Tales from the Sweat Shop

Tales from the Sweat Shop

The "Fit Foodie" Llewellyn Christian shares his insight on fitness, health, nutrition, and more.


January 30, 2023 34 min

Tales from the Sweatshop with Llewellyn is a podcast that deepens the hidden world of fitness over age 40. Host Llewellyn visits different locations around the world, talking to gym owners and fellow fitness enthusiasts to get an inside perspective on what goes on to transform their bodies, and how those tips can help you live an Active Health Lifestyle.


You’ll hear stories of weight loss journe...

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"Tales from the Sweat Shop "What does it take to be Excellent and Win at Life with special guest Travis Reed"

We watch professionals play sports, and live through them. We love the spectacle, and sacrifice they give to show us what the human body can accomplish when it is focused on a singular goal.

But when the lights go out, and the crowds go home, what happens then? How do athletes transition to so called regular lif...

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What can a Woman tell a young man about his D32K? How do you Love your D32K? Let's have The Package Talk!


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Don’t (UnCensored) look at me like that! Hahahahaha, Yes, this is the episode where go talk about that subject that has been bugging men for years, and in today’s society if your not willing to grow with your partner, then it’s over!

It’s time to get comfortable (UnCensored Edition!!!) with being uncomfortable. That is how we grow, and there’s no better way to grow than to challenge what you think you know about yourself (or what y...

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Don't look at me like that! Hahahahaha, Yes, this is the episode where go talk about that subject that has been bugging men for years, and in today's society if your not willing to grow with your partner, then it's over!

It's time to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is how we grow, and there's no better way to grow than to challenge what you think you know about yourself (or what you were taught!).


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How many times have you seen this cycle in the world? How many times will we continue to live knowing the key to success in life is Health? In this episode, we discuss the burning question What have you Labored for this Year?

In celebration of Labor Day, we want to know what you have labored for this year? What will you do to make your life better today, and what will you give up in order to achieve the goals you have set for the r...

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Let's be honest, the World is here to Finesse you! In this week's episode of Tales from the Sweatshop "Don't Let the World Finesse You". People will take full advantage of your kindness or you let them.

Being who you are is more than enough for the world, so why are you allowing other people to leverage you for their benefit? This is the core of being finessessed, giving you away with no benefit, but today we st...

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Enough is enough! It's time to learn HOW to make a better life, and it starts today! No more waiting, wanting better or asking for a hero! You are the Hero, and the Champion of this life, and using LLTFF I will show you HOW.

HOW stands for "Health, Opportunity, and Wealth" the key principles to making life better now! In this episode, I'm talking about HOW and what it takes to get out of the starting blocks of where...

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August 2, 2022 10 min

Did you know you are special? Everyone on Earth has a special light that gives them hope, life, and a beacon to build yourself up. So why do so many of us run, and hide our inner light?

In this episode, we discuss how to build a foundation that will rebuild your inner light. The path to Joy is light by this light.

Isn't it time to walk your path?


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July 29, 2022 10 min

Do you have your BDE up! What is BDE, it's Big Di#% Energy and it's time to get your Body, Mind, and Money right!

What do you dedicate yourself to? How are you getting your goal's met? How are you making a plan to Boss up, pay bills on time, and live your dreams?

Come get the game on how to get your BDE up (Big Di#% Energy!)

Let's Go!


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Have you ever wondered why things continue to happen to you Holding Me into Account (Accountability day) and that means it's time to fix bad habits, immature way's, and to take full accountability for the actions you live.

Being accountable starts with self love, and holding yourself in high regard. Don't let the world steal that from you. It's Holding Me into Account (Accountability day), and today we take back our...

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June 14, 2022 18 min

Aren't you tired of just living the same old same old? Don't you get tired of accepting life as it is? Well that all ends today. Today is the Day for You!

Today we will get the heck off the couch of out of whatever has been taking us down, and jump into a new You! Today is your day, and no one can stop it. I said so!

It's time to stop letting everyone and everything get in the way of You. Life is a one way journey, and ...

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The path to lasting weigh loss is a path that is laced with hard choices, but whatever, life is hard and with one, we have to make better choices.

Llewellyn has been there, losing over 150LBS in 10 months, and sustaining his weight loss over the past several years using LLTFF. Join him as he inspires the world to get up, get out, and move! This is the basic's of living life to the freakin fullest!


Don't you want to have a...

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Hello Fit Foodie Family, Welcome to Llewellyn the Fit Foodie!

I'm just like you. I had kids early (19yrs old), was an athlete (All-American Football player) and loved food. When I was injured, and the stress of life caught up to me, I turned to food as my out. After weighing in at over 389LBS, I SAID ENOUGH!

I sat down and created a simple exercise and lifestyle program that has changed my life. Join me as I show you how to los...

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Men have a love affair with their penis. Don't let any man tell you different. We love our penis, but how can we make it batter?

As men age, we realize we don't have the "horse power" of our youth. Often, men are trying anything they can to regain the old times; Pills, injections, therapy, and even surgery. But the penis is a muscle, and like any muscle it needs the proper attention to be the best it can be.

This ha...

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Today let's keep it 100! A lot of us are going through life day by day, living to eat and waiting to die. It's time to switch that up.

I got tired of hearing "Eat better" but not having easy instruction on what to eat, and how to make real progress. So let's talk about the top 10 diet's, veggie foods, and why what we eat is 90% of the way to a better you.

Let's talk about it!

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This is my inigrual episode, focused on giving you inspiration, positive energy, and a good old kick in the but!

Join my podcast, and the LLTFF Social Media Community:

IG: llewellynthefitfoodie
TickTok: LLFitFoodie
YouTube: Llewellyn the Fit Foodie
Website: www.llewellynthefitfoodie.com
....for exercise tips, meal hacks, lifestyle advice, and a path to becoming the BEST YOU EVER!

What are you waiting for, let's go!

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Overeating during the holidays feels inevitable, but it doesn't have to be. When I see all that wonderful food, I say "Gimmie more!" but I had to find a process that was simple, and will help me stay on track with my diet. "The Holiday Overeating Survival Guide"

Using a simple fist & palm process, I am still able to enjoy all the wonderful foods I want during the holiday, and still ensure that I don't ov...

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November 22, 2021 17 min

I have a simple question or you. Who are you going to be today?

This is not a trivial question. It is a question that once answered You have to live up to it, and that is where the fun begins.

In this weeks episode, we will get into "Who are you going to be today?" and get you off your a$$! It's time to exercise the "Action for Bias" muscle that you have been neglecting to use, and it's gonna get uncomfortab...

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A famous song goes "Friends! How many of us have them!"

I am fortunate to have a best friend, and he's as real as it gets.

You know you are on to something when your words match your output, and that's exactly what happened when my best friend because inspired by my LLTFF exercise program.

In this episode, you will hear from Vernon "Big Vee" in his own words what motivated him to try the LLTFF exercise progr...

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