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S1E9 - A Conversation About Oneness, Featuring Danny Rongo - Spirituality & Consciousness

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This is a spirited conversation between Raymond Posch, podcast host, and author Danny Rongo, author of the book I Am God (and So Are You My Friend): A Common Man's Guide to Oneness. Both of us believe strongly in the need for oneness among all people and, in fact, that we are innately part of a Oneness of all Beings. But, unfortunately, humans are out of touch with our natural part in shared God-consciousness which Oneness is, and therefore all of the divisiveness and wrongness in the world is calling us to awaken and find a new approach to how we live and behave. We must return to Oneness, and when we do, we will shift the world from dis-unity to connection, harmony, love, and peace. But it begins with individuals choosing to think differently. See the transcript for this episode on SpiritualIndiesOnly.com, and download episode audio, transcript, and show notes. You can learn more about me at RaymondPosch.com. You can learn more about Danny at DannyRongo.com.

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