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Longevity, Erectile Dysfunction, and Functional Wellness With Dr. Tracy Gapin - Sexually Speaking with Shannon

Sexually Speaking with Shannon

Do you sometimes feel like you are working so hard for your job and taking care of others, that you don’t know what to do to take care of yourself? And even if you did…when would you do it?!

Or maybe you are watching your partner working overtime and you feel like there is no time left for you and your family? You know they mean well, trying to provide for the family…but in the end, you see the depleted person that you love that is exhausted. 

And even when they are around, it’s like they are there physically, but they aren’t fully present. 

My guest, Dr. Tracy Gapin found himself in a similar situation and he is here to tell us about his transformation after his wife encouraged him to get help. That simple request changed the trajectory of his life and the lives of many others. 

After taking responsibility for his own health, he opened the Gapin Institute to offer personalized paths to help men maximize sexual health, testosterone levels, and prostate health. 

Dr. Gapin wants others to find their path to fulfillment, performance, and presence in life. He also wrote a book called Male 2.0: Cracking the code to limitless health and vitality where he breaks down the tangible concepts you can implement in your life. 

We cover longevity, erectile dysfunction, and functional wellness tips on how to not just live longer, but live better! 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this conversation!

In this episode:

01:45 – Dr. Gapin shares how he found human optimization and high performance

03:30 – What is longevity? Healthspan versus lifespan

04:40 – Dr. Gapin discusses performance medicine

06:05 – How do all of these things relate to sexual health?

09:10 – Dr. Gapin explains what optimal performance and biohacking is

11:15 – Dr. Gapin shares the changes he implemented and how they made his life better

16:20 – What is Dr. Gapin’s Why?

18:00 – What are some of the things that Dr. Gapin does to prioritize his relationship with his wife over taking care of others?

20:40 – Dr. Gapin discuss some basic health problems and simple habits to support performance optimization

22:50 – Dr. Gapin talks about his book, Male 2.0 -

24:50 – What is high performance?

26:10 – Dr. Gapin shares some of the things that inspired him in his journey

Lifespan by David A. Sinclair -

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie -

26:30 – Dr. Gapin talks about the programs that they offer and how simple coaching helps men achieve a high performance

Dr. Gapin’s Website:

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Longevity, Erectile Dysfunction, and Functional Wellness With Dr. Tracy Gapin - Sexually Speaking with Shannon