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March 10, 2024 23 mins

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In this episode we’re cross-examining a recent warning from Canada's Competition Bureau that has businesses buzzing and reevaluating their online review strategies. The Bureau has put the spotlight on the potential bias of employee-generated reviews and testimonials, signaling a need for companies to monitor these contributions closely.

Yet, in the realm of internal communications, encouraging employees to be brand champions is considered foundational. So, where does the line between advocacy and bias lie?

And it isn’t just Canada moving in this direction. There are signs the United States, UK, and Australia may be too.

How can organizations navigate this complex landscape?

Listen For
4:32 Is it Still Legal for Your Employees to Leave Reviews Without Declaring They are Employees?
10:37 This is Happening in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia
15:43 The Role of Disclosure in Employee Reviews
18:38 Influencers and Native Advertising Ethics

Guests: Gavin Tighe and Stephen Thiele
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