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Episode 17: Reboot, Restart with Michael DeLuca - Strength For Your Purpose Podcast

Strength For Your Purpose Podcast

Michael DeLuca is a Certified Personal and Business Excellence Coach and the founder of Integrative Wellness and Development LLC . He is the creator of:

* The Your Nine Steps℠ Program For Goal Achievement Mastery©

* The Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System©

* The Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge©

* The 3 Keys To Your Crisis Comeback Mastery Program©

* The Exploring The Wisdom In Your Dreams Program©   

He has devoted over half a century to exploring and promoting Personal Growth, Spiritual Development and Integrative Wellness. This work was the result of his inspiring journey from homelessness and poverty to his current life of limitless possibilities. He shares his discoveries through his writings, talks, workshops and courses,  as well as his consulting and coaching  engagements. His over 750 appearances on radio, television, Webinars, seminars and podcasts have inspired millions of people around the world.  He has helped large companies identify Billions of dollars of opportunities for improved efficiency and Millions of dollars of cost savings. He has helped entrepreneurs manifest the businesses of their dreams and small business owners go from struggling to thriving in record time. He is a very popular Subject Matter Expert that is sought after by Investment Research Firms, Investment Companies and Consulting Groups. His transformational work with people of all ages has earned him the title of “Honorary Chief” in several countries, and a place of honor, love and gratitude in the hearts of everyone he touches."

For more information, please visit REBOOTRESTART.COM/

Welcome of the Strength of Purpose Podcast where Josh Jewett, NASM-CPT, FMS1, SFG1, owner of Strength of Purpose, and Dr. Phil Finemore, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. VRS, owner of WorkFitME Mobile Physical Therapy, have a goal of helping busy Maine professionals find the mental, emotional, and physical strength to fulfill their true purpose in life. Our mission is to approach the topic of wellness holistically and show you how outer and inner strength can spill over to all areas of life, creating waves of positive change in its path.

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Episode 17: Reboot, Restart with Michael DeLuca - Strength For Your Purpose Podcast