little boy for coming home
late. I'm, I, I actually, shedesired she desired quality time
with me,and that there is going to
sting. But it's going to stingbecause it's true. So that's a
really important thing is like,Ah, I said, we have it five,

it's now 630. And I didn'tcommunicate otherwise. And this
woman is wanting to love me andspend time with me. And I've
I've dropped her. And she'srevealing her hurt and revealing
what the deeper desire was andhow important that is to her.
Like that is clean as it's stillgoing to sting. But it's clean.
There's nothing for me to attachto or to defend because it's,

it's it's a truth. And it's init's the truth of your heart. So
I can't deny it. Yeah. I lovethat little dog and you keep
talking a littledog is barking outside

okay. Oh, he needed John. Thenhe's jumped over all the podcast
chords. Good boy.
I believe he's training us forhe's training us for parenthood,
I'm sure.
Oh my gosh, hello, now you're onyou're gonna be on the YouTube
video. Django.
You're on the video. But, um,yeah, so

this clean expression is reallya few things here. If you're
wanting to practice this, what'swhat's underneath? What's
underneath this, like if mypattern was usually to nag or
complain or just like projectileblame? Like, what's underneath
that? And if I wasn't trying tobe right, right now, if I wasn't

trying to show my partner howthey fucked up. Like, what's
actually the truth under that,that when you become diverted to
that truth when you becomedevoted to the art of revealing
like truly revealing I'm justnervous that he's gonna grab the
code. Sorry, guys, oh, man,let's have a puppy.

When you become devoted to theart of revealing this is true,
this will truly change thefabric of your relationship,
this will this will truly shiftthe transmission that your man
is offering you in therelationship like you will

receive a different man, if youhave had patterns of nagging
emasculating or just giving himthe silent treatment and
withholding and holdingresentment in your body. If you
begin to practice this, andtruly being a woman that brings
her desires into herrelationship cleanly, like this
is huge. Being a woman thatshares her desires, like hey, I

would desire even with theplants I could have, I could
have been shared with you. Oreven if I didn't want to share
the hurt if that didn't triggerme, I could say he would really
love you to bring those plantsinside. I want to look after
them again. I want to bring themback to life. I would really
love if you would be able tobring these plants inside for
me. I'd love to. Right insteadof even put the plants inside in

the dead. Right this like thisinvitation like again with that
with that knowingness that yourman wants to love you. Okay, I
can I can bring my desires forthbut it's my job to bring my
desires forth cleanly withoutthis energetic of, I'm going to
ask for this thing and you'reactually probably not going to

going to even do it. I'm goingto ask for this thing. And
actually, I don't trust you todo it and I'll just do it
myself. Like so off. In ourdesires, as women in
relationship are then wrapped upin expectation, or conditions,
or just this, like, I don'tactually believe that you can do

it. Let's see if Yeah, let's letlet let you prove my theory,
right? Yes, I'm gonna watch youprove that I'm right about this
and you're gonna fuck this up, Iwant to speak, just really want
to land the piece around. Also,what if something is deeply
important to you and yourpartner keeps dropping the ball

on that like for me, that wholelike not being on time, that was
a big thing that I didn't, Ididn't respect time the way that
you did. And I did becausequality time wasn't as strong as
a strong love language as as itis for you. When you shared
multiple days, a couple of timeswhere I dropped the ball, and

that new actually revealed, Hey,I like spending time with you.
And when you tell me that you'regoing to spend time with me or
that you're going to be home ata certain time, I get really
excited. It brings me alive, Iget I look forward to it. And
then when you don't communicatethat it's changed, and then I'm
sitting here waiting for you. Ifeel really hurt. I feel really
upset. Because I was because Iwas because you told me that

you'd be home at this time. AndI was really looking forward to
that. So one of the things herethat's really clean is like if
something's important to you,and your partner isn't able to
honor that. That conversation isreally important. Because I'm
guessing 9.9 times out of 10,your partner does want to love
you better, they might just notbe aware or have the same value

on the thing that you have.
Yeah. And to be honest, I don'treally value indoor plants. I
don't I don't I don't like it'snot something that I can easily
not have any plants and insideit and be completely okay with
that. But even just on thispodcast, like using odd, I could
have said hey, can you bringthose plants I don't wanna look
after them. I could have in thatmoment be like, Oh, of course

Meg likes indoor plants. I justin my mind, it doesn't, it
doesn't even register. But now Ican be aware of that. I can do
better. And I can continue tolove you better and deepen with
you. So really like a lot of thetime makes told you beneath
beneath the complainers adesire. And a desire is
something that's important toyou. Yeah, it's something that

you want. It's like this isimportant to me. And I know it's
vulnerable for me to share this.
But it's going to mean avulnerability is is is a doorway
to deep connection, it issomething that's going to give
you give you access to yet towhat you really want. Yeah.
Turn a comment to wrapping thisup. Yeah, let's

wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap itup.
So I think if you're a womanwanting to practice this, I want
to just like reiterate some ofthe main pieces. We gave, like
some really specific examples.
But I think beyond that, likethe overarching piece here is
can you let go of this idea thatyou know better than your
partner? Like the main piecehere is, can you offer your

partner your trust, right? Thatis nourishing to a man and
anyone but specifically a man inrelationship. And if we're
again, going back to that treeanalogy, like that's powerful,
motherfucking soil, a woman thattrust him in, and he's

communicating that and he'sposturing that and he's having
that in her energetictransmission, like that is
powerful soil for a man to rise,and man to deepen into his
masculine power, a man to comealive, like in the relationship
and outside of it truly a manthat is backed by a woman, a man

that feels such deep trust fromhis woman, like trust in that
like she trusts him and hisdecisions and his capacity in
the world. That's an unstoppableman.
And in a world continually tellsmen that they're toxic and that

they're, they're bad and thatthey're wrong. Like there is a
narrative of that that floatsaround. Imagine what it would be
like for you to be the catalystfor him to create a new story
about himself. Imagine what kindof mentioned what kind of man he
would become and who he would,who he would be honoring and
revering and offering gratitudeto if you were that woman, like

that is so fucking powerful.
Because yeah, there's gonna be aworld out there that tells you
you're not good enough until youthat you need to fit this box do
this thing do that do that dothat. And men are subject to
that their entire lives. You'vegot to have a bigger house a
bigger fucking car or a betterfucking job more money in the
bank to be good enough. And thisis a sacred duty that you get to

you really get to own if youwant to in your relationship as
you get to be the one thatreminds him of his greatness and
what he's capable of throughthat, that feeding and
nourishing him as he grows intothe great big fucking oak tree
that is the big cedar tree andhe provides the shade for you
and your children and a lifethat you've created. And like,
this is the you feed him and hewill feed the life that you guys

have always fucking wanted. Andhe'll serve you until his last
fucking until his dying breaths.
Yes. And this is the you know,this is the piece that you know,
if you feed a man in this way,he will, he will, he will devote
himself and he will commit like,like no man ever has before to
you, and everything that youdesire. Yeah. And it'll be

fucking beautiful. It'll befucking beautiful. And you'll be
sitting one Sunday afternoon inthe house that you fucking call
a home with the people that youlove eating food that is
delicious. And you'll look overit and be like, fuck, we did
this together. And that's thebeautiful thing about
relationships is that you get todo this together, you get to
rise together and create a lifetogether. And I'm just such an

advocate for for for women whocan love him and where he's at,
and see what he's capable of andcall him into that with this
feeding with this nourishing,feminine transmission. I'm
fucking I'm an advocate for thatbecause I've been such a such a
recipient of it and it's changedmy fucking life.
Yeah, and I'm I'm I'm so here tohelp women love men really well,

because it's, it's gamechanging, like what you call
forth. A man that's loves reallywell by a woman, like I just
said, is unstoppable. A man thatis loved really well by a woman.
Like, what he can bring to her,but also to the world is next
fucking level. What how he canshow up to his children like all

of it, all of it, all of it, allof it.
One more thing.
And so again, I just want tolike offer the women that are
really wanting to practice this,just a few final things, please,
I beautiful one liner topractice and if this is new to
you, and if you know like, Fuck,this has been a confronting
conversation, I want to getbetter at being the nourishing

soil for my man. What I'm aboutto say is probably going to
trigger you. But what I want towhat I want you to practice is
when it feels appropriate,saying the line. I trust you. I
trust you. So if he asked you,What are you What do you want to
do this weekend? Or what shouldwe I'm I want to take us you
know, I want to have dinner likewhatever kind of question.

I want to get to you thisweekend. Where do you want to
go? I trust you. I trust you.
If you definitely have apreference,
I trust you. You could say Itrust you. I know your
preference. Like no.
But I'm saying if you this isyou can't What am I saying?
Yeah, I'm saying that you can'tthen hall I trust you and then

have the preference of he betterchoose Indian. And then when
it's not Indians on Saturdaynight, hold him in. You fucked
up and you did? Right. Yeah, soright. So so it can be Mexican.
I feel like either Indian orMexican. You choose? I trust

you. Right. But so there's likethis.
When you do like Indian, again.
I love even when we're at themarkets yesterday, I said to
you, I want to I want a coffee.
And you know, I have like arange of different coffees I
drink. And I said to you, Ididn't want to decide. And I was
just like, you choose. That'sjust you. And so Jacob brought

me back my coffee. And so thesemight this. This is such a
beautiful way of like,practicing and offering your man
this opportunity to feeltrusting or feel trustworthy.
And yeah, like, show his love toyou. And I just love that. And
I think those micro moments likechoosing the coffee choosing

dinner, like they're notmassive, life altering
experiences, like they're notgoing to change the entire
course of your life in that onemoment. But those they're the
micro moments that we spokeabout at the start where like, I
feel like something like Indianor Thai or Mexican. Like I'm
pretty, I'm actually pretty. I'mopen to anything you choose for

us. You can create that likethat dinner if he chooses
Indian. And you're like, ohfuck, I wish we had Mexican and
like, is that actually a bigdeal? Like that's a micro moment
of him choosing and you get tobe aware of that. And it's like,
next week, you can go, you cango somewhere else like these are
the micro biomes where you getto really practice.
You've got to be willing to thenpractice the embodiment of

trust. It's not enough to justsay I trust you. Then you have
to bring your body along for theride and this is really the you
embodiment practice of becominga woman that is able to love a
man really well is that you aregoing to meet every single part
of you that's like, Oh my God,no, I don't trust him, oh my
God, no, he's gonna fuck it up,oh my God, no, I want to choose

and I feel so much morecomfortable choosing, like,
you're gonna, you're gonna haveto meet and feel all of those
parts of yourself in order tofully become a woman that's able
to trust her man deeply. Andagain, if that's not the path
you want to take, if you don'twant your man to have moments of
deep leadership, if you don'twant to feel taken care of, if

you don't want to feel fully metin these ways in partnership,
you don't have to buck inpractice any of this. But if
that's a deep yearning for you,then you must be willing to meet
and clean up these patterns, youmust be willing to feel and be
with the parts of yourself thatwant to stay in control. And,
yeah, don't want to trust him.
That's a that's a part of themotherfucking ride.

It takes work, but it'sdefinitely worth it. It doesn't
take like this, this is gonnatake effort.
I'm sorry. I don't know. Ijust like, like, I just think
like, yeah, like, yeah, it'sgonna take effort. But it's
like, for me, I just think that,you know, there's so many men
and women that we've workedwith, that have reaped the
benefits of this, this exactpractice and they put the effort

in. And they like you said, ifyou actually want this, here it
is. If you don't, that's okay.
But like, if you do want it,like, here's the opportunity,
here's the way to do it. Andjust Yeah, literally rinse and
repeat. Keep practicing, keepputting in the effort and find,
find the find the clarity, cleanup the transmission and bring it
through. Oh, yes.

Okay, my love's have beenpracticing. Let us know how you
go. And we'll see you back herenext week.
See you soon. Bye, love ya. Yo,yo, yo, thank you so much for
tuning in to another episode ofsex, love and everything in
between. Now if you'd like tostay connected with Megan, I You

can head on over to Instagramand follow me at the Jacob
O'Neill and where can peoplefind you lover
at the dot mag dot o amazingand yeah, guys, check out the
show notes for all otherinformation in regards to what
we've got coming up. And yeah,we're super super grateful that
you guys for taking the time tolisten in to this podcast. If

you do have any topics or anyquestions, like I said, hit us
up on Instagram and we'll seewhat we can do. Apart from that
have a beautiful, beautiful restof your day. Thanks for being
here. Big Big Love.
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Who Killed JFK?

Who Killed JFK?

Who Killed JFK? For 60 years, we are still asking that question. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's tragic assassination, legendary filmmaker Rob Reiner teams up with award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien to tell the history of America’s greatest murder mystery. They interview CIA officials, medical experts, Pulitzer-prize winning journalists, eyewitnesses and a former Secret Service agent who, in 2023, came forward with groundbreaking new evidence. They dig deep into the layers of the 60-year-old question ‘Who Killed JFK?’, how that question has shaped America, and why it matters that we’re still asking it today.

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.

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