The Africa Whisperer Podcast

The Africa Whisperer Podcast

She Speaks Africa presents The Africa Whisperer podcast, a journey across Africa to explore the sons and daughters of the land making strides in the worlds of business, culture and international influence. Hosted by the multi-talented Lee Kasumba, each episode is an insightful study of how her illustrious guests have navigated life in Africa and applied their local perspectives to set global standards. Season 1 of the podcast is inspired by the game of chess and considers the major moves it takes to excel on the continent and beyond. From understanding the African terrain to taking risks that challenge the status quo, Lee Kasumba uncovers the strategies and sacrifices of her guests’ paths to success. As the Africa Whisperer personified, Lee engages each of these grandmasters in honest conversations on vision, courage and the will to persevere in pursuit of a worthy dream. The Africa Whisperer podcast launches on 25th May, 2022 and can be streamed from all major podcast platforms. The Africa Whisperer…telling authentic African stories in a global way Footnote Leslie ‘Lee’ Kasumba is the Africa Whisperer personified. As a versatile conversationalist and creative industry strategist, she has built an impressive career majoring in media, music and popular culture across Africa. She is a passionate advocate of showcasing the continent’s homegrown talent. Leslie is the founder of She Speaks Africa, a unique hub of bespoke projects designed to demonstrate the vast potential of Africa’s creative and cultural industry. Through She Speaks Africa, she leverages her rich experience and strong commitment to telling the beautifully nuanced African story in a way that celebrates its people, cultures and rightful place in the world. The Africa Whisperer podcast is an original production of She Speaks Africa. It is Leslie’s first self-produced podcast and follows her success as host of “Africa State of Mind with Lee Kasumba” (2017 – 2020).


April 2, 2024 63 mins
Meet Vanessa Mdee, the Tanzanian Powerhouse who wears many hats: singer, rapper, TV personality, radio host, and social activist. Vanessa is also the driving force behind the “Bongo Flava To The World” movement. She rose to fame as the first-ever Tanzanian MTV VJ, captivating audiences with her infectious energy. However, Vanessa's journey extends far beyond the screen.

Daughter of diplomats and raised in Arusha, Vanessa considers...
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Nomndeni Mdakhi is a South African impact entrepreneur who has built a successful career empowering others.

Nomndeni's journey began in 2009 with the launch of FUSE ACADEMY, a DJ school for girls. This was followed by Edits Communications in 2011, an agency connecting brands with celebrities and influencers. In 2017, her passion for empowering women led her to create Agenda Women, a platform providing women with resources and conn...
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Anita Erskine is ranked one of the top 100 most Inspirational Women in Ghana. With over two decades of experience in Strategic Communications Management and Television Content Development and Management, she is widely celebrated for dedicating her voice to shaping Africa's narrative and emphasizing the imperatives of sustainable development. She is also a Broadcast Journalist and TV Producer.

In this episode, Anita takes us back t...
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Meet Dr Wendy Okolo,a Nigerian-American aerospace engineering researcher in the Intelligent Systems Division at NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley, conducting research and leading cross-functional teams in aerospace vehicle flight safety and controls optimization.

At 26 years old, she became the first black woman to obtain a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She is also the first f...
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Dr. David Tlale is one of Africa's top fashion designers. With a portfolio showcased at esteemed events like New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, he's the visionary founder behind The House of David Tlale.

In this episode, David reveals a deeply personal journey shaped by his upbringing in the Vosloorus township. We delve into how his roots inspired his artistry and how his mother's faith instilled resilience through life's challenge...
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Meet Vania Leles - The Diamond Queen. In this episode, she shares with us how her humble upbringing didn't stop her from achieving her dream and building one of the biggest diamond brands in the world: VANLELES

Born in Guinea-Bissau and brought up in Portugal, Vania is a former model. She left her New York catwalk career to train to be a gemologist and diamond-grader. Vania then gained 10 years’ experience at some of the most pres...
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On this special edition episode of The Africa Whisperer, we turn our attention to the Hexamedia Humanitarians of Africa Awards. We talk to Faith Adole, the recipient of the African Heart Award, she talks about her journey from being a nurse to being able to have a global impact and starting her foundation U- Vol Foundation. We also talk to the founder of Hexamedia Emmanuella Imo, a firm believer that non-profit organizations form a...
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Bontle Modiselle Moloi is a South African Dancer, Choreographer,Tedx Speaker, Actress, Creative Director, a Vocalist, a Guiness World Record Holder and an Ever Evolving Artist. In this conversation with Lee Kasumba, Bontle candidly discusses how motherhood and being a wife to a supportive partner has changed her life. She takes us back to the heartbreaking loss of her father as a child and how this pushed her into dance. She also g...
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November 29, 2022 31 mins
Not many people think of Africa when it comes to fascinating architecture, but Omar Degan is not like many people. Omar believes African architecture is a unique expression of the continent’s rich diversity and a valuable blueprint for developing the built environment in a way that respects
nature. In this episode of The Africa Whisperer, Lee Kasumba, the Italian-born Somalian architect, speaker and author shares his vision for the...
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November 17, 2022 39 mins
What’s an engagement without a ring? In one word, incomplete. An engagement ring represents one of the biggest commitments many people will ever make, but buying one often breaks the bank. What if it didn’t have to? What if that priceless symbol of love didn’t have to be pricey too?

In this conversation with The Africa Whisperer, Lee Kasumba, we step into the brilliant world of Eternal Jewellery Zambia, the company Chita Mumba Zul...
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November 2, 2022 54 mins
Ofentse Pitse is great at turning “Why?” into “Why not?”. As a young girl, she wondered why there was no one like her in her church’s brass band. When it offered trumpet lessons, she grabbed the opportunity with both hands. In 2017, Ofentse wondered why there wasn’t a lot more representation in the world of classical music and created Anchored Sound. Her all-black orchestra began as a choir and was soon complemented by instrumental...
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October 4, 2022 52 mins
Growing up is a universal experience for all children, and it’s become an increasingly digital one. Of all the child-friendly edutainment available today, the OmoBerry animated show has carved a unique spot by focusing on children of African descent. In this episode of The Africa Whisperer, Lee Kasumba, we meet Agnes Soyode-Johnson, co-founder of Limitless Studios which launched OmoBerry in 2021.

Born in the UK as the youngest of ...
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September 22, 2022 55 mins
Ten years ago, Eric Kaduru spotted a problem with agriculture in Uganda: although the land was very fertile, its farmers were very poor. As smallholders — and majority of them female — they barely made enough to reward their labour. Eric realised the solution was to create a sustainable
value chain in order to improve both yield and livelihoods.

An advertising professional turned commercial farmer, his experience with Uganda’s ara...
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September 7, 2022 60 mins
2020 was a remarkable year for Louisa and Dele Olafuyi. In the middle of a global pandemic and a lockdown in the UK, they created Kunda Kids. Their inspiration? A desire to share stories that celebrate African culture with their two-year-old son. Ugandan and Nigerian in heritage with zero publishing experience, the couple leveraged their marketing savvy and launched a children’s book series featuring historical African icons like M...
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August 24, 2022 34 mins
Mr Eazi is equal parts mogul and creative. With a firm grasp on business and a deep love for African culture, the maverick musician believes in empowering the continent’s artists to hone and own their talent. In this conversation with Lee, The Africa Whisperer, he shares his enterprising
vision to create equity for one of Africa’s biggest exports.

Quote phrase
“Music is changing the narrative so if there’s ever a time to be proud ...
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August 10, 2022 50 mins
Akin Omotoso is a triple threat of a storyteller. Born into a creative family, his love for stories inspired a professional acting career. Then, he stepped behind the camera to make his directorial debut with three short films and went on to write and produce his first feature film, God is African. What stands out about Akin is that whether as an actor, director or writer, his focus is to tell every story as authentically as he can...
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July 27, 2022 48 mins
Theo Baloyi didn’t expect to follow his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps and literally in his own sneakers, no less. His accounting degree had secured an enviable job at an international firm that kept him busy with work and travel while funding his limited-edition sneaker collection. In 2015, however, he identified a niche need that evolved into a bold vision for African entrepreneurship. After a year and a half of multiple reje...
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July 12, 2022 38 mins
Storytelling is the powerful thread that runs through the captivating tapestry of Jocelyne Muhutu-Remy’s life and career. For over 25 years, she has pursued a love for stories and the people who make them happen, especially those of African descent. Of Rwandan and Burundian parentage, Jocelyne’s childhood was both colourful and enlightening. “I was born in Addis and grew up in an extremely Pan-African manner,” she explains. “Addis ...
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June 28, 2022 40 mins
The Africa Whisperer, Lee Kasumba, dives into the world of beauty in this third Chess Masters episode. We meet Victorine Sarr Awuah, the Senegalese creator of Lyvv Cosmetics. She never imagined becoming an entrepreneur, but taking the leap with Lyvv has been the most rewarding gamble of her life.

Victorine’s dream job was to work at Apple, and it felt unreal when that dream came true in Paris after graduate school. Starting at an ...
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We take a second step in our Chess Masters journey with Chef Coco Reinarhz, the Burundian food entrepreneur creating diverse culinary experiences to reintroduce Africa through the palate. Passionately committed to advancing African cuisine on the international stage, Chef Coco shares his experience as one of its most visible culinary advocates.

Described by National Geographic as “advancing the culinary renaissance that is modern ...
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