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Soul of Innovation

The Soul of Innovation podcast motivates and inspires you to do more every day. Personal stories that make you reflect on your life. Thank you for using your valuable time to listen to me inspiring you! (Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer)


March 20, 2023 7 min

Every day someone is watching you.  Someone is looking at you and saying to themselves, I want to be like you.  You might not think so but when you walk down the street, go into a store, or buy a newspaper, people are watching you and they are modifying their lives to emulate you.

Now that you know this.  How will you walk down the street tomorrow?  You are a role model.  Be proud and make a positive difference in s...

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Life is sometimes overwhelming.  Things happen, emotions run high, events take you out of your comfort zone and you are left with a feeling of exhaustion, physically and mentally.  For physical recovery, that is just rest.  For mental recovery, what do you do?

We don't think enough about our mental health.  What we mentally need to be the amazing person that we are.  Your mental health should not be taken for grante...

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February 26, 2023 8 min

Time travel is not that difficult.  All you have to do is do something that you are so proud of that you just want to smile and skip down the street for the rest of the day.  You want to hug everyone you meet.  You want to share with them your joy and pride in how you feel.

Do you want to feel this way too?  Then be open to criticism.  Be open to growing from the advice of others that is given to make you a better p...

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February 24, 2023 6 min

A woman smiled at me from across a restaurant.  It mesmerized me.  It stopped me in my tracks.  Why?  Because she was not afraid to show her love for the moment.  Her love for life itself.  

When was the last time you smiled and made someone's day?  When was the last time you smiled without thinking of anyone else but you and the person you are smiling at too?

Make my day.  Make your life.  Smile at someone a...

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Being amongst some of the most powerful people in the world taught me that having a calm soul is key to being complete.  Having inner peace with who I am and what I am is critical to finding inner peace.   Inner peace is where we are supposed to be all day, every day.  It is the vibration that we want the world to see and feel when they meet you.

Let go of your concerns, let go of your problems, let go of the noise ...

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Who sets the rules for what you can do and what you can say?  Who told you that you are to be serious during the day and get drunk at night?  Who is this person who is dictating your life?

Do you remember when you were a child and there were no rules or limitations on how much fun you could have?  Your imagination and curiosity took a boring tree stick and turned it into King Arhtur's sword that saved a village!  Wh...

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With all the things happening simultaneously in our lives, with all the calls, meetings, kids, spouses, friends, appointments, etc., happening all the time, it is impossible to be able to make the best decisions all the time, but there is a way.  Sometimes it is best to do nothing.

When you slow down your life, when you eliminate all the noise and chaos, you will see clearly what and where you should be.  You will h...

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We all have dreams of being someone special.  To someday achieve an amazing goal or do something special.  In that dream, you can see yourself achieving that goal.  That is too limited!

Your dreams and vision of yourself seeing yourself doing something incredible should be so big, so unthinkable that you can not possibly see yourself doing it, but you can feel yourself achieving it!  Your thoughts are limiting your ...

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Do you realize how many people that could have changed your life, walked by you without you noticing?  Do you realize that the person you were meant to be with sat next to you but you did not take the time to notice them?  Do you realize how much of life is happening to you and for you but you are not experiencing it because you are hunched over looking at your mobile phone?

Before mobiles, we enjoyed the pleasure o...

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Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling down?  Feeling depressed or sad about your life and your situation?   There is a quick way to change your mood to something more positive.

Think of someone you love who has passed on.   You will instantly realize that your sorrow is nothing compared to your lost and your loss of losing them.

You are so lucky.  Us every moment you have to be happy and full of love,  Y...

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January 8, 2023 14 min

What would happen to you emotionally?  Mentally?  If you found out that the version of you that you have fantasized about being the world's greatest dancer, astronaut, basketball player, singer, etc. was not meant to be?  What would you do?  I know what I did when I realized I would not be the greatest Formula 1 race car driver, I celebrated by Optimizing My Now!

Who you are today is the person you were meant to be....

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I was having my first conversation of the new year and I realized that because I have had time to relax and not get caught up on nonimportant things, I connected with a complete stranger.  The call was to be a business call, but he was also still in holiday spirits.   What was supposed to be a business call has turned into a friendship.

Why?  Because we were ourselves.  The three minutes we spent on business were po...

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To move ahead in life, a job, a marriage, or anything, we must first let go of the past.  

Let go of people who have held you back, let go of family members who have held you back through guilt, trauma, selfishness, etc., let go of groups, clubs, and ideologies that have previously shaped who you were, and let go of anything that represents a hold on your life.

This critical life ritual is necessary for you t...

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December 3, 2022 11 min

How often do you have negative thoughts?  How do you stop yourself from having negative thoughts?  It is difficult.

What I have realized is that negative thoughts can be overcome with a positive, happy thought of self.  What is your positive, happy image of yourself?  When was the last time you felt really good about yourself?  These thoughts or memory is your happy place.  It is the kryptonite to negative thoughts....

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Just came back from a trip to NYC, and I experienced the difference between the rich and the poor.  Yes, the difference is money, but the major difference is that the poor do not see a way out.  The poor can not imagine the options and possibilities life has to offer them.  They are mentally poor and starving but don't know that they are.

Are you mentally poor? Is one day like the next day?  Is fo, you are mentally ...

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Almost every day you have to make some type of decision.  Some decisions are bigger than others, and some are so big that you don't know who to ask to get help.  The person you need to speak to is yourself.

In this episode, I will take you into a meditation session and help you to reach a state of inner peace so you can think more clearly to make the big decision you need to make.

Find a quiet place to listen...

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Hope is something we take for granted.  We don't realize that millions of people wake up daily without hope.  Without any options.  Without anyone.  It's horrible to be hopeless.

Poverty is a mindset, but until you realize that you can crawl out of that mindset, it will attempt to kill you and those you love.  Be grateful for who you are.  The situation that you are in and the food that you eat.  Many people have no...

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Do you ever think what are the ramifications of your decisions?  What it does to other people and their lives?  Have you ever hesitated and thought to yourself, what is the cost of my actions?

Today, everyone through the power of social media has the power to change governments, people's perceptions and thoughts, and most importantly, change the lives of a single person without their involvement forever more.  With ...

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September 19, 2022 12 min

Remember being a child?  Innocent pure, full of love.  That is who you were and still are today.  You were kind from birth and looked after everyone that looked after you.  You thought only good thoughts and loved everything and everyone.

Today, you are not that person.  You are an accumulation of experiences, disappointments, heartbreaks, and mistakes that affect who you are.  It is not too late to reconnect to tha...

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Change is inevitable. Life is never going to be the same again. You will have no control over what is coming.   Oh my God, what's going on?   These are all words we scream out when change happens to us, not by us.  

I say, "bring it on!"  What is life without spontaneous disruption of our comfort zones? With change comes growth, experiences, new perspectives, and wisdom.   Change is hard. It's fierce. It's independe...

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