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154 | How to Sell to Women with Susan McVea

March 20, 201936 min
This episode is sponsored by Acuity Scheduling. Check out our Free 20 Minute Acuity Scheduling Training here.Today's episode is about how to sell to women specifically. This is a cool episode as I'm a total sales fanatic and Susan is one of my favorite Canadians!GUEST BIO: Susan McVea is a Business Sales Growth Strategist, speaker & author. Helping ambitious, high achieving service based business owners effectively grow sales to increase revenue, customer retention and referrals. Recognized as one of the top 10 leading sales people nationally and an award winning Sales Leader, Susan has been featured in numerous summits and podcasts. She is the creator of the Sell With More Ease™ and Sales Mastery Society™.With ~20 years of corporate Global 300 experience leading 100s of sales pros and selling over $600 million, Susan now takes those proven corporate sales strategies and proprietary framework to help other business owners grow their business and make more sales with ease.After helping dozens of clients 2X- 10X their results, and creating her own 6 figure business in 6 months while managing chronic illness, she’s on a mission to help more women entrepreneurs become self-made millionaires and create a ripple effect with her work.WHERE TO FIND GUEST: WebsiteFacebookTwitterInstagramLINKS MENTIONED:Blueprint to Get 6 Figures in 6 MonthsSuccessful Sales Strategists

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