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146 | How to Use Your Strengths In Your Business with Erinn Bridgmann

January 23, 201927 min
This episode is sponsored by Acuity Scheduling. Check out our Free 20 Minute Acuity Scheduling Training here.Today's episode is about how to leverage your strengths in your business. This is a fun one, y'all!GUEST BIO: Erinn is an expert girlboss business coach, photographer, podcaster & networking genius. Her dream & mission behind bridging herstory is to empower female entrepreneurs to create the beauty they are intended to bring the world through their brands. Photography is the foundation of her 6 figure creative empire, and has spent the past 5 years building her wedding photo business along her darling husband, Brent. This experience instilled in her expertise in business strategy, the importance in creating brand identity, the “behind the scenes” smarts in running a successful company. She translates that experience & her certification as a StrengthsFinder coach to empower women through one-on-one business coaching and a group coaching model "girlboss bootcamp”. She believes that her clients are whole beautiful answer with many of the answers inside of them and her role, as coach, is to draw & empower those instincts, provide strategy, accountability & tools to cheer women on into the next level in their creative brands. Being a part of a tribe and community is what makes us survive & thrive in this sometimes lonely entrepreneurial game, thus her desire behind planning networking events across Indianapolis & beyond to bring women together. She lives in a 1950’s home in Indianapolis, that she renovated by hand alongside her husband Brent, who is her biggest fan and best friend. You’ll find her with a smile on her face anytime she’s exploring new foods, bike riding or lake livin’. Cheers to making the world a more beautiful place.WHERE TO FIND GUEST: WebsiteFacebookInstagramPinterestLINKS MENTIONED:

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