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Becoming a School Social Worker? Here’s What You Should Know... | Ft Jocelyn Sailor - Social Work Insider

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Have you ever considered becoming a School Social Worker? 

My guest today, Jocelyn, makes a special appearance in today's episode to give you the inside scoop.

Listen in as we discuss all things related to career advice for upcoming Social Workers, Jocelyn's unique take on self-care, how Jocelyn stepped into the world of entrepreneurship, and what it's like to be a School Social Worker.

During this episode, Jocelyn shares her insights into:

  • How to determine what population/setting to work with a new/recent Social Work grad 
  • What it's like to work as a School Social Worker and practicing Self-Care
  • How she got into the world of entrepreneurship 
  • ... and more!

Here's what you should know about Jocelyn:

Jocelyn Sailor, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts. She is a wife, mom, full-time school social worker going into her 9th year, and a part-time therapist at her family’s private practice. She is also the owner of School Social Work Solutions LLC.

She empowers school social workers to position themselves to be the mental health expert in their school by creating boundaries, developing systems and implementing radical self-care. She created the School Social Work Solutions Academic Resource Planner to help school social workers level up in their daily work life while providing a wealth of mental health resources to reference when feeling stuck. 

In addition, she created the @schoolsocialworksolutions platform on Instagram. School Social Work Solutions is where mental health, education, and wellness intersect. She shares best practices, tips, resources, and conducts weekly lives spotlighting the amazing work School Social Workers do.

More details about School Social Work Solutions:


Instagram: @schoolsocialworksolutions


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Becoming a School Social Worker? Here’s What You Should Know... | Ft Jocelyn Sailor - Social Work Insider