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May 6, 2024 59 mins

In this episode, hosts Will Sanchez and Dr. Grant Garcia are joined by special guest Dr. Reza Jazayeri, orthopedic surgeon and Founder of, for an enlightening discussion on the revolutionary impact of amino acids in pre and post-surgery care.

One of our favorite quotes from Dr. Jazayeri is: "If you're going to do something that is going to work, it has to be simplified." His groundbreaking research on amino acids has yielded remarkable results for his patients, reflecting a significant synergy between his expertise and the science. The immensely positive outcomes observed in patients underscore the efficacy of his approach and highlight the transformative impact of amino acid supplementation in surgical recovery.

Pre-habilitation Pro Tips: Dr. Jazayeri shares insights on how he pre-habilitates all his ACL surgery patients, emphasizing the importance of nutritional assessment and implementing strategies like blood flow restriction exercises to optimize muscle strength before surgery.

Amino Acids: The Game Changer: Discover how pre-operative amino acid infusion can mitigate nutrient drop post-surgery, allowing for quicker recovery. The hosts break down a simplified three-week amino acid supplementation plan, starting one week before surgery and continuing for three weeks after.

Future of Surgeries: Get a glimpse into the future of surgical procedures, where immediate weight-bearing after surgery could become the new norm, promoting faster and safer recovery. Learn about the potential of starting amino acid supplementation at the time of injury and seamlessly integrating it into the rehab process.

Innovative Strategies: Explore intraoperative amino acid supplementation and the use of BFR (blood flow restriction) both pre and post-operation. Dr. Jazayeri discusses the role of peptides in later-stage recovery, offering insights into optimizing outcomes.

Tune in to Sports Doc Talk for an insightful discussion on how amino acids are reshaping the landscape of surgical recovery and what the future holds for orthopedic care.

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